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Hiring the right candidate for the right job is a challenging task in today’s dynamic business scenario. However, technology has proved to be a real game-changer in the HR domain, and recruitment assessment tools are the new trend in the corporate sector.

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Traditional hiring methods are not enough in the current times – pre-employment testing software is a great tool that can help companies find candidates that have the required skillset and will fit in their organizational culture.

Choosing the right pre-employment screening software is a daunting task for organizations, after all, there are tons of options available in the market. 

Top Pre-Employment Testing Software

Here is a one-stop guide to the best employee assessment tools that will work for your organization:

1. Interview Mocha

Interview Mocha

A dynamic skills testing platform with over 1000 diverse skills set templates. It facilitates smooth hiring for positions across the organization and invites candidates through public share URL to take the test.

Vital Features:

  • Templates: Contains many free inbuilt tests/questions and also the option to create customized tests/questions.
  • Integrations: Smart recruiters and API integrations are available
  • Analytics and Reporting: Advanced analytic tools, assessment integration, and recruitment tools


It offers a free trial to all users and then has a number of affordable plans such as $59, $499 or $2499 a month.

2. Mettl


A world-class online pre-employment testing software for recruitment, training, company certifications, and tests. It aids in hiring the right people for the right job across a spectrum of industries, focusing on finance and IT.

Vital Features:

  • Test Templates: A vast and well-stocked library of sample test templates.
  • Advanced Analytics: Utilizes psy-fi technology to combine psychometrics, data analytics, and technology.


Customized pricing plans can be offered depending upon individual company requirements and budgets.

3. Hackerrank 


This is a revolutionary recruitment assessment tool that enables companies to take multiple tests to place the right engineers on the job faster. It is the ideal choice to hire technical staff by inviting candidates to directly take the test.

Vital Features:

  • Test Templates: A huge collection of test questions, exams, and templates
  • Integrations: System integrations with API, Smart Recruiters, Jobvite, Taleo, Greenhouse
  • Sophisticated Analytics: Ability to assess candidate skills in 35 programming languages and develop analytical reports


Hackerrank provides an absolutely free 14 day trial period to interested users, following which pricing is decided on company requirements.

4. ClassMarker


A comprehensive pre-employment screening software designed specifically for the education and business domains. It makes it super easy to hire non-technical staff by inviting them through public share URLs to take the exam.

Vital Features:

  • Test Templates: No free test templates, however, customized tests and exams can be created
  • Analytics: Advanced analytics that allows result view in real-time


ClassMarker offers a free 30 day trial period to users. It has a competitive pricing and plans range from $39.95 or $79.95 a month. 

5. ESkill


This is a novel pre-employment testing software that facilitates managers to create custom-made skills assessment solutions to hire the correct candidate. It is suitable for recruiting across a variety of industries and directly invites candidates through public share URL to take the employment test.

Vital Features:

  • Test Templates: Many free exams, sample question and templates that can be bought or customized for company use
  • Integration: In-built system integration with API, Oracle Taleo, iCIMS
  • Analytics: Advanced detailed reports can be prepared to contain all information about real-time results


A free trial period is available for interested users. It has a number of cost-effective plans such as $300, $350 or $729 per month

6. TalentLMS


An online holistic pre-employment testing software that helps managers make confident decisions hiring the right people. It helps in getting the accurate person for the right job across a range of industries, thereby streamlining talent acquisition.

Vital Features:

  • Test Templates: Ability to administer tests, surveys, and quizzes and then auto grade these tests based on pre-decided parameters
  • Advanced Analytics: Utilizes well-developed analytical systems to view real-time results


TalentLMS offers a free trial period to interested users and has a number of well-priced plans available such as $29,$99,$199 and $ 349 a month.

7. Codility


An innovative pre-employment testing software that enables companies to hire tech candidates through automatic sourcing, screening, and viewing. It is a useful platform that hires technical staff such as engineers and places them at the right organizational positions.

Vital Features:

  • Test Templates: Many free questions, exams, and templates are available, and there is also the option to create customized tests or questions
  • Integration: Integrations with Greenhouse, Hipchat, iCIMS, Jobvite, Slack, Smart Recruiters, Workable, API
  • Applicant Tracking System: CodeLive which allows recruiters to interview, interact and engage comprehensively with candidates
  • Well-Developed Analytics: Analytics system that allows for candidate result preparation and ranking


Codility offers a seven day free trial period. It has a series of plans such as $159/month for 15 assessments and single-user option. There are also special pricing plans for multiple users that are based on organizational requirements. 

8. CriteriaCorp


This seamless platform helps organizations make the best recruitment decisions by empowering them to take aptitude, personality and skill tests to get the right candidate. It enables managers to hire for a number of positions by inviting candidates through public URL to take the test directly.

Vital Features:

  • Test Templates: A vast portfolio of sample tests, questions, and exams which can also be personalized
  • Application Tracking System: HireSelect
  • Analytics: Contains interactive candidate comparison feature to facilitate better selections


Customized annual subscription plans can be offered depending upon individual company requirements and budgets.


Pre-Employment Testing Software

Plum is the pre-employment software to not just hire top talents but also nurture them. Additionally, it also helps manage talents in a way that professionals land the right job based on their skills. Once a candidate lands a job position in a company, the software takes care of their data until the last day of their employment in it. The ability of the application to quantify human potential using its power of artificial intelligence helps businesses in bringing workforce and business objectives on a single platform. In doing so, it helps put the right people in the right positions.

Vital Features:

  • Test Templates: The three core parameters adjudge the abilities of the candidate to communicate, interact, and adapt to the changes in the work environment.
  • Analytics: Advanced analytics and reporting features to facilitate employee recruitment-related operations.


After a free trial of 14 days, Plum offers a customized pricing plan to its users according to the usage.


Pre-Employment Testing Software

In broad terms, Criteria Corp’s HireSelect can be defined as friendly software which is designed for recruitment purposes for companies of all sizes. So, a human resource manager can be rest assured that they can rely on the test score to get a glimpse of how well a candidate can perform if they get a job role. Apart from administering tests, this useful software also proves to be of great assistance in reviewing the reports and in making hiring decisions based on data.

Vital Features:

  • Test Templates: A wide range of testing templates to check upon the skills, personality, aptitude, intelligence and much more abilities of the candidate.
  • Analytics: An advanced reporting system that can create a customizable report of the candidate based on position applied.


HireSelect offers a 21 days free trial program to the users after which they provide a customized pricing scheme according to the size of the organization.

Bottom Line

There are tons of groundbreaking tools available to help your company find the best talent – it’s up to you to make an informed decision and make an investment in the right pre-employment testing software. There is no doubt that it will make a world of positive difference to your hiring decisions and increase bottom-line results.

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