40 Work From Home Tools: To Keep You Sorted

Nilam Oswal

Nilam Oswal

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Last updated: June 11, 2020

With the outbreak of global pandemic COVID-19, workplaces worldwide are expanding programs and using work from home tools to help their employees work remotely. In March 2020, Centres for Disease Control and Prevention predicted that these working effects of COVID-19 could last till 2021. Having said this, remote working will soon become the new normal in our work lives. 

Working remotely has several advantages for employers. Without geographical restriction, they are likely to find the right employees. With flexible hours due to remote work, almost 76% of the workers are willing to stay with their current employer for a long time.

But at the same time, employers are facing data, security, and collaboration issues due to remote working. This leaves them with security risks and inefficiency in workflows due to poor collaboration.

This is why organizations are looking for excellent work from home tools to make remote work more accessible and more efficient for management and employees. For your ease, we have compiled 40 essential work from home tools.

40 Best Work From Home Tools 

For Helpdesk

#1 Freshdesk

With AI-driven capabilities and numerous features, Freshdesk is one of the best work from home tools. It will automate mundane tasks and save crucial time for your employees.

The tool provides various features to centralize and resolve tickets raised by customers easily. It also allows for team collaboration so that these tickets can be resolved quickly.

Freshdesk - Work from home Tools


  • Manage tickets from multiple sources with one centralized inbox
  • Ensure that employees don’t end up working on one ticket
  • Set deadlines for open tickets
  • Categorize and prioritize incoming tickets
  • Resolve complex issues by dividing them into smaller child tickets
  • Easy integration of the company’s social media channels
  • Track time spent by employees in the working field
  • Automatic response to customers on the status of query raised
  • Metrics and report generation tools to understand the efficiency of employees

For Collaboration

#2 Slack

Slack is the most popular instant messaging platform for a quick discussion with remote teams to build effective collaboration between them. This tool will help you to stay connected with teammates through chats.

You can also create groups team-wise, function-wise, topic-wise, or have a one-off chat to segregate conversations.

Slack - Work from home Tools


  • Divide conversations based on projects or teams
  • Easy integration with Google Drive and Dropbox for easy file sharing
  • Share channels with stakeholders that you work with to bring everyone in the same room
  • Seamless voice and video calls and share screen option
  • Drag and drop files for seamless sharing
  • Integrate up to 2000 apps, including Google Drive, Google Duo, etc.
  • Data encryption for maintaining the security

#3 Quip

Quip is a collaborative platform to organize your teams’ work and create a centralized and effective communication place. Stay connected with all the members working remotely by creating and sharing documents at the same place.

It allows managers to combine spreadsheets, chats, and tasks in one seamless experience that can be accessed easily from any location. 

Quip - Work from home Tools


  • Create a chat room to discuss specific topics and share files
  • Work with your team even in a no-service zone
  • Integrate full-featured spreadsheets into quip document for easy sharing
  • Create, edit and share documents from anywhere
  • Monitor content shared externally and control authorizations
  • More than one team members can simultaneously edit a document
  • Files can be accessed from mobile as well as desktop

#4 Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is a cloud-based collaboration and communication tool by Google that allows you to access instant messaging and video conferencing between employees and even groups through the Gmail account. 

This is one of the most user-friendly work from home tools that can also be integrated with Google Meet. Here you can sync your work calendar to schedule meetings easily and automatically notify employees about the same. 

Google Hangouts - Work from home Tools


  • Easy integration with other G-suite products such as Google Meet, Google Drive, etc.
  • Share an instant link to conduct meeting with external stakeholders
  • No plug-in or specific account types needed to join the meeting
  • Screen sharing option to seamlessly broadcast presentation and documents
  • Record meetings and save them on Google Drive cloud storage
  • Audio and video streams are encrypted

#5 Howspace 

Howspace is a digital collaboration tool that helps an organization to cater to large initiatives, such as organizational transformation, training programs, workshops, and events for large groups of employees.

