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Last updated: March 10, 2021

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When you are talking about project management software for your business, you are looking at accessing the software from any device of your choice. You don’t want to be bound with having to access the software from your browser. It seems to limit your access and you won’t have that flexibility.

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One of the most important features you are looking at when you are going for project management software is accessibility via apps, available on all browsers and one that can be accessed with local installation on Mac. You just need to be careful of one thing – you may lose some of the major benefits of the software just because of the installation of the app.

Let us look at some of the best project management software for Mac,

Top Project Management Software for Mac

Visit Website 1. Monday.com

Monday.com has an app for mac.  This software is one of the most compatible project management Software for Mac. You can monitor all your tasks and project management activities and you get an interactive dashboard.



  • Individual work tracking
  • Cross-functional visibility
  • Monitor other departments to ensure timely delivery
  • Can monitor work from any location
  • Add Tasks, projects, Dos and Don’ts
  • Share progress with Client/Stakeholders because of intuitive UI


The Starting price is $25 per user/month which is inclusive of unlimited boards, 5GB storage, and iOS/Android apps.

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2. Wrike

Wrike got the best project management software in 2018. The app pretty much works like how it works on the web version. You can call it as app-friendly as possible. It allows pane visibility, configuring multiple workflows and multiple industry use, scalable and intuitive features – very much how you would navigate in the Webapp version.



The Starting price is $9.8/month inclusive of full project management and collaboration. Freemium is available only until 5 users and that too allows only task listing.

3. Clarizen

Clarizen is one of the few tools that is one hundred percent SaaS compatible with most of the browsers like Safari, Firefox, and Chrome, and a total on-the-go use project management software too. 



  • Available with multiple devices and switching is easy
  • Easy setup and navigate
  • Integrated chat
  • Multiple views, reports, email integration
  • Custom and template workflows
  • Timesheet and cross-project visibility


Generally, it’s on request. As per requirement, a customized quote is shared.

4. BaseCamp

Not only is it a popular collaboration tool, but it is also available as a downloadable mac app. Naturally, it is a favored project management software for Mac. Not only is it available on Android which touches a larger base of customers, but it can be easily accessed over multiple browsers. 



  • Handy, easy to use and setup
  • Interactive UI and easy navigation
  • Integrated Chat program, message board
  • Cohesive collaboration between multiple tasks
  • Data compartmentalization 


They have a common pricing plan that includes $99 per month including all features, unlimited storage, and unlimited users and projects.

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5. Merlin

Merlin is one of the only few project management tools that have been exclusively designed for macOS and iOS. Definitely, a must project management software of Mac. 




  • Appealing for teams with Technical Backup
  • Arrange Tasks in logical structures
  • Set milestones and budget
  • Incorporate adjustments and plan changes
  • The choice between template and workflow
  • Kanban boards, grouping, resource-pool and style editor


They have a yearly plan of $149 / year for Mac users and $6.99 per user / per month for iPad and iPhone users.

6. Trello

You have probably heard a lot regarding this for its most interactive UI, multiple support task and activity management, and fantastic reports that give you visibility to everything that is going on around you. 



  • Most favorable for Gantt charts, waterfall model
  • Flexibility as a software project management tool
  • Fun and interactive
  • More of the strategic planning system
  • Easy prices and lots of available features


Trello is free with unlimited boards, cards, and 10 MB and personal projects. Though it gives limited features. For more advanced features, it is $9.99 / user and also allows you to integrate with other apps like Jira, Bitbucket, Dropbox, etc.

7. Smartsheet

Smartsheet is totally functional project management software in mac as it is in all browsers, but it is lacking a desktop app. Smartsheet just as the name suggests is very much an interactive representation like the excel sheet we are so used to. 



  • Favorable if you use excel sheets
  • Views in the form of Gantt charts, reports, etc.
  • Monitor team availability, calendar, card view, timelines
  • Extensible features include setting alerts, email reminders, web-based forms


Pricing starts at $14 per user/month. It’s inclusive of 10 sheets, reports, multiple views, and forms. Advanced planning is available on request.

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8. ProjectManager

ProjectManager is available on browser only which means that you can use it on your Mac system via Safari browser. Of course, it is compatible with Android and iOS and so it gives you the flexibility of being available on location.



  • Allows to run Microsoft project on MAC system
  • Smooth integration between both environments
  • Cloud-based project management software
  • Good for planning and reporting 
  • Interactive Gantt charts, sprint-planning, drag, and drop schedule, collaborate, teams, file attachments
  • Multiple fields are compliant like construction, manufacturing, marketing, etc.


Available for $15 user / month for 5 users. The plan includes free storage, unlimited guest logins, and unlimited projects.

9. Asana

This is one of the most popular management tools available in the market and the intuitive features provide facilities beyond our imagination. Asana doesn’t have a Mac app, but it is accessible through all browsers and you can run the tool on Safari. 



  • Good for medium-sized business
  • The very interactive UI design
  • Good for micro-level work management
  • Activity Feed, Real-time inbox updates, task dependency, project hierarchy, filter search, maintenance, etc.


There is Freemium for 15 users featuring basic dashboards and search. With timelines, unlimited members and dashboards, search, private projects, and many more, there is a pricing plan of $9.99 per user/month.

10. Scoro

Scoro is absolutely Mac compliant and includes a lot of features in a small package. It can be a preferred project management software for Mac because of this.




They have an essential plan for $26 per user/month for 5 users with an onboarding price starting from $899. There are Work Hub and Sales Hub premium with $37 per user/month and Business Hub with $61 per user/month.

Project management tools have made a huge difference to the way work is managed globally and some of these have served big enterprise businesses in running their daily tasks in a seamless, effortless, and efficient manner.

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