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KloudBeat : No. 1 In Sales Force Automation Software

Almost every industry today is looking for new ways to automate processes, and the sales industry is no different. The word Sales Force Automation sounds promising as it helps in reducing costs and improves efficiency.

Looking for Sales Force Automation Software? Check out SoftwareSuggest’s list of the best sales force automation software solutions.

SFA software is a centralized automated software solution specially designed for sales professionals to eliminate the tedious, repetitive behind-the-scenes tasks so that they can concentrate on what they are best at doing – SELLING.

Power-up your Sales Team through these Sales Automation Tools

1. HubSpot Sales Automation Tool


HubSpot Sales hub will provide you with time-saving tools that will help you track each and every interaction automatically and will organize all your activities under one roof. Start for free and then upgrade your plan as you grow big.



  • Automate your outreach by queuing up a sequence of personalized follow-up email and reminders. This emails and reminders will be delivered automatically at the right time.
  • Automatic Notification when a prospect opens an email, click a link or open an attachment. This will help in a timely and a relevant follow – up.
  • All the manual tasks will get eliminated as every prospect contact info, email opens and clicks gets Logged automatically.
  • Works effectively with Google Calendar, Office 365 and HubSpot CRM.
  • Automatically routes the chat conversation to the right salesperson so that better relationships can be built and more deals can be closed.
  • Amazing calling abilities – Line up the list of sales calls, make them from your browser itself, automatically logs the calls to your CRM software and enables the call recording feature in a single click.
  • Granular metrics for your sales team with the help of customizable reports and dashboards.


  • Individual Sales Person: $0 per month
  • For a sales Team:$400 per month.

2. Agile CRM


Agile CRM’s sales automation tools will automatically create a new task for your team. It will automate almost everything from telephony to follow-up emails. Increase your ROI with complete contact views, real-time alerts, and deep analytics.



  • Get contact details from your prospects from every angle which includes conversations, call notes, social presence, web activity etc.
  • Sync Agile CRM with Google calendar so that you can remain updated about the latest meetings.
  • Increase your sales efficiency with the help of the drag and drop Project Management Capabilities.
  • Have constant insight into your sales activity with advanced analytics, reports, and metrics for faster growth.
  • Agile CRM provides integration with some of the best telephony services such as Twilio, RingCentral, VOIP and Bria Accounts.
  • It comes with Automated scoring which provides you with automatic alerts and qualifies leads faster and more accurately.


  • 10 Users: $0
  • Starter: $8.99
  • Regular: $29.99
  • Enterprise:$47.99

3. Infusionsoft


Infusionsoft is a customizable sales automation tool that will streamline your entire sales-cycle by eliminating the time-consuming, manual tasks.



  • Create Reports based on product, lead source and number of other metrics to reach the revenue goals faster.
  • Forecast your prospect needs, trends etc and plan your next step accordingly
  • It has an Infusionsoft app that will create, manage and share custom quotes directly from the app itself.
  • Automatic Follow-up reminder which will make sure you never miss a sale opportunity.
  • Converts the quotes automatically into orders and creates balance.


  • $99 for up to 500 contacts
  • $129 for up to 1500 contacts
  • $179 for up to 2500 contacts
  • $229 for up to 5000 contacts
  • $299 for up to 10,000 contacts
  • $349 for up to 25000 contacts
  • $379 for up to 50,000 contacts

4. Outreach


Improves your sales workflow and personalizes communication from wherever you work. Drive more meetings and increase engagement with your customers through intelligent Pipeline generation and effective voice and email facilities.


  • Making calls will be now quicker using the Outreach dialer, independent of which application you are working from.
  • Sales automation tools give you the ability to create triggers which will automatically add prospects to the right sequence and reach them at the right time
  • Helps you collect your Prospects information from 3rd party sources such as Twitter, Owler, Datanyze.
  • Provide your sales representative with different templates for different industries and monitor the outcome with the help of analytics.
  • It will help you measure the performance of individual sales representative, the entire team and eventually your entire sales organization.


  • It provides custom pricing that depends upon the total number of users. You can check the price on their official website.

5. Pega


Pega will help you unlock the hidden revenues with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Accurate forecast prediction, cross-selling, up-selling, and repeat purchases are some of AI enabled features provided by sales automation tools.



  • Pega’s AI model will select the best leads and coach reps making the selling process smoother and close the deal as soon as possible.
  • Increase your selling time with unified productivity selling tools such as Linkedin Sales Navigator that will help you target, understand and engage your buyers.
  • Pega is equipped with Digital Automation, A.I and open integration which ensures that insurance, finance and healthcare sales team are using best practices.
  • It has a mobile application which ensures that you can close the deals on the go.
  • Predict what your business is doing and where it is going using 40 AI infused pre-built dashboards.
  • AI enabled dashboards confirms forecasts, generate lead ranking scores and generate personalized offers.


