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HROne : No. 1 In Performance Management Software

In this digital age, running a vibrant business is not easy. Along with other challenges managing human resources can be a daunting task.

Especially in large organizations, tracking and managing the performance of every employee can be a tedious task, which takes lots of time and other resources.

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A good performance management system can make this process easy. Here is some best performance management software in the USA for this task.

Top 6 Performance Management Software in the USA

1. BambooHR

BambooHR performance management software is known for its customized HR solutions. It is for small and medium-sized business entities, where allocating too much capital to the growing HR department is not possible. The office culture will transform to the corporate level, and increase the overall morale. Since the package allows free trial, it is easier to assess the compatibility of the software with your business needs.

Key Features

  • Data & Analytics: Easy charts for understanding employee performance
  • Secure Database: A single source database for protecting the privacy of your employee
  • Applicant Tracking: Mobile-based hiring solution for quick talent search
  • On-boarding Tools: A full suite of ready to use easy onboarding forms
  • Compensation Manager: Automated payment process system with self-service time tracking

2. Lattice

With the help of this performance management software, you can empower your business quickly. This intuitive program helps you understand the potential of every employee so that you can motivate them with a targeted goal.

Another benefit of this program is that it seamlessly integrates with other workflow software. It displays various performance metrics in easy-to-understand charts, which help you compare employee performances and other parameters. Lattice reshapes the culture of your office and makes it more professional.

It is a very dynamic system and understands the varying needs of your company. You can utilize this performance management software to encourage cohesion between your employees and help them perform best as individuals and as a team.

Key Features

  • Performance Review: Real-time performance matrices of every employee
  • Constructive Feedback: Share helpful tips to your employee through this program
  • Easy Collaboration: Helps you build coordination between multiple employees
  • Goal Setting: Make your employee responsible though target-oriented goals
  • Praise Recognition: Find top performers of your company and encourage them 

3. 15Five

15Five helps to inspire employees to do more. It creates a platform allowing you to enhance the employee experience and promote transparency in the organization. The employee engagement system of this software helps you coach and guide the team effectively. It strengthens the relationship between the employee and the employer by creating transparency.

With transparency, the complexity of each process reduces and it becomes easier to delegate and decentralize. The advanced workflow system keeps track of every project and finds lags and excellent performers.

Key Features

  • HRIS Integration: Easily connect employee profiles with the existing database of the company
  • OKR Tracking: Evaluate the objectivity of the employee with his performance
  • Virtual Workshops: Effective employee training and skill development system
  • Polls: Gathering employee opinion on any subject becomes easy
  • iOS and Android apps: Support of mobile platform and instant connection
  • Customer Success Manager: Develop a healthy relationship with every customer
  • Executive Coaching and Alignment: Improve leadership skills in managers and team players

4. Paycom

It is much easier now to integrate your human resource platform with performance management software. Due to this integrated solution, now almost all your HR needs become possible through one window. It eliminates the requirement of multiple HR software and streamlines the workflow with employee performance through one gateway. Such integration reduces redundancy and makes way to an end-to-end automated HR process in the future.

Paycom also has an integrated payroll solution, and it works as your dedicated SaaS payroll software. The single app platform allows you to stay connected with your employees 24/7. It is a one-stop solution for multiple HR tasks. It sets a system-wise cohesion with all other programs. One data input in one section of the program makes it available in all different forms and programs. 

Key Features

  • Talent Acquisition Tools: Electronic verification and self-onboarding speed up the hiring process
  • Talent Management Tools: Compensation budgeting through performance management is possible
  • Payroll Tools: SaaS payroll software features with online payroll integration for error-free payment
  • Management Tools: Meet government compliances with 401(k) Reporting and direct data exchange
  • Labor Management Tools: Time and attendance tracking with labor allocation for stellar work-life balance
  • Single Database: Enhanced employee privacy protection through a single database
  • Cloud Support: For online operation and virtual office presence

5. AssessTEAM

AssessTEAM is not just any other performance management software; it is an integrated solution that builds long-term relationships with employees and employers. This system gives freedom from complicated corporate nuances. It helps you assess the performance of every employee in detail. It lets you compare the performance of the employee over time and also compare it within teams.

The management can use this information to find employees in need of training and even those who exhibit leadership skills. Since the performance of the team is under assessment, each individual will try to give the best, which in turn, improves the output of the company. The team dynamics improve significantly with the help of this performance management software. This program is available for a free demo. 

Key Features

  • Employee Evaluation: Performance tracking through dynamics chart of employee performance
  • Continuous Feedback: Build a collaborative environment by working cohesively with the team
  • Employee Engagement: Data-driven decisions improve transparency in the organization
  • Project Profitability: Real-time report with project workflow system for better decisions
  • Timesheets: For attendance management and project resource management
  • Goal Setting: Set targeted goals for the employees

6. Zenefits

With the help of this performance management software, you can quickly meet all requirements of HR goals. Through this unified SaaS payroll software, you can efficiently manage your payroll system and with its cloud connectivity, you can always stay connected with your employees. You can monitor their productivity level, and set targeted goals for every employee and team. This automation is advantageous in industries where compensation correlates with the performance (sales).

Zenefits allows easy government compliances and helps your company meet government mandates adequately. The software seamlessly integrates with workflow and you can quickly implement it on your existing system without any hitch. Thanks to this system, you can handle the daunting task of HR with a smile.

Key Features

  • Payroll Processing: Automated payment always on time through the online SaaS payroll software
  • Performance Appraisal: Allows you to appreciate the best performer in your company without favoritism and other politics
  • HIPAA Compliant: Offer better health protection to your employees and easy compliances to policies
  • Mobile App: Android and iOS support allow 24/7 connectivity with your employees
  • Time & Scheduling: Tracking time that employees spend on each project and allowing time management, finding training requirement, talent gaps, and so on
  • Self Service Portal: Employees can monitor their performance and compare it with others or with time
  • Recruitment Management: Quick talent search and easy hiring & onboarding solution

Wrapping up

In a nutshell, human resources and assets can be managed much better, when you seek the help of performance management software. The software has multiple benefits, especially for medium and large organizations. It can also be easily integrated and managed to reduce dependency.

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