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Last updated: May 21, 2021

In the digital era, hospital management software (HMS) plays a significant role in improving the day-to-day operations of healthcare facilities and diagnostic centers.

An efficient EMS helps you gain control of the medical, legal, and administrative aspects of hospital operations in an organized manner.

Looking for Best Hospital Management Software? Check out SoftwareSuggest’s list of the Best Hospital Management Software solutions.

If you are planning to invest in a fully-featured hospital management system for the successful operation of your hospital or clinic.

Top 20 OPD Management  Software to Help You Make the Best Purchase Decision:

1. MedixcelEMR

MedixcelEMRIt is an easy-to-use OPD management software designed for clinics of all sizes. This cloud-based software offers useful features to take care of asset management, case management, patient location/monitoring management, disease/surgery/discharge management, patient flow management appointment/admission/bed/prescription management to help healthcare centers deliver patient-centered services. MedixcelEMR also has a brilliant customer care team that offers round the clock online support via chat and help desk.

2. Adroit eHospital Systems

Adroit eHospitalThis efficient OPD software for hospital offers a host of features such as billing, appointment/scheduling management, patient registration, outpatient/inpatient management, inventory management, laboratory management, and discharge summary management. The software offers on-premise as well as on-cloud deployment models. Besides streamlining the management of healthcare centers, Adroit eHospital Systems also helps hospital staff members to execute healthcare practices, and serve patients seamlessly.

3. Trio Hospital Management System

TrioThis high-performance clinic management system is known for its user-friendliness and ease of use. Trio Hospital Management System offers all the necessary features, such as easy backup of the database, outpatient data management, inpatient data management, appointment registration, auto-posting, etc., required for managing your hospital seamlessly. Trio Hospital Management System also comes with useful modules to streamline the workflow of independent doctors and small clinics. Additionally, this highly secure software comes with three-level security (super-admin, admin, and user). It also has an efficient customer support team for assisting customers, whenever required.

4. MediSteer

MediSteerThis is yet another amazing web-based online clinic management system known for its rich features. MediSteer is a highly customizable software that has been specially devised for small, medium, as well as large-scale healthcare setups. It streamlines workflow by minimizing paperwork, eliminating repetitive tasks, and reducing errors and expenses, thus boosting the efficiency of healthcare centers.

MediSteer supports on-cloud deployment, and is highly preferred by healthcare centers for creating and generating bills, monthly statements, filing medical claims, and storing sensitive data securely. The only drawback of this software is that it does not come with mobile browser compatibility.

5. DocEngage

DocEngageThis software helps you manage, monitor, and operate your clinic’s CRM and EHR functions seamlessly. DocEngage is the best OPD management system known for its competitive pricing and unique features. It is highly preferred by multichain clinics for its ease of use. With DocEngage mobile application, you can instantly access patient records, appointments, and other business activities instantly on the go.

Additionally, this customizable software offers a free 7-day trial version. It also offers free upgrades for the subscribed products. You can subscribe to its basic plan, advanced plan, or premium plan, as per your requirements.

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6. athenaCollector

athenaCollectorThis award-winning software is one of the most preferred OPD management software known for streamlining medical billing services. athenaCollector comes with a lot of handy features, including claims management features, revenue cycle dashboard, appointment scheduling tool, and real-time performance reporting feature to streamline your workflow. It also comes with a user-friendly patient portal to enable patients to schedule appointments, make online payments, and access forms without any hassle.

Additionally, this cloud-based software sends automated notifications via text, emails, etc., to remind patients about appointments, follow-up care, and payments. athenaCollector also offers 24/7 technical support to its clients.

7. Qmarksoft Clinic Management

QmarksQmarksoft is a mobile-friendly software known for its ease of use. This feature-packed clinic management system has been designed for small as well as large clinics or dispensaries. Its innovative automation tools streamline the process of billing, collection, generating reports, and managing patient records.

It offers a simple interface and multiple levels of security. Some of the noteworthy features offered by this software are billing, invoicing, reporting, data analytics, automated alerts, scheduling, prescription/patient/manpower management, inventory management, doctor/agent management, employee/payroll management, pharmacy management, etc. It also offers SMS and email support.

8. Practo Atom Ray

Practo Atom RayThis state-of-the-art online clinic management system has been designed to help hospitals, nursing homes, and clinics offer a seamless experience to patients. It allows doctors to provide online medical consultations, view records of patients, and respond to their patients’ feedback online. Additionally, its advanced profile editor helps clinics and doctors manage their profile anytime, anywhere.

Practo Atom Ray practice management software supports multiple languages and helps patients order medicines, find doctors, and locate diagnostic centers for tests with ease. It also offers a free trial period so that you can try the software before making the final purchase.

9. LiveHealth

LiveHealthIt is a promising cloud-based OPD software for hospital designed to cater to the needs of healthcare providers as well as patients. More than 1500 clinics across India count on LiveHealth for its end-to-end service. This fully-featured software supports web-based deployment and helps healthcare providers manage inventory, billing, patient information, test samples, medical records, and much more with ease. It acts as a cloud-based point-of-sale (POS) and electronic medical records (EMR) tool for healthcare providers.