Howspace - Work from home Tools


  • Create a social learning environment by establishing two-way communication
  • Easily organize workshops and events for team members
  • Employees can actively participate in discussions and give meaningful contributions
  • Easily share content including presentations, images, and spreadsheets
  • Build social connectivity and peer-to-peer learning

#6 CA Flowdock

Flowdock is an ideal work from home tool that enables you to use a variety of inbox and chatting features for an excellent team collaboration. The tool saves all the chats, which can later be accessed by team members. This saves time and eliminates the scope of communication gaps.

CA Flowdock - Work from home Tools


  • Team inbox for group communication as well as one-to-one chat
  • Audio notification for desktop
  • Threaded chats and ability to search texts
  • Image and video preview for effective communication

#7 Confluence 

Confluence is a wiki-based team collaboration tool that allows teams to create documents, provide feedback, and have a centralized place to keep the work organized. Share the collective knowledge of team members in one place to generate secure solutions for other employees.

Confluence - Work from home Tools


  • All teams can share news and announcements on one common platform
  • Create meeting notes, product requirements and marketing plan all at one place
  • Group all the related pages together to keep work organized
  • Review pages and give feedback and comments
  • Add tasks and assign them to particular teammate

For Virtual Communication

#8 CallHippo

CallHippo is modern virtual telephony that helps you to connect with all the external stakeholders. The smart work from home tool allows all the local numbers to join from anywhere and everywhere in one place. 

It allows you to monitor and record calls for analysis and improve customer support. Generate various metrics and reports, such as the cost of acquisition per customer.

CallHippo - Work from home Tools


  • Call transfer feature to redirect the connected call to a specific team member
  • Add other people on a conference call
  • Put calls on queue when the agent is busy with other calls
  • The supervisor can constantly monitor calls with call barging
  • Track your performance by measuring total missed calls, call load of every teammate
  • On hold music to keep callers engaged while on hold
  • Ring all the people at one time to start a join call

#9 RingCentral

RingCentral is a useful virtual communication tool that is active in over 190 countries. It provides for International virtual numbers and local dialing plans to establish remote communication. 

It provides various call management features that can be accessed from any device to maintain workflow.

RingCentral - Work from home Tools


  • Easy integration with more than 100 apps 
  • Audio conferencing for third party integrations 
  •  Access to unlimited business SMS
  • Automatic call recording
  • Easy call forwarding to pass on calls to team members
  • Generate reports on past calls for analysis

#10 Zadarma

Cloud telephony and IVRS software, Zadarma is designed to make work from home more comfortable. With a presence in over 160 countries and a user-friendly interface, the tool can be used by even non-technical individuals.

Multi-channel virtual phone numbers allow you to connect with stakeholders around the world in minutes.

Zadarma - Work from home Tools


  • Fully integrated Customer Management System will help you to create client cards, and make or receive calls directly from customers
  • Callback option to track and attend missed calls
  • Call tracking
  • Video conferencing
  • Make calls from smartphones, tablets, and computers
  • Call forwarding

#11 Freshcaller

Freshcaller is a cloud-based PBX system that requires no hardware, downloads, or maintenance cost. The tool has an intuitive user interface that will help you and your employees to operate with minimal training.

Apart from virtual communication, the tool also provides collaboration features to help the employees work together from anywhere.

Freshcaller - Work from home Tools


  • Mask your calls with alternative phone numbers 
  • Buy international phone numbers
  • Route calls to personalized voicemails
  • Adjust business hours for call centers
  • Integration with holiday calendar to handle incoming calls during non-working days
  • Supervise ongoing galls and agents via the dashboard

#12 Nextiva 

One of the most reliable cloud phone systems, Nextiva, helps to communicate with remote employees and customers through VoIP. The tool has been awarded “Product of the Year” by Internet Telephony Magazine due to its intuitive interface and versatile features that eliminate the need for a traditional phone system.

