The Importance of Biometric Identification System


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Last updated: May 2, 2021

Biometric technology has become a daily part of life at the moment because of the massive advantage it provides to its users. It has now become a must-have rather than a good to have. From a business perspective, biometric technology doesn’t only provide you better security, as general people think. Biometric technology provides you with the empowerment of creating a unique experience for your clients or consumers.

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Benefits of Using Biometric Identification System

1. General Business Activities

General business activities are the most painstaking to keep track of. This is why businesses maintain long log sheets on paper or using MS Excel. Employees use different communication methods like sticky notes or Slack to keep track of their work. What if this was so simple as if it is on your fingertip? Well, biometric technology is indeed on your fingertip. You can skip all the formal tasks and focus on productive work. And since you yourself are your credential, no one else can log in on your behalf. Simple, fast, and secure!

2. Visitor Identification and Management

No matter what type of organization is you are operating, visitor management is a very tricky issue. Visitors are a major possible source of threat to your premise, data, and security. Also, visitors are the ones that spread the positive word of mouth most in terms of the ambiance of any organization. It can be managed using software but almost every software in the market works the same way. It will make you print badges for your visitor and increase your cost significantly. There can be identity fraud as well. Moreover, visitors will find it annoying to provide the same information every time they check-in. Lastly, all the visitor management software is too much costly for small organizations.

3. Educational Institution

Every year security breaches in schools and universities shock us. Sometimes quite a number of young ones die because of not having a proper security system installed on the premise. A couple of months back a gun incident happened in Marion City School in Ohio. They were quick to respond and upgraded their security system and installed a better Visitor Management System. Biometric security system, only, in these sort of cases can provide the ultimate level of security.

Besides this student dormitories and education institute management is a massive issue that can be automated using the biometric-based system. Biometric Solutions for Schools is the best way to automate all these painstaking processes. If students use biometric identification to provide attendance for class and exams, it would save much time for the lecturer and he or she can use it to teach the students more. The library book lending process can be kept track of using biometric features.

4. Workforce Management

We know how much trouble one has to go through to properly manage the workforce each day. Especially in production-based heavy factories and industries, there are thousands of employees checking in and out for working every day. Using Biometric Workforce Management can help you to ensure the time and attendance of the labor force and completely eliminates buddy punching, saving tons of money and man-hours.

biometric identification system

5. Banks & Financial Institution

Banks and financial institutions are one of the sectors where biometric authentication technology has taken a massive turn. Just recently, Russia took the initiative to incorporate biometrics nationally to all the bank accounts in the country. The country even allowed remote transactions such as payments or application of a loan using biometric identification through remote biometric mobile devices. Biometric Solutions for Banks allows banks to easily identify their account holder, non-account holders, and employee altogether. This system allows the bank to instantly create an experience for all the people that come into the office and of course for their clients. Again the organization can also keep track of all the tasks such as which customer is being treated by who and what tasks are they doing through biometric login features.

6. Hospitals and Clinics

Biometric technology is creating a unique experience for patients in different hospitals and clinics across the USA. Through AI technology and biometric identification, companies like RightPatient™ are aiding doctors and changing lives. These companies use facial recognition technology embedded with artificial intelligence to identify unconscious patients as well as analyze their skin patterns to detect health problems.

7. A motivation for the healthy lifestyle

A healthy workforce is a productive workforce. Living a healthy life can be more or less tough for anybody in a busy corporate environment. And so, many Health and Fitness Apps Health and Fitness Apps now collect different types of biometrics of the user such as heartbeats, step patterns, skin type etc., and help the user to track and motivate a healthy lifestyle.

8. Government Agencies

Government is the primary adopter of biometric technology since they deal with the most versatile level of security threats. We are now accustomed to biometric national ID cards, Voter cards, Driving Licenses in almost every country. We just saw a mass enrollment of facial templates of the Indian citizens. The biometric passport is a great new thing too. It enables airports to install facial recognition gates to make plane boarding automated and risk-free. On the Ukraine border, biometric identity verification is now being taking place for some time. China implemented facial recognition technology to aid their police force and also to stop people from Jaywalking.

9. Web Apps with biometric identification functionality

Most businesses now rely on a web application. But it takes a lot of time and money to build one and if it is a biometric web application, the process doubles in time, and the frustration triples. M2SYS Technology came up with a rapid application builder tool named CloudApper where you will not be needing any code-level knowledge to build an app. Yes, you can build your own app, by yourself!

Bottom Line

Biometric technology is becoming widespread due to all the exciting benefits it empowers the user with. This revolutionary technology has surpassed the concept shown in high-tech movies a long time ago. Now is the future of your precious organization may it be a business or just a charity. What will you do but not adopt this new set of benefits?

I am a curious guy about almost everything. Loves to read, write and experience things. At present, am a part of M2SYS Technology, observing biometric technology here. It's a great time to be alive.

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