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Hotelogix : No. 1 In Hotel Managment Software

Running a successful hotel is a challenging task in the current dynamic hospitality industry, and taking the help of novel technological platforms is a great way to gain a competitive edge. Investing in the perfect hotel management software or resort software will guarantee your guests an exceptional experience, and improve the overall operational efficiency of your resort by automating repetitive tasks.

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Resort management software are tailor-made to simplify operations at hotels, resorts, guest homes, and inns, thereby leading to cost-efficiency, higher customer engagement, and superior service levels. It allows managers of resorts to save time, money and efforts by facilitating important operations such as reservations, inventory, billing, and housekeeping.

Investing in the ideal resort software is a huge decision, and it is often daunting for hotels or resorts to make the transition from traditional management methods to automated property management systems.

List of Best Resort Software to look forward

Well, do not worry, as we have put together a comprehensive list of the eight best resort management that will definitely prove to be a real asset for your hotel property:

1. eZee Absolute

This novel resort management software is a one-click solution for hotels, resorts, lodges, and guesthouses as it provides an excellent guest experience. It has an array of sophisticated business features and helps to track your hotel’s daily performance through advanced analytical options.

Useful Features:

  • Manages group bookings easily
  • Simplifies online payment by sending a link to guests
  • Keeps data safe and has a cloud backup
  • Mobile self-service guest portal manages profile, check-ins, and billing
  • PMS mobile application allows system access on the go
  • Saves credit card details to prevent cancellations and no-shows


  • For Properties with 10 rooms:
  • Classic: INR 2046/mo
  • Hero: INR 3235/mo
  • Star: INR 3645/mo
  • Champion: INR 4834/mo

2. Hotelogix

This is a one-click cloud resort software that has powerful features, automated task management and provides seasonal packages/limited period special to enhance customer bookings in the long run.


Useful Features:

  • Hotel Front desk management from a single dashboard
  • User-friendly POS terminals
  • Housekeeping module to increase service efficiency and reduce paperwork
  • Online distribution channel management
  • Hotelogix mobile app increases accessibility and productivity


  • Premium: INR 250 per room per month
  • Premium Plus: INR 375 per room per month
  • Platinum: INR 599 per room per month

3. Hotelline PMS

This is an innovative hotel management software that is exclusively designed for smooth integration in your existing resort operations. It is a highly secure and affordable system that streamlines comprehensive hotel tasks such as front desk management, housekeeping, inventory, and seasonal bookings.

One of the best aspects of this innovative resort software is that it provides a completely free trial and demo so that managers can check out its utility for their hotel.

Useful Features:

  • Cloud-based advanced software
  • Promotes discounts and packages
  • Multi-currency and language support
  • Price parity on booking channels
  • Flexible billing options
  • Customization facility for improved services


  • Custom pricing

4. Maestro PMS

Maestro PMS is a forward thinking and robust resort software that optimizes room rates, drives business to resort website, caters for customized guest service and enhances overall profitability.


Useful Features:

  • On-premise cloud-hosted solution
  • The enterprise-wide system connected on a single image database
  • Centralized multi-property real-time management
  • Express check-in online
  • Comprehensive user support and training programs
  • Provides a 360-degree view of each guest and their activities
  • Work order management module to boost operational efficiency


  • Custom pricing

5. Sabeeapp

This is a revolutionary cloud management resort management software that facilitates direct website bookings along with selling vacation packages and managing several rate plans. It is a flexible and agile system that is specifically designed to meet all resort needs just through a single click.

Useful Features:

  • Resort’s availability and rates are synchronized on different booking channels
  • Internet booking engine for direct sales opportunities
  • Automatic guest invoicing and billing
  • Guest profiling for personalized service
  • Housekeeping module for better task flow management


For 10 rentable units:

  • PMS + Channel Manager + Booking Engine: 76 EUR/mo
  • Guest Engagement Tools: 39 EUR/mo

6. Littlefish

This is a technology-based resort software solution that assists in the running of all hospitality sector businesses focusing on resorts and hotels. Littlefish is a popular modular resort management software that provides multi-currency and multilingual options along with multiple users facility.

The resort management software comes with free installation, training and an online instruction manual for users. A free trial session and a live demo are provided.

Useful features:

  • Reports daily sales with extensive cashiering facility
  • Provides automatic currency exchange rates
  • Integrated system for data import or transfer
  • Front desk module for customized guest service
  • Automated billing and invoicing procedures
  • Complete support and training programs
  • Stock management and inventory control


  • Custom Pricing

7. VacationRentalSoftware

This is a powerful resort management software suite that is agile, advanced and has an array of sophisticated features to improve routine task performance of hospitality sector businesses.

VacationRentalSoftware provides a free trial and a live demo for interested users.

Useful Features:

  • Complete, accurate and speedy accounting
  • Online booking system to connect the property to a large user base
  • An automated reservation system that calculates prices, rent, taxes, and commission
  • Work order module for tracking and monitoring order status
  • Round the clock support facilities
  • User-friendly and navigable interface


Custom Pricing

8. Springermiller

This state-of-the-art hotel management system is the perfect solution for modern resorts as it seamless enhances operations for the better guest experience, streamline bookings, efficient housekeeping, billing, inventory, and billing operations.

Useful features:

  • Restaurant food and beverage point-of-sale software
  • Online booking search engine for quick reservations
  • Mobile app for better accessibility
  • Multi-property and enterprise capabilities
  • Work order and guest response module


  • Custom Pricing

The hospitality sector is booming, and there are a number of customer loyalty program software and property management software to enhance hotel/resort operational efficiency. Make sure to scan the market for all available options before investing in a credible service provider – it could be the best decision for your resort or hotel as it leads to a vast increase in bottom-line results.

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