Nextiva  - Work from home Tools


  • Unified team communication and unlimited calling 
  • Virtual voicemail when you miss a call
  • Answer or route any inbound calls with ease
  • All calls are encrypted with transport layer security encryption
  • Call recording

For Virtual Meetings

#13 Zoom

Zoom is one of the best work from home platforms that provides ample features like video conferencing, file sharing, local recording, etc. the tool is perfect if you have a big team working from remote locations.

The app is best known for its excellent video and audio quality. You can share multiple screens and connect to meetings via any device, including your smartphones.

Zoom - Work from home Tools


  • Up to 1000 participants can join
  • Real-time collaboration with screen sharing option
  • Team chats for both groups and one-to-one chat option available
  • A waiting room for admitting only authorized person in a meeting
  • Virtual background to eliminate distractions
  • Built-in recording and transcripts

#14 Skype for Business

Skype for business is an ideal solution for remote business with various advanced features. The intuitive user interface and easy integration make it a go-to work from the home tool.

You can work with 250 users simultaneously and also manage employees’ accounts with enterprise-grade security at the same time.

Skype - Work from home Tools


  • Easily schedule meetings with Outlook plug-in
  • Web scheduler to get an overview of upcoming meetings and to adjust or delete any future meeting
  • HD video quality
  • Share laptop screen, presentations and excel sheets
  • Meeting controls like mute/unmute or block video of a particular participant, etc. 
  • Virtual whiteboard tool
  • Broadcast to over 1000 participants
  • Polling feature to take responses

#15 Appear.in 

This work from home tool allows you to host uncomplicated and reliable video meetings for excellent team collaboration. Appear.in is designed to serve enterprises, startups to host meetings from the browser itself. You can also host live webinars with two-way communication. 


  • Two-way audio and video communication
  • Real-time chat feature
  • Screen sharing option
  • Record and playback option available
  • Super easy user-interface where you can enter the meeting with a single click

For Planning: To-Do List Planner

#16 TickTick

Tick Tick is a useful tool to organize everything in one place. It helps you to set reminders of any time and anywhere. You can schedule tasks in an effective manner and integrate it with the calendar to avoid collision with other tasks.

The tool allows you to share these to-do lists with team members, thus increasing collaboration and productivity.


TickTick - Work from home Tools


  • Add tasks easily via voice input
  • Turn emails into tasks
  • Easy integration with Siri, Quick Ball, etc.
  • Include date and time while creating a task
  • Automatic reminder when the deadline to complete a task is near
  • Set location reminders
  • Smart list to notify you what to do next
  • Share list and assign tasks via to-do lists
  • get achievement scores on task accomplishment

#17 Google Keep

Capture whatever comes in your mind by taking notes on Google Keep. The tool offers flexibility to type, talk, or even draw to make your own to-do list. The tool is free and very intuitively designed. 

You just need a Google account to use this tool. Also, the notes are automatically synchronized between app and web client, making it an excellent tool for collaborative working.

Google Keep - Work from home Tools


  • Four ways to create notes – Type, Talk, Draw or Capture
  • Make notes from anywhere. You don’t need an internet connection to use the app
  • Easily integrate the app with Gmail so that the notes are available in your inbox
  • Create time and location-based reminders
  • Add labels to your notes such as work, inspirational, personal, etc. 

#18 Wunderlist 

Wunderlist is one of the best task listing software for teams aiming to get things done on time. The tool has a very intuitive user interface that will help you to create lists, label them, and organize them into folders. Organizations can create a list of tasks and assign them to team members to boost productivity.

Wunderlist - Work from home Tools


  • Create a distinct list for all the tasks
  • Assign deadlines to lists and measure progress
  • Set reminders for the lists
  • Team members can communicate within the app
  • Easily share and print the lists

For Project Management: Task and Project Planner

#19 Asana

Easily manage all your team projects and tasks with Asana. The tool will let you create remote teams, assign tasks to team members, and stay focused on the project by creating deadlines. Employers can assign tasks and follow up at every stage. This tool offers several features that make it one of the best work from home tools.

