6 Best Paperless Office Solutions to Look Forward in 2020


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Last updated: August 26, 2020

Office space can be a complete mess. With the extensive amount of paperwork involved, it can be a daunting task to store it safely and in an organized fashion. The physical storage of such mammoth amounts of paper is next to impossible for medium and large-sized organizations, not to mention the substantial amount of paper waste that is created in the process.

There is a myriad of paperless office solutions available in the form of digital document management software. Even a cursory search for solutions brings forth a thousand options that are available quite easily; each of the software is loaded with a multitude of features to make your organization’s data safe, secure and well-organized.

If you are planning to deploy paperless office solutions in your organization, check out this list of top six paperless office solutions currently available in the market.

6  Best Paperless Office Solutions

1. FileCenter

FileCenter is one of the best paperless office software with the ability to organize and make the search for documents as easy as possible. FileCenter paperless office software automatically converts the scanned documents into a PDF format, making them much simpler to manage.

file center

Key Features

  • Automatic conversion to PDF format
  • Built-in OCR (Optical Character Recognition) system
  • Data storage in conventional Windows folders
  • Compatible with all types of Cloud storage services

Upgrade for:
The standard software costs $49.95 whereas the Pro and Pro-Plus packs are available for $124.95 and $199.95 respectively.

USP – FileCenter allows for a seamless movement and sharing of documents across all Windows programs and the OCR system makes managing documents very simple.

2. M-Files

M-Files is revolutionizing the world of paperless office solutions. The automatic metadata tagging function makes it simple to locate documents across various repositories without the need for transfer into M-Files. It uses the same Windows programs that you are well-acquainted with and simply stores the data in one main vault for ease of access.


Key Features

  • Equipped with OCR or Optical Character Recognition system
  • Automatic metadata tagging function
  • Automatic tagging suggestions
  • Uses familiar Windows programs

Upgrade for:–
Not displayed publicly. You can request a demo or opt for 30-day free trial.

USP – M-Files keeps the search and storage of documents simplified with its automatic metadata tagging system and OCR. The files are easily accessible since they are stored in one main vault.

3. Documentlocator

Documentlocator is a seamless and easy-to-use solution for document organization and storage problems. This paperless office software facilitates an easy search of documents and allows remote access through the internet. The version control feature allows for the management of changes made to the documents while also making the final documents easily distinguishable.

document locator

Key Features

  • Version control feature to track any changes made to the stored documents
  • Remote access to documents through the internet
  • Microsoft SQL for standard report formats
  • Microsoft Report Builder and Microsoft Visual Studio for creating customized reports

Upgrade for:
The software is available in subscription packages ranging from $185 to $385 a year.

USP – DocumentLocator’s automated and predetermined workflow management ensures seamless transmission of documents across departments.

Looking for Document Management Solutions Check out SoftwareSuggest’s list of the best document management software solutions.

4. RicohDocs

RicohDocs is a power-packed document scanning software that comes with OCR and an automated metadata tagging feature. The workflow management feature allows the user to pre-design the workflow of their organization so that documents are automatically available across all departments.


Key Features

  • Metadata tagging feature for locating documents easily
  • Workflow management
  • Available as a SaaS
  • Version control to enable the user to track any changes made to the documents
  • Document previewer allows access to the documents through a browser

Upgrade for:
Not displayed publicly. Contact them for a free demo.

USP – RicohDocs is available under the SaaS module, i.e., it is remotely hosted, eliminating the need for extra hardware purchases by the users.

5. DocuSign

DocuSign, as the name suggests, is paperless office software that allows for the completion of agreements and approvals instantly and from any location. The software also allows the user to send reminders and keep track of the status of signing. This software comes with a feature called ‘System of Agreement’ which allows for easy access and pre-filling of forms. It also takes care of the post-agreement tasks such as account and payment management, billing etc.


Key Features

  • The electronic signature allows you to approve electronic documents
  • Integration with popular platforms allows for ease-of-access and transfer of documents
  • DocuSign mobile app lets you access all the features on your handheld device

Upgrade for:
The software is available in annual packages ranging from $120-$480 per year, depending on the requirement.

USP – DocSign is recommended for effortless preparation and electronic signing of agreements, follow up actions such as billing and payments. The software comes with its volley of partner solutions that are most popular across organizations around the world, such as Apple, Oracle, Windows, etc.

6. MasterControl

MasterControl document tracking system is an excellent tool for training management. It provides solutions based on the type of organization and their particular requirement in terms of document management. A company’s training system and quality control are not often inter-linked in a manual office setup. It becomes difficult for employees to keep track and follow up on changes in procedures, processes and quality standards to be maintained. MasterControl allows for these processes to be linked, so as to make this information easily available to employees across the organization.


Key Features

  • Quality control
  • Version control to track changes
  • Training management to allow for appropriate training in case of changes
  • Seamless conduction of online training and examinations

Upgrade for:
Not displayed publicly. Contact them for more details.

USP – MasterControl allows for the maintenance of quality and helps an organization keep its employees on top of any changes that come about. The paperless office software comes in need-specific versions for various kinds of organizations.


Do you know 70 percent of the waste generated in an office comprises of paper waste? This is an environmental drain that is easily avoidable with the use of paperless technology. With paper office software that gives you the ability to make and sign agreements electronically, and is safe and quick, running a business becomes so much simpler.

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