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Last updated: May 21, 2021

Who doesn’t know the adage “customer is king”, especially if you consider it from the commercial point of view. More and more businesses are striving to become customer-centric. And rightly so, as the study from Deloitte and Touche suggests that customer-centric enterprises are 60% more prosperous than the companies that do not follow the suit. So, having customer feedback software could prove to be decisive for any kind of business.

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Seth Godin, former dot com business executive, and an American author, once said, “Don’t find customers for your product, find products for your customers.” 

Ask any successful business owners and they’ll all tell you that they have done exactly that. But how can they know what kind of products will customers need? Well, this is where customer feedback comes into play. And it is one of the most crucial aspects of any business to thrive.

If customers aren’t finding value in your product or service and then you need to know what’s going wrong. And even if your sales are high, gathering feedback can help you improve your future products. So, it’s not like customer feedback is only important while things aren’t going right, it is equally important when things are great. 

The majority of businesses have dedicated websites these days. Therefore, collecting feedback becomes easier and that is why we have seen many website feedback tools have risen to prominence. And if you’re looking for any feedback tools for your website, here’s a list of some of the best available out there

Best Website Feedback Tools      

1. UserVoice


UserVoice simplifies the customer-centric approach. It allows your website visitors to propose opinions and suggestions for the website. Then after that, other visitors can vote those suggestions up or down. This wipes out any guesswork. You’ll be able to know what actually people want to see on your website. 

Some of the stand out features of Uservoice includes – gathering feedback from your website visitors without sending them any survey, logging an email or ransacking any message boards, receiving and sharing feedback from your internal teams, and it also offers you to share insights and awareness about new features through a variety of delivery options.

2. UserReport


UserReport is a set of user engagement tools that assist businesses to build better products by collecting user feedback. It is a set of flexible tools that are based on a survey and a feedback widget. It integrates with your website or app to enable you to interact with your users so that you can learn who they are, what they are looking for, and how they think you could improve.

3. Usabilla


Usabilla is a SurveyMonkey product that enables you to put users at the center of your digital approach. With Usabilla you can collect qualitative as well as quantitative insights from your website’s visitors. It zeroes down the assumptions and provides you the contextual details. So, you’ll get aware of what’s working and what isn’t. It also integrates with your CRM software or other SaaS tools i.e., Slack, Zapier, Salesforce, etc.

4. Hellobar


Hellobar is a feedback tool that allows you to swiftly display messages on your website. For instance, you can enable pop up when visitors are about to leave your website asking them for feedback on how to improve their experience or redirect them to a survey. 

Hellobar can also be used to drive traffic to a particular link of your choice, include a CTA prompt, grow your subscriber list and much more.  

5. Feedbackify


Feedbackify collects feedback in an uncomplicated way. You can ask specific questions or collect feedback on specific aspects of your website. Customers’ conversations with providers are kept private in order to protect your brand and customer’s privacy.


6. IdeaScale


IdeaScale is an idea management platform. It uses crowdsourcing to help enterprises develop the next remarkable product by letting them share feedback and ideas in their network from anywhere. Through IdeaScale, visitors are able to vote, share, suggest, and discuss feedback. Users are able to vote the already received feedback and the idea that gets the most number of votes automatically rises to the top among other ideas. This way, teams collaborate to assess and prioritize the best ideas gathered for implementation.    



TrustPilot is a prominent review tool that allows enterprises to build trust with their customers. This tool allows users to send email invites to consumers to review any particular product, typically this is done after someone has made a purchase. Then those customer reviews are fed to search engines that will improve a company’s online visibility.

8. Qualtrics


Qualtrics is another powerful customer feedback tool that provides real-time customer insights. Its experience management platform allows businesses to collect feedback through website or mobile, email surveys, social media, etc. Feedback collected from visitors is automatically analyzed by AI to reveal relative trends and patterns. Customized insights and favorable actions are generated automatically and sent to relevant people in the organization. This could help them make powerful customer-centric decisions to drive maximum satisfaction.       

9. InMoment


InMoment is a customer intelligence platform that gives special emphasis to customer experience optimization. It doesn’t matter whether your business is just starting with the user experience, enhancing any existing program, or evolving a dull approach, it will need a customized experience tool according to the needs. 

InMoment is a cloud-based tool and it connects reviews from various sources. It also offers Voice of the customer (VoC) solutions. This VoC platform collects feedback, online reports, and provides real-time alerts that help in occurrence management.

  1. Saber


Saber is a website feedback tool that will get you essential feedback from your customers, users, and teams. Its insights will help you discover trends, improve user experience, and identify bugs.

Saber allows you to modify the feedback form and button according to your website. It collects information like – operating system, browser, and its plugins, screen size and resolution, javascript errors (if any), etc. Saber also enables your customers to share pictorial feedback through screenshots created in a browser so that you can identify exactly where your customers are facing issues. 


The size of the business doesn’t matter, all of them need feedback to serve their clients in a better way. It is no surprise that companies that provide the best customer experience stand out from the rest. Happy and satisfied customers are likely to remain loyal to your company and they wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your brand to others. This is the reason why business leaders seek customer feedback at every point to ensure customer satisfaction and website feedback tools play such a crucial role in it.

Fretty Francis is a digital marketing and content strategist at SoftwareSuggest, a software recommendation platform. She's passionate about analytics, conversion rate optimization and ice-cream.

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