Asana - Work from home Tools


  • Manage your project by breaking it into simple tasks
  • Easily assign a task to a specific person
  • Keep your task organized by dividing it into sections and columns 
  • Assign due dates to ensure the task is completed on time
  • Add files from your computer to any task
  • Initiate conversations with project members
  • Review the workload of team members and make changes if any

#20 FreedCamp

A go-to tool for remote or home projects, FreedCamp allows you to manage all the tasks seamlessly. It also helps in collaborative work by managing tasks, plans, schedules, and time spent on each task. 

This tool offers everything your team needs to complete a project from a collaboration wall to time tracking and discussions.

FreedCamp - Work from home Tools


  • Create a kanban board to manage tasks
  • Split and assign large task into smaller subtasks
  • Create a Gantt chart to get an overview of your tasks
  • Employees can also create their private task list
  • Easy team discussions
  • Entire data is available offline easy integration with Google Calendar, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc

#21 Trello

Trello is an efficient visual collaboration tool for managing tasks and projects. The tool provides an intuitive user interface to define projects, assign tasks, and ensure that everything is completed as per the timeline.

It allows teams to collaborate while working remotely, which makes it one of the most efficient work from home tools.

Trello - Work from home Tools


  • Create to-do lists and tasks for various teams
  • Add comments, attachments and due dates to the task
  • Automatic rule-based triggers to improve productivity
  • Synchronization with calendar to create due dates and events
  • Prepare checklist with a progress meter
  • Easily upload files and attachments

#22 Coda

Coda is a powerful project management tool that will help you to plan, organize, and create documents for teams and individuals. This all-in-one tool brings all the documents from spreadsheets to word docs under one platform. This makes it a convenient work from home tools.

With slack messages and weekly reminders, the tool helps you to stay updated. This will let you measure the work for a particular project.

Coda - Work from home Tools


  • Build centralized workspace by bringing all the documents and texts together
  • Easy integration with other platforms
  • Quickly import live data from other platforms or push out the updates automatically to other channels
  • Use formulas anywhere, not just in tables
  • Build a goal tracker to understand progress on a particular project

#23 Podio

A unique work from a home tool that will be a new way for your team to communicate, organize, and track work is done even from remote locations. Used by more than 50,000 small and large organizations, Podio ensures that all the processes are connected and completed on time. 

Podio - Work from home Tools


  • Share content with teams
  • Easy portfolio and project management
  • Set budgets for various projects and easily estimate projected cost and the actual cost
  • Assign and manage tasks for multiple team members
  • Efficiently manage resources and generate requirements for multiple projects

#24 Taskworld

Taskworld is the best remote working tool that ensures that all the team members are on the same page as yours. Its easy tracking feature helps you to gain insights on the progress of the project. The tool is also an efficient one for building collaboration and communication between employees. 

Taskworld - Work from home Tools


  • Use team chats for centralized communication 
  • Create tasks and comment on them so that employees are guided
  • Create visual timelines to understand the progress of a project
  • Quickly assign task and explain in detail
  • Allot different colors to a different task

#25 iDoneThis

iDoneThis is a cloud-based team and task management software that employees can use for daily check-ins and upload progress reports. The intuitively designed interface is straightforward to use and helps to streamline team communication to increase productivity.

iDoneThis - Work from home Tools


  • Remind team members to reply upload work done on that particular day
  • Keep track of what is done and what needs to be done
  • Robust reporting system
  • Store documents and files and share them easily
  • Set up daily jobs and costs associated with them

Time and Productivity Monitoring

#26 Toggl

Toggl is a free and user-friendly time tracking software that can be used to improve performance and standardized work processes. The tool works and synchronizes with various devices such as browser, desktop, app, mobile phone, etc. 

The tool will increase the efficiency of employees, especially when they are working remotely by giving them reports on time spent on various tasks throughout the day.

