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Last updated: June 18, 2020

BizMerlinHR is an analytics-driven HR software that empowers your HR to streamline all the processes required for hiring, employee onboarding, time and attendance, employee performance reviews, and career planning! By integrating all your HR processes into one super neat platform, the software not only provides in-depth insights into every department or business unit but also helps individuals as well as the entire team to work towards the individual and corporate goals. 

BizMerlinHR is the most trusted Human Resource Management software which has a global footprint with a presence in more than 160 countries and supports 15+ languages.

Overview of BizMerlinHR

1. Hiring

Equipped with the best-in-class wide array of features and facilitating effective hiring procedures, BizMerlinHR integrates with the career platforms of choice to enable one-click push to publish positions across the selected career portals. It offers a configurable dashboard to show a comprehensive insight into each position, candidate status and assessment, next actions, and a lot of analytics for example time to fill a position, cost to fill a position, etc. BizMerlinHR software presents unlimited options to configure the dashboard to present the analytics that their key stakeholders would like to see. 


To sum up

  • BizMerlinHR is a customizable and scalable software that allows organizations to customize the hiring process flows and assessment templates to review, approve, call for an interview, video call, or communicate the status of candidacy to the candidates.
  • HR Managers and Recruiters can publish positions on their exclusive job boards or website, as well as in third-party job boards. 
  • If the position is published internally, the existing employees in the organization would be informed about the vacancy encouraging them to apply for the open positions. However, if you choose to publish publicly, the job posting gets published on a plethora of popular job portals such as Linkedin, Indeed, Career Jet, and Zip Recruiter. You may also publish links on social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. 

2. Employee Onboarding

BizMerlinHR empowers the HR Managers to invest their time in nurturing relationships and connections with their new hires and leave the launching and tracking of all the cumbersome routine tasks and paperwork to BizMerlinHR.

Employee Onboarding

BizMerlinHR allows you to

  1. Customize onboarding tasks, checklists, and track completion at the click of a button.
  2. Assign thoughtful, educational, and engaging activities like trainings and surveys to make onboarding a pleasant journey for the new candidate. 
  3. The system also helps in maintaining compliance by making sure your onboarding tasks get done and that too, in a timely fashion by automatically sending reminders and notifications.
  4. Completely digitize your office by going paperless and self-serve!

3. Time and Attendance

Managing and keeping track of your leaves just got a whole lot easier with an intuitive Paid Time Off tracking system. Organizations have the freedom to create their own approval system. When an employee makes a PTO request, the approvers get notifications via email, mobile, and in their BizMerlinHR inbox.

Time and Attendance

At a single glance, you will be able to view all your team members who are on leave on a particular day. The system notifies the employee and updates their balance automatically so that the day’s work can continue with minimal interruption.

Time and Attendance

The easy Clock in/Clock out functionality allows you to maintain the timesheets effortlessly. This feature is also available on the mobile app and is ideal for on-the-go employees and employers.

Time and Attendance

4. Asset Management 

The assets that are assigned to the employee by the organization are readily available for perusal. This module helps you to easily process the assigning and relieving the assets to and from the employee. This feature is empowered by barcode and QR code scanning functionality to save time and manual effort. 

Asset Management

Performance Management

Evaluate the employee’s performance on various parameters such as goals, skills and metrics defined as per different profiles. The points system in Feedback and the final scores in Appraisals are ideal means for rendering a culture of beneficence and employee engagement.

  • Goals: Stay motivated and on top of your game by setting individual and team goals and achieving them as you climb new heights! Peruse through a ready list of your goals, archived ones, reviews, collaborations, and match them with company goals.
  • Feedback: Appreciation, as well as constructive criticism, is what keeps the metaphorical corporate boat sailing smoothly. Give feedback on the tasks accomplished by fellow team members, and see what they have to say regarding your progress.
  • Performance Reviews: Single or multilayered reviews with self, peer, supervisor, direct reports and external collaborators and Configurable workflows to automate the reviews using customizable templates and consolidation options.
  • Awards: All the awards and accolades you have acquired in your professional career so far find mention in this module.

Performance Management

Performance Management

5. Competency and Talent Management

Do you need to see if the people you have working on a project possess the right skills at the right level? Go to Skill Matrix and narrow your focus by using the filters. Assign them training so they can upgrade their skill level and be more productive. 

Competency and Talent Management

Through the learning and talent development module, your employees can not only access external content but also align learning with their career paths. With a central workspace to manage enterprise learning, one can assemble all kinds of content (videos, documents, etc.) in a single course or curriculum.

6. Workforce Planning

BizMerlinHR helps you optimize your workforce allocation acquisition, project allocation, and management. The key benefits of workforce planning are as follows

  • Resource Managers can easily view over-committed and under-committed team members, both now and for the future.
  • Produce reliable forecasts for optimal planning of the workforce for upcoming opportunities.
  • Easily identify skills gaps in your workforce plan to cover future contingencies in projects and opportunities and devise a strategic talent development game plan.

Workforce Planning

7. Career Planning

With the bespoke and thoughtfully designed BizMerlin Career Planner, you can

  • Define and share career pathways as templates for your employees so they know, not only where they are, but also where they might be in the future and what is the path to get to their dream position.
  • Easily view skills gaps in your team to prepare for their next career steps.
  • Prepare for succession for key employees retiring or moving to new roles.
  • Optimally plan your workforce, based on availability, competencies, and financial factors.

Career Planning

The beauty of this lies in the fact that it seamlessly works with your existing HR data

  • BizMerlin Career Planner uses the user profiles and competencies (skills) master data in your BizMerlinHR to build career pathways
  • The system automatically learns from the past career tracks taken in your organization and makes intelligent recommendations
  • Based on the employee’s current competencies and profile, the system guides the desired competencies and required training.

Automatically tracks lateral moves and upcoming retirements

Career Planning

8. AI-powered Analytics

Find all your reports on different HR verticals, as well as create new dashboards to refine your view. 

The analytics sections comes loaded with a multitude of reports on various sections such as Feedback, Goals, Payroll, People, Performance Reviews, Security and Permissions, System, and Timesheets plus it gives the users the ability to create reports themselves via the Report Designer.

Final Words

To sum up, BizMerlinHR comes with a plethora of modules and world-class features, this cloud-based HRMS integrates with 100+ other solutions, so that you can build your own working environment to fit your needs. Also, BizMerlinHR supports an open API, which enables you to push information to the software and have it pull information from other systems quite easily.

The software tends to the needs of all the professionals involved in building the organization, such as HR Managers, IT Managers, Decision Makers, HR Executives, TA Specialists, and Team Managers. Along with handling your HR core, it makes the process of recruitment and onboarding easier. It eliminates the paperwork, miscommunication in employees’ leaves, and ensures easy access to employee data. For more information, you may either visit the website of BizMerlinHR or its SoftwareSuggest Profile Page.

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