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Last updated: October 4, 2021

Work timer applications motivate you by keeping account of the work you do. There are a variety of online applications that keep a record of how you utilize your time to signal if you are keeping a perfect work-life balance. A work timer application is a nifty tool to keep track of your individual and team efforts. You can simply track your best productive time.

Work Timers come with a variety of benefits for your business. It opens the doors for creative thinking. The initial feeling of being stifled or rushed will gradually subside once you get habituated to the use of an online work timer application. I recommend getting familiar with a time tracker today, as any time tracking is better than none.

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A work timer application will help you in the overall planning of the project leading up to the completion phase. Even remote team members can coordinate and enter their work hours in sync with the rest of the team. It lets you know the difference between an overworked team, a stressed-out team, and a well-oiled project machine. Knowing this, you can ascertain the actual capacity of your project team and make improvements to deliver quality projects on time, every time.

Here’s the list of some awesome Work Timer Applications:

MinterApp – Online Time Tracking and Invoicing Tool

minterapp time tracking application

MinterApp saves all your tracked time in your cloud-based account. You can simply log in, view your timesheet – anytime, anywhere. This tool being cloud-based, it enables your team to quickly enter their time wherever they are, on any device.

You can choose MinterApp if you want the full range of time-tracking options. If you are managing the whole team and are looking for an easy solution for tracking billable hours, MinterApp should be your go-to application. It can also be helpful if you want to maintain a certain record of time-keeping for the future. It works as a perfect measuring tool to know your efficiency over the long-term.

MinterApp generates time reports for you as well as your team if you have the master access. It can split the time span according to Projects, Staff members, Billable and Non-Billable heads, and much more. You can also create subtasks within the projects, which lets you know exactly which member has worked on which specific task of the project. The benefit of time tracking software is you can calculate if the resource you’ve hired, is profitable or not. Also, another way around, you can know if the projected deal was beneficial for you or not. Isn’t it amazing?

MinterApp can also be integrated with various apps like Trello, Basecamp, MailChimp, PayPal, Stripe, and It is a perfect fit for Basecamp Time Tracking and Trello Time Tracking if these are the tools you’re dealing with every day.

Tomato Timer

tomoto time tracking application

Tomato Timer is the best time tracking apps for you if you have a number of routine tasks to perform each day. If you want to eliminate procrastination and increase your productivity, switch to Tomato Timer. It is designed to work according to the Pomodoro Technique. According to the technique, your day’s tasks are divided into time slabs of 25 minutes each. After the completion of 25 minutes of work, you take a break and start a new cycle.

This online timer application will alert you to take a break once 25 minutes is up. At the end of 4 sets of 25 minutes each, you get a longer break of 15-30 minutes, after which you repeat the cycle. You will definitely love this technique as you get short and long breaks throughout and you won’t feel tired at end of the day. Tomato Timer will keep you productive and energized throughout the course of your workday.

Online Stopwatch

online stopwatch time tracking software

If you’re in search of only an online countdown timer, Online Stopwatch is just a click away. Do note that it does not have a keyboard interface. You can avoid wasting energy on non-essential tasks. When you are answering an email, you do not need to be planning out your next board meeting in the back of your mind.

With Online Stopwatch, you can stay on task by avoiding the highly expensive multi-tasking. By allocating a fixed amount of time to each task, you actually set yourself free.

Say if you have only 30 minutes to answer emails. You will automatically prioritize the most important email first. When someone pops up at your desk to have a pep talk, you will yourself give the time you need to interact with each person in a meaningful way and have a quality experience. Segment your schedule and do the task, mentally setting aside all other concerns. Believe me, you’ll be amazed by the results.

Timer Tab

timer time tracking software

Timer Tab shows your time spent even when you are working in a different tab. This feature is awesome. It rings the alarm if you have set the time. It can also work as a timer or a stopwatch on a regular basis.

Timer Tab provides multifunctionality without a lot of visual noise. With this application, you can perform both fixed and open-ended tasks. It lets you track open-ended projects with a stopwatch and set a timer for your routine tasks.

Free Full-Screen Work Timer by Toggl

toggl time tracking software

Toggl full-screen online timer has a simple visual appeal. You can bookmark this application to create a one-click timer tab. Usually, freelancers use a stopwatch to stay honest with themselves for the different tasks they do at the same time. Say a freelancer is working on the graphic design of a particular website. All of a sudden he notices a new email in the inbox. He quickly switches to the mailbox and starts replying to that new email leaving the original task aside.

TimeCamp Online Timer


Most of you know TimeCamp as a comprehensive time tracking system. But if you’re looking for a more simple solution, try its online timer. Whether you need it for work-related or personal purposes, this web app provides you with easy yet reliable hours tracking. 

Online timer lets you know how much time you usually spend on each task. It’s essential for accurate work organization and helps manage everyday activities more efficiently. 

What’s more, TimeCamp online timer is perfect for teams and freelancers billing hourly for their job. Just add the task and its name, start the timer and stop it when you finish your work. You can set multiple trackers simultaneously. Need a break? Click “stop” and resume tracking after the break ends. Simple as that!

Bottom Line

Let’s be real, we all probably switch from one task to another without even noticing. Is this really on-task work? So, the freelancer generally swings his time in maintaining the client relations, doing the project, being socially active, doing research, and a lot more.

Simply cut down the time you spent on non-essential work tasks by using Toggl’s Work Timer Applications.

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