Toggl - Work from home Tools


  • Time tracking feature where users can compare actual progress to the estimated time
  • Automatic email reminders and scheduled alerts
  • Assign billable rates to the task to make sure you are fairly paid
  • Easy integration with more than 100 apps
  • Manage team by assigning tasks and reviewing the same
  • Set time estimates for the projects

#27  TSheet

Tsheet is one of the most sophisticated time-tracking tools that help to track every employee’s time, helping to increase productivity. It allows you to manage multiple timesheets and quick reporting by attaching photos of the timeline. 

This is one of the most efficient work from home tools through which employers can track, review, and approve time directly from the app.

TSheet - Work from home Tools


  • Tsheet Geofencing feature helps to track clock in or out time easily
  • Assign jobs to teams and individuals and track time against them
  • Secure file-sharing to assign or explain a task
  • Vacation or leave tracking
  • Automatic time capture by noting billable and non-billable hours 
  • Manage payments based on working hours

#28 Kickidler

Kickidler is a real-time remote monitoring software al time remote monitoring software that helps to track user activity. It helps to monitor what employees are doing at the moment, what all websites they visit, etc. 

This compelling work from home tool helps in the surveillance of employees and automatically generates alerts in case of any violation.

Kickidler - Work from home Tools


  • Track time and monitor the working hours of employees, overtime, leave taken, etc.
  • Coffee breaks or any other distraction during working hours are automatically recorded
  • Monitor productivity of employees
  • Monitor websites and apps that employees use
  • Alerts in case of violations.
  • Classroom computer monitoring

Password Manager

#29 1Password

Quickly gain access to all the tools that you need when working from home with 1Password’s effortless and secure password management interface. The tool also enables collaborative working through which employees can safely share files and store unlimited items.

Keep your passwords and account secure by revoking access anytime. Also, the data is end-to-end encrypted, and only the owner has the authority to decrypt it.

1Password - Work from home Tools


  • Record all usernames and passwords when you sign in
  • Automatic form filler to sing in on a single click
  • 365-day history to restore deleted passwords
  • Seamless synchronization with all the devices to ensure you have your passwords anywhere
  • Watchtower to keep track of security threats and password breaches
  • Check weak, compromised and duplicated passwords
  • Two- factor authentication

#30 LastPass

Keep all your passwords secure in one place with LastPass. The tool secures your account with a master password, which means you only need to remember one password to access other passwords. 

The two-factor authentication ensures that your data is completely secure. The tool makes work from home seamless by easily sharing important passwords with your team members.

LastPass - Work from home Tools


  • Autofill payment and shipping details while shopping
  • Built-in password generator to build a strong password
  • Store all the information related to insurance cards, memberships, and wi-fi passwords
  • Securely share passwords with teammates
  • Set a  list of trusted friends who can access your account in case of emergency

Screen Sharing Tools

#31 Zappy 

Zappy is an incredible screen capture tool for remote teams. When working from home, this tool will help you to share instantly what you see. Employers can use this to explain a task to their teams.

You can upload screenshots, videos, GIFs to the cloud. This tool is handy to explain how to do a particular task to remote employees.

Zappy  - Work from home Tools


  • Take a screenshot of your screen, crop it and drag it anywhere in the app
  • Communicate easily by placing colorful texts and arrows on pictures
  • Save screenshots to computer
  • Create visual walkthroughs to communicate effectively
  • Easy integration with the existing system

#32 Teamviewer 

One of the leading remote connection networks, TeamViewer is perfect for solving your work from home tool needs. Seamlessly share your screen and files over the selected network.

The tool easily connects any desktop, server, or device globally in a few clicks.

Teamviewer - Work from home Tools


  • Share screen on iPhone and iPads
  • Securely transfer files
  • Chat with teammates via text
  • Built-in screen recording to create shareable videos of important conferences or meetings
  • Share screen and simultaneously work on files

#33 Loom

Loom is a screencasting tool that can help you to do live video sharing, editing, and controlling who can view that video. You can record your audio, screen as well as broadcasted video on the screen. Remote team members can now send live videos instead of attending meetings. 

