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Last updated: August 20, 2020

Gone are the days when you would have to punch your way into your workplace. Thanks to the never-ending competition of the market and companies wanting innovative attendance marking systems, the manual punching has moved from biometrics to more sophisticated and simple options.

Selecting the best android app for the Payroll system of your organization can be confusing and you really might need to wonder what options you need. Choose what your organization intends to do with the app and accordingly choose the app for your system.

We have listed out the best 15 apps that are good options for android phones. Let us see them:

Best Android App For Payroll System

1. Wifi Attendance

Wifi Attendance is cloud-based attendance system that can be accessed anywhere in the office network. You just need to configure the Wifi network and as soon as the employee enters the Wi-Fi range of the office, auto punching will happen. Because of the live tracking feature, productivity and ready working hours are available to the managers.

The payroll system can be easily integrated and so, calculating salary becomes easy based on the data of the app.

Zero infrastructure investment is needed and gives accurate time tracking. Since mostly all offices have a wifi network, all you have to do is a plugin and install the app and get started.  It is free until 10 users after which there is a paid plan for as many numbers of users as needed.

2. Edsys Timetable and attendance management

Edysys is basically useful for schools, colleges and universities. Timetable and attendance management is a real headache for school staff, and they offer many services like parent portal, bus tracking and school ERP portal. If you are having an educational institution to run, then Edsys is the best one for managing the work. It also allows scheduling and time-table preparation which is made easy with the app.

3. Time Clock Wizard

Time Clock Wizard is more than just attendance management. It also incorporates payroll calculation, leave management and employee scheduling. Since the app is cloud-based, it can be accessed from all devices and there are dashboards that can be configured to have a view of the work to be done.

Where employee clocking-in is concerned, managers can set a geo-fencing due to which the clock-in is possible only within the office or at the site. This prevents proxy check-in and the exact IP and device GPS can be tracked.

4. Aqua Teams

Aqua Teams is more of an HRMS kind of software than an attendance marking software. This app gives managers information like employee check-in, leave balance and management, late arrival, overtime, etc. Location tracking can be done through the app and it is possible for managers to keep a track of the employees, and distance traveled by them. Aqua Teams is also supported by biometrics, geofencing, beacons and other similar technologies.

5. Virtual Attendance

It is a simple attendance app with a very intuitive UI. It is great for organizations who are not looking for too many complex features and with minimum features for taking care of the functioning of the firm in all. Admin can generate QR codes for each employee and can be tracked using a device at the office. It doesn’t have too many attached features like live location or payroll for that matter. A simple app with no complication is with Virtual Attendance is all about.

6. Zoho People

Zoho People is friendlier on the HR side of the activities of the company. They do have an elaborate web portal and include services like leave management, job scheduling, HR documentation, etc. It can also be connected with Biometric devices to track employee punch-in and with IP address, geo-fencing can be set up too.

Multiple report generation is one of its biggest advantages and customizable forms and charts can be created to ensure that more visible data is available. The interactive UI helps in taking decisions and managing work better.

7. MyAttendanceTracker.com

This pretty much started as a feature for schools and educational institutions. However, it has expanded for organizations and small scale firms and businesses. This is not a very complicated app for android and employer/teachers can keep an eye on the employee/student data which is stored on the cloud. Teachers can add grades online in this.

Other features like live location or punch-in are lacking in this. But this is for organizations wherein the employers or teachers can access data without having any dependency on their employees or wards respectively.

8. Time Station

This also belongs to one of the simplest payroll apps that are available in the App Store. All it takes is the manager to create a login for his list of employees and generate a unique bar code for each of the employees. A printout of the bar code is given to each employee and they can scan it at the reception through a barcode scanner. This can be done by any phone or tablet also.

Managers can log in and see a complete report of the attendance. The exports can be taken out to other payroll software also. Geographical location can be tracked though there is a strong possibility of buddy punching in this. The smart features on this app make it anyway one of the best in the market.

The best part is that it can do work offline also which means all it takes is the data to be synced when the network is available.

9. Kronos

Kronos is the oldest player in the market. It has a long history and reputation for having been the first time-tracking technology with a patented microprocessor. Since then, Kronos has been extensively into manpower and people management technology and continues to race ahead in the field.

Kronos has business solutions from mid-size to large-sized company and offers comprehensive HR solutions for the industry. Unlike most of the apps that are product or service-oriented, Kronos is more service-oriented and its long market history makes it one of the most “go-to” software.

10. Time Intelligence by Replicon

Time-Intelligence is pre-built custom solutions-oriented package offered by Replicon. The company considers Time as an important parameter and so their solutions include all the important time-related activities like scheduling, time-tracking, payroll, etc. Services can be bought in off-the-shelf or you can even have the solution customized for your organizational needs.

It has all the usual services like biometric integration, mobile app tracking, and advanced reporting and cloud storage.

Time Intelligence is more into AI-based self-service and face recognition. Some of the big names in the market like Deloitte and FedEx use their software/app for handling their work.

11. When I work

Scheduling has been made pretty much easy due to the When I work app. Managers can schedule shifts, budget labor cost and even track attendance. They can see when the workers have seen their worksheets. Managers are enabled to assign shifts and budget individual shifts accordingly. The app is communicative with a chat-based interface and one of the best parts of the app is it’s easy to operate functions.

Employees can mark their attendance and know their schedules. They can even apply for off through the app. Also, clock-in GPS enables managers to know regarding their workers to avoid fraud attendances. This one is an app to look out for. It is free until 75 employees for the organization.

12. primaERP

A great app for teams working on client projects. primaERP is a cloud-based app. App has three important features of management – attendance, time-tracking and scheduling. Detailed analysis of time management like time spent on a project can be easily tracked through the time-tracking module. There are some unique reports like return on activities, the profitability of projects and billing, etc. These are some of the most important features that everyone would be looking for in every payroll app.

primaERP is used in more than 100 countries and is available in more than 7 languages.

13. Time Doctor

It is an app for organizations looking for employee tracking along with time tracking. It is a cross-platform app and tracks idle time as much as time spent on tasks. This means that you can catch an employee having too much leisure time and there are task alerts also. This means that you can track the work of an employee and keep ensuring that their task pool is better managed and accordingly assign work.

Apart from Time Tracking, Time Doctor takes care of seamless integration into other BI software for payroll, HR ERP and project management platform.

14. Desk Time

Just as it sounds, it not only manages time but it also manages time spent on each task. Employees can easily log-in through their app. And everything regarding time can be managed – right from break times to meeting times. Comprehensive reports are made available to managers and employees and there is an interactive dashboard that can be used to get information.

There are charts available for managers to go through time spent on breaks, individual tasks, and other aspects as well.

15. Where’s my staff

This app uses an NFC method to mark attendance. Every company using this app has an NFC tag in their office. Employees can simply pass through the gate and show their phone to automatically log their attendance. This is not only available for in-office employees but there is a geolocation solution for on-field agents and consultants who are traveling and are mostly not in office for work.

The app works in offline mode. So, the punching is done and recorded even when the internet is not available and can be synced as soon as the network is in place. For smartphones that do not support NFC technology, there is a QR Code scanning method too.

Final Words

All these apps are made with an intent to make work management in small to medium-sized organizations or organizations that have reached their huge size to manage work better. As technology and man-power grow, so does the need to automate and include more of artificial intelligence to our work culture. Luckily, we have got apps that work on smartphones and other devices in the same efficient manner as they do in their web versions. Businesses are no longer done through computers and making any kind of data available; specifically organizational becomes more imperative to be made available in mobile phones and devices alike.

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