Infographic: The Best Day and Time to Make Sales Calls

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Last updated: February 8, 2021


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The majority of the salespeople are keen to learn the best time to cold call their prospective leads.

This sounds very enticing because instead of waiting for a persuasive event, researching the buyer, and constructing a personalized message, the agent simply needs to know the best day and time of day to make a successful call.

Sadly, this approach isn’t as effective for legacy salespeople. A popular study carried out at Keller Research Center at Baylor University stated that only 1% of cold calls result in generating worthy appointments.

For many, the “best time to make a sales calls” approach doesn’t work so well. But warm calls say a different story altogether. If you’ve successfully identified a potentially good fit, knowing the right time to pick up the phone can either land you in a prospect’s voicemail or a meeting with them. It all depends on you.

Know the Best Day and Time to a Make Sales Calls

Below we have mentioned 6 suggestions on what’s the perfect time for calling a prospect in 2020.

Let’s get started.

#1 The Best Day of The Week for a Sales Call

A study by CallHipp found that the best days of the week for making a sales call to a sales prospect are Wednesday and Thursday.

This isn’t hard to believe. After all, people are gently slipping into the start of the week; in fact, most of your buyers are super busy planning their upcoming week on Monday. So they actually get started on Tuesdays. On Friday, all the prospects have pretty much wrapped up their work and are geared up for the weekends and simply aren’t interested in connecting with a salesperson.

Wednesday and Thursday are appropriate days because they have settled into their working week and have taken care of pressing matters without your call feeling like a burden.

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#2 Best Time of the Day for a Sales Call

Now that you know what’s the best day to make a sales call, let’s settle on what’s the best time of the day to have a chat.

Do you think early morning sales calls make sense? Experts suggest that the best time of the day to call a prospect is between 4 to 5 o’clock in the noon.

The second best time to have a word with your lead is between 11 AM to 12 PM.

Thinking of a typical office structure – most people are wrapping up tasks before lunch hours at around 11 am. And at 4 pm, they are all set to wrap up for the day. In both these time frames, buyers are hesitant to take up new tasks, which is why it is the perfect time to jump on a call.

#3 The Best Response Time

Take this advice – when in doubt, call your prospect immediately.

The same CallHippo research suggests you must follow up with new leads within the first hour when they become qualified.

In fact, the same research identified a 450% difference of opinion in response time for prospects who did not receive a follow-up call in the first hour of submitting their inquiry.

 #4 The Worst Time for Making a Sales Call

In most workplaces, professionals have just begun to flow into their workload between 7 am to 10 am. This is the reason why you should never call your leads between these holy hours.

On the other hand, most offices open around 8 am to 9 am, which makes you uncertain whether there will be anyone to answer your calls or not. And even if the buyer has stepped in, the first couple hours are spent planning out the day. So at this time, your call is nothing but unwanted and interfering.

#5 Persistence in Calling

If you stop calling your lead after reaching their voicemails two or three times consistently, you are selling yourself way too short.

The CallHippo research found that about 30% of prospects receive no follow-up calls after the first contact. The survey also states that sales reps enjoyed a whopping 90% success rate after connecting with their leads on the sixth call.

By simply making a few more calls, salespersons can achieve about 70% growth in contacting their leads.

A survey conducted by Velocify found that sequencing calls came in very helpful for the sales rep. You can enjoy the improvement of over 110% by scheduling six calls with the same lead within 15 days.

#6 The Best Time to Call up New Leads

The survey conducted by Velocify also found that following up with the lead in the first few minutes of their inquiry turned out very fruitful for salespersons. The research stated that all the prospects that received a call within one minute of sending out their inquiry were 390% more likely to buy the product/service.

Final Thought

Summarizing, we would like to back the following observations:

  1. The best day to call is Wednesday.
  2. The best time to call is between 4-5 PM. The second best time to call is between 11-12 AM.
  3. Call your prospects at least 6 times to close the deal.
  4. Call your prospects within the hour after they show interest in your service/product.

You can test these sales call tips and follow the ones that best work for you. With just a few easy tweaks in your strategy, you’d be surprised to know how many more prospects you can reach to grow your business.

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