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Gone are the days when student records were registered and maintained on papers. Such manual management of student information led to inaccuracies, false documents, missing information, slower processes, and so on. But with the emergence of cloud-based ERP software for schools, these problems tend to disappear to a great extent.

Looking for School Management Software? Check out SoftwareSuggest’s list of the best Student Information System Software.

The advent of the student information system (SIS) software is a centralized system that automates data management processes for schools. This software allows teachers, students, administrative staff, and parents to access all the information they need on their desktops and even mobile phones.

If you are considering deploying a student information system software for your academic institution, here’s a list of the best solutions. We recommend evaluating your requirements as you assess these software solutions and pick the one that best fits your needs.

Top Student Information System Software

1. PCR Educator’s

The PCR Educator school management software comes with high-end features for end-to-end school management. Whether its updating schedules, time tracking, report generation, generating quotes and invoices, fundraising, event management, online ordering, or onsite pickup, PCR Educator can automate and optimize all such school-related chores.

PCR Educator


  • Class Schedules: Minimize staff resources with online course selection, walk-in scheduler, cross-divisional scheduling, and more.
  • Student Billing: Build enrollment agreements right from the admissions, collect online deposits, generate invoices, and collect fees in an automated manner.
  • Reporting: Derive insights into student data, create personalized reports, and share them with parents without any hassles.


  • Intuitive and centralized dashboards
  • CMS Connect system for effective communication and data sharing
  • Seamless communication amongst students, teachers, staff, and parents


  • Lacks provision to customize specific data fields
  • Not suitable for colleges and universities

Pricing: PCR Educator’s is free if you charge a percentage of the tuition fee (0.4-0.8%) from the parents. But if you plan to invest in PCR Educator’s SIS software, you can opt for plans ranging between $500/month and $1650/month.

2. MasterSoft

MasterSoft is a comprehensive SIS that harnesses the latest technology to render an efficient and intuitive school management solution. Its features are capable enough to fulfill the needs of schools, colleges, universities, and other educational institutions. The cloud-based solution ensures ease of access and superior functioning.



  • Library Management: Manage the library’s cataloging, circulation, and accessioning processes from a single place.
  • E-Reporting: Go paperless and let MasterSoft generate e-reports with a simple click of the button.
  • Fee Collection: Utilize the benefits of online fee collection and payments portal integration and embrace e-payments.


  • 24/7 access with a dedicated mobile app
  • Supports multiple payment modes
  • Supports RFID smart cards, biometric integration


  • Not available as an on-premise solution
  • Lacks event management feature

Pricing: Available on request. Fill out the form and the reps will get in touch with you. You can also schedule a demo.

3. Vidyalaya

Vidyalaya is not a simple student information system software. Besides, it comes with components that make it suitable for HR management, accounting, and even inventory management. Ideal for both schools and colleges, Vidyalaya serves as an integrated platform for students, parents, teachers, administrators, and the school’s management team.



  • Admission Management: Right from admission inquiry to admission forms and follow-up details, it automates every aspect of the admission process.
  • Attendance Management: Record subject-wise, daily, monthly, yearly, cumulative, and access more such forms of attendance.
  • Student Assessment: Conduct hassle-free assessment irrespective of the board – be it CBSE, ICSE, IB, or state board.


  • A comprehensive suite of applications
  • Third-party integrations simplify management chores
  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface


  • Lacks particular emphasis on students
  • Some features may be unnecessary

Pricing: Price on request. You can ask for a free demonstration.

4. Orbund

The Orbund SIS software has provided reliable LMS, SIS, and CRM solutions to educational institutions for the last 14 years. With its ease of flexibility and scalability, Orbund delivers highly customized solutions to universities, colleges, institutes, and other such educational entities.



  • Full-Service Instructor Portal: Get access to online course materials, tests, attendance, grade books, and more.
  • Self-Service Student Portal: Right from accessing class schedules to progress reports, class materials, and making online payments, students can manage everything on their own.
  • Integrations: An end-to-end student lifecycle management system that’s open to third-party integrations.


