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Last updated: February 8, 2021

Sometimes finding the right document becomes a more difficult task than walking 100 miles barefooted. You are bumped with so many questions at a time like where was the file saved? Who edited it last? Did someone delete it? What if unexpected errors are introduced in the file?

Web-based Document Management Software is the best solution to all these problems. A lot of your time will be saved which you can concentrate on other vital areas of your business. You will be relaxed too like all your important and precious documents will be saved in one location instead of them scattered around in a storage room.

This software have been on the market for a long time, but with technological advancement, they are becoming more affordable and advanced.

List of 10 Web-Based Document Management System

1. MasterControl


This software is used by some of the world’s largest regulatory bodies. This document management software can address complex regulations and standards around the globe. Its main aim is to reduce the compliance cost and to increase internal efficiency.

    • Master control has a centralized and secured repository that makes search and retrieval easy. Auditors have to look at only one place for everything they need.

  • The software comes with an automatic revision control that makes sure that only the current version of the document is available. The moment new revision becomes available the poor revision is eliminated.
  • It has advanced analytics and reporting capabilities that include the dashboard, scheduling features and provides standardized and customized reports.

2. LogicalDoc


It is a high performance, intuitive document management software that is perfectly suitable for medium and large-scale enterprises. A cross-platform software that can be easily installed on Windows, Linux, and MacOS.

  • It has advanced collaboration capabilities that can save your company time and increases productivity.
  • It can work easily on a broad range of hardware and software.
  • The best advantage of using Logical Doc is its shared server. You have to just install it on the server and it will accessible on all the workstation of your organization. This allows you to store all the documents in the central repository.

3. FileHold


It is rich in features and affordable document management software to suit your enterprise needs. It can easily integrate with Microsoft products on Desktop, browser and mobile devices.

  • It provides a structured way to track documents as they move through the document lifecycle.
  • Its standard features include document tagging, metadata capture, document linking, Calendar, Microsoft Office integration etc.
  • You can also customize features such as language localization, Auto filing, Rebranding according to your requirements.

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4. OpenKM


A web-based document management system that will provide all necessary functionalities, collaboration, and advanced functionality into one solution.

  • Using the OpenKM Document Management System you can have control over your organization content
  • Collaborate with other employees on documents and projects.
  • Manage digital content
  • Copes-up with legislative and regulatory requirements which will include archival audit and oversight activities.

5. Deskera


Deskera stores all documents in a single repository that will simplify managing and retrieving of files as and when necessary. It has features that will allow you to add, import, share and categorize documents in multiple formats.

  • Content Management will arrange the content by name, size, type, date etc.
  • Manages the document Lifecycle with versioning and archiving.
  • Assign Tags, create virtual Folders, for quick and intuitive storage and extraction.

6. DocsVault


A full-fledged web based document management system that will keep all your paper documents, electronic files, and emails safe.

  • Integrated scanning to allow seamless capture of paper documents
  • Tight document security
  • Automates and speeds up repeatable processes such as accounts payable, order processing, leave applications making them more streamlined and error free.
  • You can create customized “documents statuses” like a draft, published, finalized etc.

7. PaperHost


The PaperHost model can support as many users as you want which means the software can be useful not only for your internal staff but also for your customers. With PaperHost all you need is an internet connection and a web browser and you can instantly access the critical documents of your business.

  • Hippa Complaint with a redundant architecture
  • Document Management retention and scheduling
  • Rich features and functionalities that can be customized with logos, color schemes to suit an organization needs

8. Docxpresso


It is an innovative tool that helps businesses to convert their office documents into web apps. With the help of this software, you can easily make a Transition from Traditional paperwork to the digital world.

  • Upload contracts, reports and other relevant documents that will be transformed automatically into online forms.
  • Tracks all the documents in the Docxpresso DashBoard.
  • Collect, stores and validates the captured data in a centralized database with an ability to populate other documents.

9. Docuxplorer


It provides a document management solution for businesses of all size so that they can manage share and archive the files they need to keep their business running smoothly. The solution has coverers workflow, security, online back-up and almost everything that an ideal web based document management system should possess.

  • You can access your files at any time with the help of DocuXplorer Web client. All you need is a web browser to get access to the document archiving system.
  • It seamlessly integrates with necessary software such as Microsoft Office, Quickbooks etc.
  • DocuXplorer is protected with the AES-256 automatic backup which ensures that your files are always secured.
  • It supports English, Arabic, and Spanish with many other languages in progress.

10. Krystal DMS


Krystal DMS maintains all the documents in an indexed centralized repository with all the documents available to the staff members with proper security to access those records. Thus it increases the productivity of the employees by reducing the amount of time required to search the documents.

  • It is an affordable, easy to use, powerful yet an affordable solution for small businesses.
  • Simple and Quick Access to documents. There is no need to make chaotic folders.
  • You can easily search content and metadata through its powerful and intuitive document retrieval methods.

Bottom Line

Bid Goodbye to bulky file cabinets, and say hello to web based document management system as this will significantly occupy less space in your office and less money will be spent on toner and papers. So hurry up get a document management software today and access all your documents anywhere and anytime.

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