Loom - Work from home Tools


  • Password protect videos or send them to the specific email id
  • Record videos in HD quality
  • Three options to record – just your face, only screen or both
  • Easily embed videos in your blog or website
  • Easily edit videos
  • Multiple sharing and saving options available
  • No watermarks on recorded videos

Social Media Management Tools

#34 HootSuite

Effectively manage all your social media channels using HootSuite. Social media remains the central stage of business, and this tool will give you reminders and strategies for all the platforms.

The tool provides a collaborative platform where members can manage social media channels and engage with customers.

HootSuite - Work from home Tools


  • Track conversions from anywhere
  • Effectively target customers on social media
  • Management of multiple accounts
  • Automatic post scheduling
  • Content management, i.e., suggestions on language, hashtags, titles, etc.

Noise Cancelling App

#35 Krisp

Krisp is one fantastic work from home tool designed to cut out all the background noise while you are attending meetings or calls. It will facilitate uninterrupted and noise-free calls in any communication app. The best thing is that no data is sent to its servers, so your confidential calls are protected. 

Krisp - Work from home Tools


  • With a single button, you can remove background noise interruptions
  • Listen without background noise coming from other participants
  • Supports microphone, headsets, and speakers
  • Easily configured with over 800 apps for conferencing, voice messaging, recording, etc.
  • Data security

Employee Engagement Tool

#36 Chimp or Champ

Working from home can be overwhelming for some employees. Chimp or Champ is specifically designed to check employee happiness and improve their well being. Because happy employees are less likely to leave any organization and more productive, this work from home tool can bring a good change in your organization.

Chimp or Champ - Work from home Tools


  • Weekley surveys for employees to express how they feel
  • If they experienced any negative experience, write the same with reasons
  • Pulse report generation on how your team feels
  • Get anonymous actionable feedbacks from team members
  • Improve well being by providing psychology interventions
  • Organize employee happiness programs

#37 WooBoard 

WooBoard is a fun and lightweight recognition platform built for employees. It recognizes employees for their hard work and productivity. This will help an organization to increase employee engagement. This is an excellent tool to build collaboration between teams and appreciate employees.

WooBoard - Work from home Tools


  • Send and receive unlimited recognition to employees
  • Allot badges and awards for excellent work
  • Quickly generate managers and employee activity reports
  • Employees can give their feedbacks 
  • Mention employees who achieve targets

Time Zone Converter

#38 World Time Buddy

One of the best online productivity tools for employees working from remote locations around the world, World Time Buddy, effortlessly helps you to compare multiple time zones at a glance. Just add locations and get a complete chart of time zones. This is quite useful for planning conference calls and web meetings from multiple locations.

World Time Buddy - Work from home Tools


  • Add multiple locations and reorder them by simple drag and drop
  • Highlight weekends 
  • DST warnings appear a week before the change 
  • 12, 24 or MX hour format available
  • Schedule time via Google Calendar

#39 Timezone.io

Manage your local, global, and distributed teams effectively using Timezone.io. You can keep track of who is where and when and create a network where you can easily plan business meetings and calls as per the time schedules.

Timezone.io - Work from home Tools


  • Plan your meetings with a variety of tools
  • Set working hours to let your team members know when you are online
  • Easy integration with other apps for better team management

Complaint Management Tool

#40 LiveAgent

LiveAgent is a fully equipped live chat software that will help you to streamline all the customer communications in one centralized inbox. This can be accessed by the whole customer support team to gain insights on open and resolved tickets and the agent who is handling these complaints. This tool can help you to provide excellent customer service.

LiveAgent - Work from home Tools


  • Track the visitors who have visited the website
  • Transfer and routing of calls
  • Queue management at the time of multiple calls
  • Track complaints of customers
  • Self-service portal
  • Collect customer feedback after resolving an issue

Final Word

Mastering remote work is all about finding the right work from home tools to stay productive and connected with your team. We hope the above list of 40 work from home tools keeps you sorted in all the areas. 

Have you worked with any of these so far? Tell us your experience below in the comment section.

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