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Last updated: July 6, 2021


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People are essentially the heart and soul of any business so making sure they are happy, engaged, loyal, and therefore truly productive is central to the role of the HR. Thus, we can safely say that HR is no easy business. Thankfully, over the last decade, HR has continuously leveraged technology to digitize and prioritize its processes, while work towards driving greater strategic value for the organization. HR Software like Darwinbox has become a necessity rather than an add-on for the new age enterprise and now has a pivotal part to play in the overall organization’s functioning. However, the HR software industry cannot survive on one-time innovation and needs to adapt to constant technological changes. There are dynamic challenges that demand to be tackled at every step of the business journey.

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Major Challenges faced by HR Software Industry

Here is our take on what will be some of the biggest challenges faced by the HR software industry in the coming years:

Attracting top talent

In today’s age of talent wars, attracting top talent remains one of the prime concerns for organizations across sectors. Thankfully new age HR software has come around to eliminate the mundane tasks such as basic CV parsing & filtering. This helps HR personnel to focus on the more strategic activities such as assessing cultural fit and doing the best skill mapping. Modern HR software has also simplified the process of scheduling and coordination of recruitment interviews, as well as laid the foundation of an efficient onboarding process.

Rewarding and retaining talent

As difficult as it is to hire the right talent, it becomes even more critical to reward and retain them with the organization. Choosing the right HR software will come in handy in this domain as well. HR software systems have mechanisms of closely monitoring and recording individual achievements throughout the performance cycle which helps in recognizing and rewarding top talent. This helps in the retention of precious human capital and increases work efficiency in the long run.

Facilitating learning and development

A major part of an employee’s aspirations from the work he/she does is growth at a personal level. The dynamic and cross-functional nature of jobs in the modern workplace make learning and development programs critical, and this function is structured by the HR department. Thus, HR software must proactively reinvent itself to make sure that it remains capable of accommodating these changes in the enterprise ecosystem.

Job design

As dynamic job descriptions and the need for cross-functional teams continue to rise across industries, designing new job descriptions becomes a challenge. Furthermore, mapping skills for a particular position while hiring is also an essential function of the HR department. As we take a plunge into the unknown, HR software need to do a complete reimagination of the job design and skill mapping process.

Ensuring transparent work culture

Another major challenge that comes with the heavy influx of millennials and an increase in the overall dynamism of the workplace is the rising need to ensure a transparent work culture. HR needs to ensure a culture of trust and open dialogue within the organization. Given the extent to which social networking has percolated into our lives, HR also needs to reimagine the whole employee engagement framework by leveraging technology.

Facilitating flexible work timings

The popularity of the gig economy is rising at a fast pace, before we might even realize, a larger chunk of the working population would have moved to the system of contract-based, remote employment. HR software needs to accommodate these permutations and adopt the flexibility to be recognized as an enabler of positive development.

Compliance with laws

Data continues to be one of the most powerful currencies of our times. For every organization, the responsibility of collecting, organizing, and ensuring the protection of data lies largely with the HR. In the wake of recent developments where the security of an individual’s data was compromised at an epidemic proportion, it becomes even more important to have stringent checks that any HR software being used by organization complies to global data security laws and regulations.

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