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Last updated: April 20, 2021


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The excrescence of the hospitality industry is certainly at a boom at present and continues to do so even during turbulent economic times. This growth has been majorly influenced by the neoplasm emergence of dotcom in the recent times which with its’ great reach and availability has made people more and more reliant on it. People now have varied options available to choose from the widest range possible for their holidays and tours. This in a way even provides them with convenient booking and selection mode.

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Netizens (internet addict citizens) have following channels to either be influenced or make a purchase decision for their tour plans:

  • Brand websites
  • Online travel agents
  • Online search engines
  • Meta search engines
  • Social media
  • Email
  • Word of mouth

Above mentioned channels serve the purpose of increasing the number of consumer reach greatly. Additionally, it provides value to the customer providing them with excellent service and support eventually building brand recognition for your business.


With this inevitable growth, hoteliers have great scope to choose from the available online selling platforms but it at the same time increases the cumbersome task of managing such multiple platforms be that for a small hotel or a chain of hotels. Hence such a business requires an integrated one-stop solution which can be satiated by a channel management software such as DJUBO. Benefits of such channel management software are as follows:

  • Same pricing on multiple OTA(online travel agents)
  • Management from dashboard
  • Consumer retention
  • No agent intervention preventing foul play
  • Prevents overbooking
  • Real-time inventory management and updating
  • Added security for prevention of breach of customer data
  • Increase in the likelihood of conversion


DJUBO provides an excellent standalone merger facility to link all your booking channels with hotel reservation system which is linked to your hotels’ actual booking chart. Hence managing all the channels become handy for the hotel management software which is prone to any error that may happen while updating prices or offers on varied OTAs maintaining rate parity on an online platform.


Yet another feature that DJUBO manages is direct booking. It may happen that consumers’ behaviour may give the results otherwise through OTAs rather than making bookings directly through the hotels’ websites or through any other channel. Here DJUBO avails you with direct booking system which leverages billboard effect by attaching the reservations directly to your booking calendars reducing the burden of bookings. This would add an advantage to your property to raise its reach in the online market making the booking system more transparent for the business and help retaining consumers.


The consumers demand for better payment gateway for a safe and secure transaction. DJUBO has partnered with PayUMoney as their payment gateway which keeps all the transactions encrypted and prevents ba reach of any personal information provided by the customer. All the transaction details are handled at a single port which could be helpful in making payment follow-ups that fuels up the customer relationship.


A uniqueness that DJUBO offers is a centralized reservation system which accommodates bookings and its updation on the hotels’ booking charts from over all OTAs. You need not wander around all the OTA platforms where your hotels have web presence instead get the details on hand at one place itself with a user friendly GUI. This even brings all the queries at one destination so that you can simultaneously attend them at one go.

In all DJUBO’S unparallel services target the crux of sales issues helping the management save time and put everything on one single screen called a dashboard which makes the decision-making process easier for the executive level managers, hence providing optimal allocation of your business resources (inventories) to stand out of peer competition in the global market. Check our popular article on How Cloud is Shaping New form of Businesses

Now we can spend time strategizing the business because the rest is handled by DJUBO

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