  • Standard Edition: $140
  • Intelligence Edition: $160
  • Engagement Edition: $ 250

6. Bpm’online sales

bpm online

It is a cloud-based CRM that provides efficient sales automation tools and enables total control over the customer journey from start to end.



  • Find customers on Facebook, Twitter and enrich their profiles using the inbuilt social integration feature.
  • Bpm’online sales allow customer segmentation based on industry, revenue, priority and other parameters you choose.
  • Keeps a complete track of each and every interaction with an account including meetings, calls, contracts, order, and invoices.
  • Synchronization with Google Calendar and Microsoft Exchange to get notifications and reminders.
  • Make and receive calls easily as Bpm’online sales provide integration with the PBX system and connect effortlessly with any cloud VOIP service.
  • Use a smartphone or a tablet to plan your activities, meetings, and calls. The app is available both online as well as offline mode. Choose whatever option you like, the needed data will right at your fingertips.


  • Team: $25
  • Commerce: $30
  • enterprise:$50

7. FreshSales


Automate all your sales activities and focus more on selling with the help of sales automation tools. Automatically capture your website visitors as your prospects and then group them based on their engagement with your website.



  • As soon as a visitor fills your web, they are automatically added as a new lead in FreshSales. The profile is then enriched with the lead score, social media information etc.
  • Make calls and send emails directly from the deals dashboard.
  • The mobile FreshSales app is easily available on Android and IOS platform.
  • Get real-time analytics about how your website interacts with your products and accordingly plan your next conversation.
  • Give Score to your leads based on their characteristics and behavior, this will help you know which deals are about to close and which deal will require more Nurturing.
  • No additional cost of installing the hardware and software. Purchase local and toll-free numbers from the FreshSales and assign them to your sales representative so that they can start calling immediately.
  • It has a common team inbox where your sales team can identify each other’s unanswered emails and follow up right away. There will no more delay in responding to emails.
  • Analyze and forecast your sales using customized reports which will help you know the revenue analytics and will produce sales cycle and velocity reports, Trendline reports, etc.
  • With FreshSales, you can easily connect to other apps such as helpdesk and accounting tools using webhooks.
  • Close deals anytime anywhere, get the 360-degree context, move leads across stages, fix meetings using FreshSales mobile app.
  • Integrate your favorite apps with FreshSales’s sales force automation software – Google Calendar, Segment, Zapier, MailChimp, HubSpot Marketing etc.


  • Blossom: Ideal for Small Businesses: $ 12 approx
  • Garden: Ideal for growing Teams: $ 23 approx
  • Estate: Best value for the large team: $ 46 approx
  • Forest: Made for enterprises: $ 12 approx


prospect is a solution to help you find new prospects and contact them with an automatic cold email campaign and follow-ups, all within one tool. Use browser extension to seamlessly prospect on any company website. We provide with robust analytics to make your campaigns better and scale your sales.


  • Use email finder and browser extension to learn email addresses of professionals through their company websites and LinkedIn.
  • All email addresses are verified on the fly for maximum accuracy.
  • Seamless flow of prospect data within the tool, create cold email campaigns with a few clicks.
  • Use templates to make campaign creation even easier.
  • Track everything, from email openings to replies and conversions.
  • Analyze your results step-by-step and adjust the smallest details that will make your campaign more engaging.
  • Integrate with your CRM and other tools through Zapier and PieSync and spend less time on repetitive data entry.


99€/month for access with 1000 Credits
129€/month for access with 2000 Credits
189€/month for access with 5000 Credits
More plans available depending on prospecting/sending volumes

9. AeroLeads

Automate your prospecting process with AeroLeads.Drive more leads to your sales pipeline by using it on the top of multiple sites like LinkedIn, Angellist, CrunchBase etc.




  • Finds accurate email address and other contact details.
  • Finds the data from sites like LinkedIn, CrunchBase and Angellist.
  • Real-time email list building solution.
  • Integrate with CRM like HubSpot, Salesforce, CRM, Zoho, Pipedrive etc.
  • Add as many as contact with 10 data points like Email Address, title, generic company emails, etc.
  • Find business phone number with one click


  • TAKE OFF: $49
  • Climb: $149
  • CRUISE: $499

Bottom Line

Besides these seven there are a lot of other sales automation tools available in the market ranging from SAAS to in-house systems and from complex solutions to out-of-box-applications. Every sales team is different, their needs are different, so make sure you consider each and every aspect of taking the final call.

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