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When Raffaele Esposito of Naples invented the modern pizza in 1889, little did he know that the worldwide pizza market would be worth $134 billion by 2018. In addition to worldwide double-figure growth, pizza industry in the Asian subcontinent has been taken by the storm. There is fierce competition amongst pizza restaurants to grab a larger portion of the pie. And to maintain supremacy in the market, a pizza POS system can prove to be beneficial.

A Point of Sale software is a necessity to weed out inefficiencies, streamline restaurant operations, and ensure a seamless customer experience. Besides managing sales, a POS system is capable of taking orders, managing staff & customers, managing inventory, and generating reports. As you can see, installing a POS system can be a game changer for your pizza restaurant business. But how shall you proceed with the POS software integration?

Well, it takes a lot more than extra cheese and exotic toppings to successfully run a pizza restaurant. You need different methodologies to operate a pizzeria and a basic restaurant. Most of the pizza restaurant owners make a mistake of investing in a basic restaurant POS software. This doesn’t solve the purpose, further resulting in inefficiencies.

Why do pizza restaurants need a special POS system? The following reasons will clarify your query:

  • A pizzeria lay equal emphasis on dine-in, takeaway, and delivery facilities. You need a system that can process all type of orders.
  • A pizza is less about the crust & cheese but more about the toppings. A pizza POS system is capable of managing complexities related to menu, ingredients and add-on options in a pizzeria.
  • When we talk about food delivery, pizza is the first food item that comes to our mind. A POS software is specially integrated with features that ensure a seamless food delivery mechanism.

Now you know the operational differences between a pizzeria and a basic restaurant. Based on the types of operations, a pizza POS system is integrated with essential features. While the list of features may be endless, there are core features without which a POS system is incomplete.

Have a Look at the Must-Have Pizza POS Software Features:

  • Customization

The consumers have varying taste when it comes to pizza. And with so many customization options, it actually gets complicated to manage all preferences. A POS system must be integrated with all customization options, whether it’s related to toppings, sauces, pizza crust, size, and so on. The interface must be user-friendly so that an operator can easily manage customer preferences.

  • Order Management

Most of the pizza orders are either deliveries or takeaways. The order management feature must be prepared for handling these two types of orders. There are various considerations such as packaging, preparation time, delivery status, mode of payment, location tracking, and so on.

  • Delivery Management

You need a dedicated feature for delivery management. The process comprises of taking orders, preparing it for delivery, assigning the task to delivery expert, location tracking, time management, and so on. Most of the delivery orders are registered via phone and online platforms. The delivery management takes care of this aspect as well.

  • Customer Management

Preparing a customer database is an inevitable aspect. The pizza POS system must be capable of managing customer profiles, catering to existing as well as new customers, managing discount offers, managing loyalty rewards, accessing order history, and so on. The caller ID integration assists in rendering a personalized approach as it identifies customer details on the basis of calling number.

  • Employee Management

Your employees also deserve equal attention. The employee management feature assists in assigning roles and responsibilities, managing payroll and tips, managing leaves and overtime, assessing performance, and so on.

  • Inventory Management

To fulfill orders, you need consistent raw material supply. A pizzeria POS system keeps a track of inventory, indicates stock levels, lets you analyze consumption, and much more. When you have an inventory management system in place, you will never run out of raw material necessary for fulfilling orders.

  • Communication

A POS system must facilitate seamless communication, both within and outside the organization. You need to communicate with your employees for optimum functioning of all operations. You also need to communicate with the customers, ensuring an enhanced customer experience.

After scrutinizing POS systems on various parameters, we have compiled a list for you to check them out and finalize the one that meets your expectations.

Top 6 pizza POS system for a Pizzeria

1. Touchbistro


TouchBistro is one of the most sought-after POS systems. The restaurateurs from more than 100 countries use TouchBistro to improve pizza restaurant operations and to render an amazing customer experience.


  • The Kitchen Display System keeps the backend staff informed of all the orders and enables them to work smartly
  • TouchBistro can be customized to function as a POS system for full-service restaurants, quick service restaurants, food truck, and delivery restaurants
  • The pizza POS system is capable of managing operations such as order management, floor plan & table management, mobile payments, menu management, inventory management, CRM, staff management, and so on
  • TouchBistro provides 24/7/365 support

Available for: TouchBistro is exclusively meant for iPads. The complete POS system can be operated using an iPad. To view reports for analytic purposes, you can use devices like mobile phones, laptops, and others. These reports are available both online and offline.

Pro Tip: Besides a feature-packed POS system, use TouchBistro’s Restaurant Success Library to access informative content about restaurant management.

2. Lightspeed


Lightspeed came into existence in 2012 and since then, it has been growing at a lightning speed. It offers POS solutions for diverse industries. The Lightspeed POS system works online as well as offline mode. The cloud-based solutions ensure superior functioning and seamless accessibility.


