Top 10 Real Estate Investment Software in 2021

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In this digital era, success is all about using the right tools at the job. When it comes to real estate investment, leveraging the benefits of digital tools makes things easier. Whether it is forecasting renovation tools, analyzing potential deals, or managing rental properties, real estate investment software can be of great help.

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There are several real estate software options available for house-flippers, wholesalers, rental investors, and commercial investors that target one niche. However, by using the right software, investors can increase their productivity as well as earn higher profits in the long run. It can also make all the difference in how you can go.

Well, different software could function differently for various investors. So, it is vital to determine the most used real estate investing strategies on the market and the functionalities and features that you need in your software. In this article, we have listed the top 10 real estate investment software to help you pick the one that fits your needs. 

Top Real Estate Investment Software

1. RealData


RealData is a powerful excel-based software for real estate investors and developers. It works the best for small as well as large portfolios. With RealData, you can quickly determine if the property is worth investing in or not. Besides, it offers different optional calculators and real estate deal analyzers to enhance the business process. One of the most essential features that RealData boasts is reports and presentations. Investors can create in-depth presentations to lure prospective lenders and investors.


  • Powerful commercial income module
  • Partnership module along with advanced features
  • Cashflow and Resale Analysis


  • It holds comprehensive program hosting features within one package
  • It offers a range of options for different sized investors


  • There are limited security features

2. The Analyst Pro


The Analyst Pro is the best real estate software for commercial investors. It addresses user needs and represents the most relevant information for analysis into the future projections of your business. While it offers the benefit to leverage its power on any device, it charges an annual fee instead of a one-time upfront charge. It provides some of the most comprehensive reporting and analysis tools.


  • Commercial property tools and ratings
  • Location risk analysis
  • Mortgage calculator
  • 1031 exchange calculator


  • It comes with multiple management tools
  • It generates precise reports that reflect the actual investment potential


  • It is expensive as compared to other tools available on the market

3. Argus


Argus is a complete real estate investment suite that works towards better business management. It poses the capability to predict future trends in the real estate market, which is very helpful. Moreover, it gives insights into the impact of changes in macroeconomics. This benefits the real estate investors and managers to make informed real-time decisions. As it is enterprise-level real estate software and supports data sharing and collaboration functionalities, it enables disparate teams to work together.


  • Valuations and cash flow analysis
  • Scenario and risk analysis
  • Budgeting and strategic planning
  • Investment and Fund Management tools


  • It provides accurate predictions on business trends
  • It offers an easy and user-friendly interface


  • Users cite some security concerns

4. ProAPod


ProAPod is the best investment analysis software for real estate investors. It is programmed in such a way that investors can easily create comprehensive cash flows, analyze profits and rates of returns, as well as, generate marketing reports without any ado. With different analysis tools, ProAPod helps analyze commercial real estate deals and multifamily properties while keeping up with dynamic marketing trends.


  • Cap Rate calculator
  • Cash flow and Resale analysis
  • Lease vs. Buy analysis (for commercial properties)
  • Monthly and Annual return on investment


  • It easily creates comprehensive documents for financial projections on your investment
  • It copes with dynamic marketing trends effortlessly


  • Only personal investors can leverage its benefits

5. CREmodel


The next popular real estate investment software on our list is the CREmodel. It helps investors take real estate management to another level. Being equipped with a multitude of features, it transforms the financial management. Furthermore, this excel-based property investment software helps investors in analyzing multifamily, retail space, office space, apartment buildings, industrial properties, and different mixed-use investing projects.


  • Loan to Value (LTV)
  • Cash flow and Resale analysis
  • Monthly and Annual return on investment
  • Cash-on-cash return


  • It is affordable, easy-to-use, and includes interactive tools
  • It includes various calculators to make the project investors’ job easy.


  • It lacks decision-maker tools

6. DealMachine


If finding off-market deals interests you, DealMachine is the right tool for you. It is an online real estate investment software that provides you with information about any property. All that DealMachine requires you to do is entering the address or uploading a photo of the property right from your phone. It will instantly offer you data like the owner of the property when he/she bought it and at what price, the approximate equity of the property, and more. 


  • Automated owner lookup
  • Direct mail campaigns
  • Real estate lead management


  • It helps you get the property owner information in just seconds
  • It frees real estate investors from the tedious tasks of manual research and mailing out


  • It boasts a quite high subscription fee

7. RealNex


RealNex is the best real estate CRM software that combines real estate analytics with Customer Relationship Management software to produce the best results. It offers all the robust tools for marketing, lead management, and analytics in one place. Moreover, it demonstrates compatibility with Mac, Windows, and mobile devices. Real estate investors of medium-to-large-sized companies can efficiently utilize its benefits.    


  • Deal management tools
  • Investment and comparative lease analysis
  • Seamless Gmail and Outlook integration
  • Financial analysis


  • It offers excellent functionalities for CRM, marketing, analytics, property prospecting, and workflow management
  • It allows you to customize the fields as per your needs


  • Users often face issues with live sync

8. Valuate


This is the best real estate investment software for multifamily investors. It is mainly used for income-producing and fix-and-flip properties. It offers end-to-end functionalities for the complete real estate’s cycle. Valuate comprises analyses and calculations from the purchase via renovations, refinance, and property sale.


  • Cap rate calculator
  • Cash on cash returns
  • Cash flow and Resale analysis
  • Monthly and Annual return on investment


  • It provides decision-maker tools to help the investors make informed decisions
  • It displays a pop-up alert when there isn’t a good deal to make on the property


  • It is strictly for analyzing deals and does not include presentation or marketing features

9. PropertyMetrics


PropertyMetrics is the real estate analysis software for commercial investors. It is designed to help investors build a proforma for income-producing properties and share it online. It offers 100% web-based services, unlike conventional real estate software solutions. One of its products also assists in creating real estate documents, including memos, flyers, brochures, case studies, proposals, and more.


  • Proforma platform
  • Property projections and analytics
  • Real estate document generation
  • Cap rate


  • It enables you to create and share commercial real estate information
  • It helps analyze the income flow from commercial properties


  • It doesn’t mention any decision-maker tools

10. Rehab Valuator


This real estate investment software is built for wholesalers, rehabbers, and house-flippers. It enables you to calculate offers and deals with their tools. Besides, you can also leverage it for raising funds and creating flyers or presentation in a matter of no time. Rehab Valuator’s premium account comes with contracts and real estate forms for investors.


  • Max Offer calculator
  • Scope of work analyzer
  • Report generation
  • Deal analysis


  • It offers a calculator that helps you determine the ceiling price
  • It comes with a free option


  • Its premium options are a bit expensive

Wrapping Up

There’s no success behind why some real estate investors are so successful. It all revolves around the tools they use. Depending on the size, experience, and your investing niche, the market has got many real estate investment software designed to serve all of your needs. So, get started today and witness the joy of success!

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