10. Clinicmaster

ClinicmasterThis OPD management software is the perfect solution for multidisciplinary hospitals. The software has been designed to offer the best user experience and is trusted by more than a thousand clinics. It offers all the necessary features to streamline the process of managing healthcare centers. Clinicmaster comes with a KPI dashboard to help medical practitioners manage their clinic with efficiency.
It also offers an attractive client dashboard that allows patients to manage appointments and medical notes. Last but not least, it has an efficient technical support team that offers unmatched technical assistance to its customers whenever required.

11. SoftClinic

SoftClinic This feature-rich OPD software for the hospital has been devised for clinics, medical practitioners, and hospitals of all sizes. SoftClinic is trusted by over 20,000 healthcare practitioners in 35 countries. This scalable software comes with multiple modules such as Pharmacy, Laboratory, Inventory, HR, Accounting, etc., for automating overall clinical management procedures. It offers useful features, such as an online appointment system, mobile app access for physicians, a barcoded reporting system, HIPAA compliant cloud backup, equipment interfacing, auto-notifications, advanced data analytics, and much more for supporting patient-centred care.

12. MedKey

MedKeyMedKeyIt is one of the most preferred OPD management software designed for public and private medical centers, including rehabilitation centers, veterinary clinics, and social protection organizations. This all-inclusive software comes with a host of features, such as an integrated medical CRM system, medical ERP system, electronic health record system, real-time registration, and many more. You can either install the software on-premise or deploy it as a SaaS or PaaS solution.

13. MocDoc hms

MocDocThis award-winning software takes care of every single aspect of healthcare management seamlessly. As a reliable cloud-based clinic management system, MocDoc provides its users with a strong and secure solution for managing health appointments, outpatients, in-patients, medical records, operation theatre, laboratory, and inventory. It also provides detailed MIS reports and sends automated alerts via email and SMS. MocDoc also has an amazing support and implementation team to assist its clients.

14. eHospital

ehospitalThis powerful online clinic management system has been built for streamlining all hospital operations. It supports English, French, and Spanish languages and is largely used by healthcare facilities, medical practitioners, and multi-speciality clinics. eHospital is a versatile tool that can be customized and configured with ease. It offers numerous modules such as telemedicine suite, patient/emergency registration, billing, accounting, blood bank management, OT management, radiology management, pharmacy management, inventory management, and much more. Visit the website to schedule a free demo.

15. Insta HMS

Insta HMSThis cloud-based software is considered the best OPD management system for multi-centre operations. Insta HMS is a scalable software that has more than 500 clients and is used in over a thousand healthcare facilities in 21 countries. Some of the remarkable features offered by this software are ePrescribing, charting, appointment scheduling, self-service portal, inventory management, in-patient/outpatient management, bed management, policy/physician/patient records management, claims processing/scrubbing/management, patient scheduling/registration, and much more. It also offers training via webinars, documentation, in-person, and live-online sessions.

16. Dataman

DatamanThis fully-integrated clinic management system is ideal for managing mid-sized and large hospitals. It also caters to the needs of investigation labs and polyclinics. Dataman software offers different modules to take care of blood bank management, H.M.I.S. reports, pathology lab management, inventory management, operation theatre management, TPA management, finance/accounts/payroll management, OPD/IPD management, and much more.

17. Acgil

AcgilThis revolutionizing OPD software for hospital serves a spectrum of purposes. It comes with a lot of impressive features, such as admission management, patient management, operation theatre management, medication management, duty roster management, and ambulance service administration, for optimizing the operational efficiency of hospitals. The dynamic software also facilitates smooth communication between different departments, such as housekeeping, security, housekeeping, etc.

Acgil also offers different modules such as physiotherapy and rehabilitation modules, to help physiotherapists manage their schedules. Moreover, its biomedical waste management module monitors the collection and disposal of biomedical waste produced in healthcare facilities. Additionally, its EMR module helps physicians record and retrieve patient information.

18. SARA

SaraThis advanced cloud-based online clinic management system is robust enough to manage operational challenges faced by OPD/IPD departments. SARA is a feature-packed software that streamlines various clinical workflows to keep errors at bay. It leverages cutting-edge technologies to take care of various processes, such as utility management, sending automated notifications, invoicing, billing, accumulating patient information, and generating e-prescriptions, medical reports, and patients’ discharge summary. What’s more, SARA allows you to add unlimited users to facilitate efficient teamwork.

19. Quanta HIS

QuantaThis web-based OPD software for hospital developed by Birlamedisoft comes with multiple modules to help doctors manage their practice effortlessly. It takes care of blood bank management, hospital insurance management, patient registration, account receivable, accounts payable, budget, radiology management, hospital lab management, and much more.

20. ProMed

promedThis advanced online clinic management system helps multispecialty hospitals, laboratories, and clinics improve patient outcomes. It helps hospitals manage appointments, patient registration, modality appointments, inventory, doctor schedule, emergency care, and laboratory information system. It also takes care of in-patient management, consumption tracking, and daycare management. Additionally, ProMed offers a mobile version, which is compatible with iOS devices. It also offers live support and training to its customers.

We hope the top 20 hospital management software chosen by us will help you choose the best-fit solution for your healthcare facility.

Sharad Bhardwaj is a content analyst at SoftwareSuggest. He loves to advise and help people. In leisure time he likes to be involved in sports activities and listening to music.

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