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Last updated: May 7, 2019

It’s a new year (well, not anymore) and it’s a new market (also, not exactly). Technology as we know it has never developed and changed at such a rate as it does in the modern era.

An increased dependence and valuation accentuate this modern era of which I speak on the information. The internet has, without a doubt, become an integral part of daily life and it has also become the most popular means to market a business to as far and as broad an audience as possible.

As it is within our nature, we humans always find ways to not only do this better through the use of our tools, we find better methods to achieve even better results.

And to that effect, one can say that we’ve come incredibly far since the use of crude tools made from rock. Today, our machines have taken a virtual form, and they have never been more powerful. But with so many numbers of tools at our disposal, what we usually perceive as choices can eventually become noise.

Here is where this article comes in. What exactly are the best web analysis tools that you can get in 2019?

Top Web Analysis Tools to Look Forward to

1. Crazy Egg

crazy egg

Crazy Egg will never be absent from lists relating to web analytics. It is reliable, and it comes with a plethora of features, the most useful of which are its ability to generate heatmaps and scroll maps, as well as the ability to run A/B tests on a website. The tool offers a 30-day free trial to help you decide if you need all of its features.

2. Clicky


What makes Clicky unique is its Big Screen feature that allows analysts to see what exactly is happening on their website. Think of this as a live feed of your website. Clicky also excels in Twitter analytics, which detects any mention of your business on the social media platform.

3. SEMrush


SEMrush links to your multitool. It comes with a slew of marketing tools and analytics that can help users keep track of their keyword strategy concerning that of their competition. Keyword research and competitive analysis are what makes this tool stand out.

4. Heap


Heap is a tool that’s not only easy to use but is also very meticulous. It detects every click, page view, form submission, everything. As long as it happens on your site, Heap can track it. Heap is excellent for websites that are just starting, especially when you consider that the tool is free for websites that have less than 5000 visitors monthly.

5. Google Analytics

google analytics

You can’t do away with the classics. And Google Analytics is the epitome of a classic web analytics tool. What truly sets it apart from most other devices is its popularity, as it can easily integrate with other platforms and tools. It’s a mainstay with companies such as Loganix which, like this article, cut through the noise to bring you the information you need.

6. Mint


If you’re rather touchy about subscriptions, even low-cost ones, then, you’re likely going to want to try out Mint. It’s new, and it comes with a fresh (pun intended) layout that’s clean and organized. The tool costs $30 per site. It is the only tool on this list that you only have to pay for once.

Proved a good deal, especially for website owners who are just starting with a few websites.

7. Clicktale


Clicktale is a tool that you use if you want to see exactly how visitors are interacting with your site. The tool can visualize the interactions of visitors with your on-page content (yes, you can see where visitors aim their mouse pointers on your site). It is incredibly useful if you want to see which parts of your website draws the most attention and which sections ignored.

One instance of how Clicktale can provide useful information is when visitors were putting their mouse over a “resources” link but weren’t clicking on it because the link looked like an ad.

8. Leadfeeder


Leadfeeder is a tool that allows website owners to view who is visiting their website accurately. Works incredibly well when used with Google Analytics. A proper application for this is when you’re able to see which companies are viewing your site, and then subsequently finding contact information of people who work at that company.

Not only that, but this tool also enables you to see what your visitors are looking at, thus allowing you to conduct laser-like target marketing.

The Key Takeaway

As you can see, there’s no shortage of tools in the realm of website analytics. Because there are a lot of options, you can easily mix and match these tools to your heart’s content. As technology is continuously evolving, so should we. Go, go on, don’t be afraid to try out new tools.

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