  • Flexible and scalable
  • Ease of data exchange with 3rd party apps
  • Packed with numerous features


  • Not suitable for schools
  • May appear confusing at first

Pricing: Custom pricing on request. You can schedule a free demo at your convenience.

5. Ellucian SIS

Ellucian is a credible student information system software provider with a wide range of education, ERP, and SIS solutions. It offers five variants – Banner, Colleague, PowerCampus, Quercus, and Elevate. The credibility of Ellucian student information system software is evident from the fact that more than 2500 college and university customers use Ellucian.



  • Registration: It helps students register with an online system right from their mobile apps with global registration models.
  • Advising: It enables advisors to access student profiles so that they can guide students towards their goals.
  • Administration Tools: Right from streamlining the process to post grades to importing grades from Excel, it simplifies the process.


  • Powerful analytics and reporting tools
  • Dedicated solutions according to the types of institutions
  • Particular focus on real-time functioning and seamless communication


  • Complications with customizing and integrating SIS and ERP
  • Takes time to get familiar with the functioning

Pricing: Price on request. You can also schedule a free demo. 


If you are looking for a user-friendly, interactive, and power-packed student information system software, the EDUHAPPY solution will not disappoint. Apart from being a brilliant SIS software solution, you can use EDUHAPPY as an LMS also. From managing student affairs and uploading courses and lessons to keeping track of everything, you can do it all with the assistance of EDUHAPPY.



  • Gradebook: It enables teachers to enter grades for students’ course work. Students can access them and determine their progress.
  • Parent Portal: It makes it easy for parents to view their child’s progress and connect with the concerned teachers as and when required.
  • Asynchronous Learning: With online video courses, self-guided lesson modules, and more, EDUHAPPY delivers asynchronous learning to students.


  • Particular emphasis on faculty management
  • User-friendly interface
  • Affordable pricing


  • Minor bugs 
  • Slow functioning in case of poor internet connection

Pricing: You have to pay $1 per user per month to use the EDUHAPPY SIS software.

7. SmartClass

With premium features like multi-campus support, a customized mobile app, API support, and over 200 modules and 300 plugins, SmartClass is one of the best SIS solutions available today. The cloud-based solution runs 44 data centers across the globe, thereby ensuring 99.99 percent uptime.



  • Student Inquiry Management: Right from student inquiry registration to integrating white label inquiry form on the website, it manages everything.
  • Staff Management: Staff can log in, access the assigned screens, and mark their attendance on a single portal.
  • Fees Management: It enables you to create course-wise fee structures, collect fees, generate a receipt, and send fees due reminders.


  • Easy to configure and customizable
  • Multi-language support
  • SmartClass app or dedicated school app
  • Seamless third-party app integrations


  • Not a comprehensive ERP solution
  • A little expensive than other SIS solutions

Pricing: Contact SmartClass reps to know about pricing details. They have a straightforward pricing policy and no hidden fees. Schedule a free demo.

8. Student Support Time

Student Support Time (SST) is a no-nonsense school management software that bridges the gap between teachers, students, and parents. It keeps both teachers and students accountable for every task. Integration with other tools will be beneficial if you plan to enhance SST’s functionality.

Student Support Time


  • Student Dashboard: Students can self-schedule their day and request for help if required.
  • Schedule Access: It allows students to view their current and upcoming schedules.
  • Teacher Office Hours: Students can determine the availability of teachers and connect with them for any queries.


  • Dedicated solution for managing education-related chores
  • Resource center for teachers
  • Keeps students accountable for every aspect


  • Not suitable if looking for a comprehensive solution
  • Limited communication mediums

Pricing: Price on request. Ask for a free demo to assess SST functioning and capabilities..

Which Student Information System will you choose?

Besides boasting of a range of features, an SIS should be customizable so that you can configure it as per your requirements. Opting for a cloud-based solution is recommended if you desire high-end functionality, scalability, and affordability.

All the SIS software solutions discussed in this article can optimize your educational institution’s operations. Now the ball is in your court. Which software will you pick?

Editor’s note: This article was originally published in April 2019 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

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