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The software development companies are getting refined every single day. A new technological upgrade is hitting every moment, adding more value to this gigantic industry. In this high pace of technology growth, a lot of companies fail to upgrade. And if you’re choosing such companies as your partner, this may slow things down for you.

Best Software Development Companies to look forward

Today, everything we use is our daily lives is somewhere attached to computers and software. For each existing industry, there is software available. With the help of this software, businesses can not only accelerate the speed at which they are functioning, but also proffer better communication.

To scale your business in the modern era, it is crucial to have the right software suite. Whether you require a small fix or entirely new software, eliminate wasting your time with developers you don’t trust.

Here’s a list of top 11 software development companies in India. Take a look throughout the list to find the right fit for you.

1. Galaxy Weblinks Inc.

Galaxy weblinks Inc. is a custom web & software development agency based in USA offering full stack services, established in 1998. With over 1000+ projects delivered to over 150+ clients, they provide technical expertise with 24/7 support.

They are specialized in offering services like-  custom web development, front end development, custom software development, QA services, mobile app development, ecommerce development & more. Their clients are Tivo, Staples, Netgear, PTC University, Pronovos, Tiny Tags, DowJones.

Galaxy Weblinks

2.Vofox Solutions

Vofox Solutions is an offshore development company in India that caters to the global clientele since 2005. It specializes in providing custom offshore software development and web application development services. With expertise in a myriad of technologies, Vofox Solutions offer frontend development, mobile app development, E-commerce, and content management services.

If you are looking to developing a website or an app with the latest technology, Vofox Solutions must top your list.


3. Om Software

Operating since 2004, Om Software has a wide range of services starting from web development to app development with the latest technologies. Apart from hundreds of client projects, Om Software has its own software developed for various niches as well.

Om Software also operates in Big Data, Cloud Computing, Business Process Solutions, CRM Solution, Data Mining & Research. With expert teams in PHP, .NET, and Dev Express, Om Software is definitely one of the finest software development companies in India.Om_Software

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4. Noto Solutions

The second on the list we have is a company with more than 500 permanent clients. Noto Solutions is widely preferred by international customers for tailor-made software development. Noto’s portfolio clearly shows the variety of niches they have worked in, including education, customer relationship management, finance, real estate, transport, and many more.

With talented teams in Java, .NET, HTML 5, and many more, Noto Solutions should be in your list.


5. Zealous System

Zealous System is an Indian Software company with multiple office locations in Germany, Australia, and the USA. Zealous is specialized in the custom web app and software development. They have certified teams of Java, PHP, and MVC that can create a tailor-made software as per your need.

The company has been in the top 10 B2B companies from Clutch. Apart from all the usual services, Zealous is also into IoT, pushing the boundaries of technology one project at a time. If you’re searching for a company that can create custom software for your business, this is the right one for you.


6. Endive

The forth on the list we have is a US-based company, operating in Jaipur, India. Endive has covered a lot of industries in software development like Beauty & Wellness, Healthcare & Fitness, Real Estate, Event Management, Travel, Advertising, Automobile, Networking, Retail, and many more. Endive also offers services in ERP & CRM software development.

With a huge experience in the bag, Endive is one of the best agencies you can trust.


7. Radix

Radix is operating since 2000. With 390+ talented developers and designers, Radix has gained vast experience in software development. The company has delivered satisfactory work to more than 2750 clients, completing more than 3750 projects till date. Radix is specialized in custom software development, web & mobile app, legacy modernization, and application integration.

By completing diverse projects like Debt collection software, recruitment software, audit and compliances, supply management, mobile marketing platform, and many more, Radix should be in your dream list.


8. Codiant

Codiant is equally involved in consulting and software development, not to mention web & app development. Codiant has developers in PHP, Angular JS, Node JS, React JS, HTML, and other major technologies.  

The portfolio of Codiant is fascinating to observe because it covers many important industries like Healthcare, Social Networking, Transportation, Real Estate, ECommerce, Beauty & Wellness, and many more. If you’re looking for a solid, on-point, talented software developers, Codiant is a strong contestant.


9. Softuvo

Softuvo provides a wide range of services from web design & development to IT consulting. Softuvo can help you design various software like enterprise software, web portals, tailor business solution, e-commerce, workflow management, business intelligence, etc. For mobile app development, Softuvo can create hybrid app suitable for Android and iOS. The company also specializes in SaaS app development, iPad apps, custom app development.

Clutch, Appfutura, Good Firms list Softuvo as one of the finest companies for software development. If you’re looking for a tailor-made solution for your business, Softuvo is the destination you should reach.


10. Quest GLT

Quest GLT is one of the finest software development companies offering various services as well as products for many industries. A quest can be a wise choice for cryptocurrency development, salesforce development, mobility solutions, ERP, and CRM software development. The company has completed some very complicated projects like PwaveHosp (for patient appointment), PwaveClinic (for clinic management), PwavePatho (for report & monitoring), etc.

Quest has also contributed to various industries like Education, enterprise resourcing, healthcare, entertainment, etc., by creating marvelous personalized software for their clients. Quest is definitely of the finest brands you can choose for software development in India.


11. Openxcell

Openxcell is the fastest growing software development company of India with many valuable clients on hand. Apart from web development & bunch, Openxcell is involved in Game development. When it comes to custom software, Openxcell has the best people in business, hands down! They have covered technologies like PHP, Java, Node.JS, Ruby on Rails, Javascript, Visual Basic, .NET, C#, C++, and AWS under one giant roof.

Particularly in software, Openxcell can help you with various services like Software Conceptualization, Product Development, Re-engineering, Maintenance & Support, Testing & QA. The portfolio of Openxcell includes Orderhive, Workhive, Byju, Freeletics, and many more. Openxcell has an amazing success rate and support system. This brand should be on your list if you’re anywhere thinking about software development.


12. Abservetech

The last on the list we have a Tamil Nadu based software development agency with a wide range of services and own product offerings. The company has its another branch in Orlando, US. Abservetech offers services like mobile app development, web app development, web designing, mean stack development, and digital marketing.

Abservetech offers pre-made templates of some of the highly needed software for industries like hospitality, food, travel, human resources, and education. The company also has a talented staff that can develop unique software according got your need. Abservetech is a creative agency, and India is the land of your search for software development, it should be on your list.


Developing the right software solution can make a lot of things easier for your business. But, you have to choose the right software development agency for this purpose. We hope this top 10 list will take care of that.

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