  • Third-party app integrations allow you to synchronize all operations, resulting in an integrated environment that simplifies the task of restaurant management
  • Lightspeed POS system is apt for the full-service facility, quick service facility, takeaways, dine-ins, delivery counters, and so on
  • The customer-centric model allows customers to self-order, utilize promotional offers, opt for different payment methods, and much more
  • Lightspeed POS system emphasizes staff management, keeping a check on their schedule, performance, permissions, and much more

Available for: You can control a Lightspeed POS system with an iPad. However, to ensure optimum functioning of Lightspeed POS, you must install the necessary hardware. The pizza POS system is equipped with a Kitchen Display System, customer-centric restaurant app, and much more.

Pro Tip: Opt for a 14-day free trial if you wish to contemplate Lightspeed POS system’s performance and capability.

3. Revel


Revel POS system has been designed according to the requirements of pizza restaurateurs. So whether its order management, staff management, or payment processing, rely on the Revel POS system to automate operations and to register an increase in profits.


  • Never run out of ingredients that make your pizza one of the best in town as inventory management ensures an accurate measure of each ingredient
  • Diverse payment solutions allow customers to pay via credit & debit cards, wallets, NFC-enabled payment solutions, and so on
  • Real-time updates synchronize data across multiple POS terminals, thereby keeping everyone on the same page
  • Menu customization options simplify the job of employees and also renders an intuitive interface that enables customers to customize their order

Available for: iPad acts as the interface and controlling equipment for Revel pizza POS system. The basic hardware setup comprises of iPad, payment device, router, POS stand, POS printer, and cash drawer. You can opt for additional equipment as per your requirements.

Pro Tip: Deploy Revel Advantage to accept payments via multiple payment options. Insights by Revel furnishes real-time analytic reports so that you can make result-oriented decisions.

Looking for Point Of Sale Software? Check out SoftwareSuggest’s list of the best point of sale software solutions.

4. Shopkeep


Founded in 2008, Shopkeep has come a long way. Currently, more than 25,000 businesses use Shopkeep POS system for managing their sales. Shopkeep has all the essential features that are necessary to manage pizza restaurant operations.


  • Whether you operate a pizza takeaway joint or a dine-in restaurant, customize Shopkeep POS as per your requirements
  • It lays equal emphasis on payment processing, inventory management, staff management, marketing, reporting, and order management
  • Shopkeep offers robust POS hardware and software and ensures end-to-end assistance for hassle-free setup

Available for: Shopkeep is an iPad-based pizza POS system. The software adapts comfortably according to the specifications of the iPad. The supporting hardware ensures seamless functioning of the POS system.

Pro Tip: Third-party app integrations lets you export and import data. Exclusive marketing support lets you advertise, build email lists, and bring in more revenue.

5. Clover Station


The USP of Clover Station lies in the fact that it takes care of the minutest of the aspects associated with a pizza restaurant. For example, in addition to barcode scanners, you can also integrate weight scales and other necessary equipment.


  • Cash drawer and receipt printer is included in the Clover Station POS system  
  • Clover Station lays special emphasis on security aspects so that there is no compromise when it comes to data protection
  • Synchronize Clover Station with more than 200 apps available in the Clover app market
  • Manage intricate details pertaining to customer management, facility management, inventory management, payment processing, and staff management

Available for: Clover Station is compatible with both Apple and Android devices. Therefore, the pizza POS system is suitable for most of the pizzeria operators. And since you pay for the complete setup, you don’t need to pay an extra amount for supporting equipment.

Pro Tip: Invest in Clover Station and avail liability protection up to $100,000 in case of a data breach.

6. Toast


Toast’s specialization is managing a pizzeria makes it a popular choice amongst restaurateurs. Toast is loaded with numerous features, making it a fully-functional pizza POS system. So whether it’s a home delivery order or an extra topping of pepperoni; let Toast assume the responsibility.


  • Take different types of orders and direct them to the kitchen staff; completely managed by Toast
  • The intelligent monitoring of inventory assists in cost savings and ensures that the ingredients are never out of stock
  • Centralized functioning of Toast synchronizes data across all POS terminals, thereby ensuring effective coordination

Available for: Whether it’s Android or Apple, Toast functions seamlessly with all tablets and mobile devices.

Pro Tip: Utilize inventory management feature to analyze food wastage, daily consumption, theft, and other aspects related to inventory.

It’s time to Order a Pizza POS System!

Make your pizzeria the talk of the town by rendering a memorable experience to every customer. Install a pizza POS system now to gain a competitive edge over your competitors. Pave the path for centralized POS operations, thereby ensuring a higher stream of revenue.

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