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Last updated: March 11, 2021

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Project Managers are the captain of the ship of any business and it’s their duty to see the ship to the shore. However, this is not an easy task. They have to face a storm of difficulties, challenges, and confusions before reaching the targets. However, managers, fret not.

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There are a number of blogs and tools, for both the experienced and the newbies, to help make your journey a smooth one.  The following are a few Project Management blogs that every manager must look into to help them improvise on their skills.

Best Project Management Blogs Every Manager Should Read

1. Project Manager


The blog not only holds information on project management but has a collection of various individual’s profiles from a number of industries and instances of their own customers too. These leaders and influencers hail from the field of project management.

Take Elizabeth Harrin for example, she has been able to establish herself on the platform through the means of a website, Girl’s guide to PM which has proved very useful to all the managers out there. Another inspirational example would be Bernardo Trido who has a great fan following on twitter and is well known for being an industrial psychologist.

The services of this site do not stop here, they also provide various templates for processing information on projects which are quite handy for managers.

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project management

This website is a treat to the eyes and the readers will be overwhelmed by the amount of information which is available on project management. The abundant amount of news, programs, strategies and other latest sought after topics have been discussed on the website. From how an innovative mindset plays an important role for project managers to the latest trends in project management with respect to the changing demand for a digital environment, this website has got you covered for everything that you need to be an ideal manager.

It allows the user to toggle through various pages for Webinars, strategic templates, and many research topics that can enhance the knowledge about project management. It also provides updates regarding various events related to project management that can be very useful for the managers out there. It is a boon for not only the project managers but also for the budding aspirants who might step into the shoes of a project manager in the coming days.

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3. The Digital Project Manager


You always tend to refer a guide when in doubt of what you need to do and this website clearly places it right at your fingertips. It is filled with elaborate tabs on various articles that shed light on a myriad of project management tactics.

You would be able to find a solution to working smarter with the various tools available, topics on the industry required project management skills and an array of resources from which you can go through to have your own bookshelf of information on project management. They also provide a course on Digital Project Management which can be taken up from the comfort of your home or workspace with a set price or you can go through their podcast to listen while you work.

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4. Girls Guide to PM


Elizabeth Harrin, the founder of the blog has made project management trendy and simple. The page is attractive and inviting, with a load of information and ideas for small and medium business on the topic. They have a selection of templates and guides to help you decipher and make the process of project management simpler.  It provides various tools and articles through which a project management professional can excel at being an ace manager.

What is so unique about this blog is that it helps project managers get themselves involved through the support of a community and mentoring. The blog is able to spice up the interactions with individuals not only through the training they hold but also through their personalized touch of mentoring.

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5. ClickUP


Ever wondered if you would find everything you were looking for on a simple website with regular updates on project management? This blog is updated regularly with new information that you seek to make yourself better skilled at project management. It incorporates the new trends in the arena of management to match the dynamics of changing time.

People management is also an integral part of the process and the blog includes everything necessary for a project manager to implement and grow at this skill of managing the people in the right way which is critical for any project. It also provides a dashboard for the managers which can be customized to suit individual preferences.

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6. TeamGantt


This website has a knack to keep the information short and crisp, apart from providing the latest information. The blog has a simple aesthetic with the right articles and instances that make it useful for a person in the field of project management to understand and implement the concepts. It has articles that get you involved and make the process of learning a lot more fun and interactive and you are bound to take away a few of the hip and happening trends in project management. The field is vast and articles on how to take on a project or multiple projects and break the work down are published to help project managers and up-and-coming managers alike.

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7. PMtips


PMtips, as the name goes, is a newsletter to help all the managers out there. This blog contains all the latest articles and news about the new and innovative software in the market to help make the job of a project manager a not so difficult one. The articles are mostly on how to go about efficient management and comes as a great refresher to good management practice that you must have already been imbibing or are planning to. The website also has a section which includes interview articles from some of the greatest management minds in the industry which can be a great source of inspirations for the managers.

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8. Monday:

This website offers highly personalized content suggestions based on your industry and organizational role. Besides offering insights and tips for better overall project management, it also offers marketing insights and the latest technologies being used. It offers new takes on proven industry best practices to take them a notch higher and features technologies that will be pivotal in altering the landscape of business management in the future. Monday’s blogs also provide insights into the working of different business management tools and offer information on the various innovative features that can simplify your tasks. Be it project management, team-building, productivity improvement, or revamping your marketing, you can always rely on Monday to provide you with sage advice.

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Project management is a tasking job as it involves the complicated task of dealing with people and their myriad of emotions. However, with the correct aiding project management tools, a right frame of mind and a great source of inspiration, one can go from being a manager to becoming an all-time favorite manager.

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