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Last updated: September 17, 2020

The Indian business scenario is changing rapidly – organizations all over the world have understood the importance of a developed accounting software that can handle all their diverse requirements! The best aspect of investing in an accounting software is a high level of flexibility – your sales data can be accessed from anywhere in the world, through any device connected to the internet.

However, the main issue with an online accounting software is that you constantly require being connected to a working internet connection. In case there is no internet, all work suddenly comes to a stop and there is a sudden decline in productivity. However, the Book Keeper application is a perfect solution for your business requirements as it is a combination of web-based app and installation based app.

Complete Review of Book Keeper

bookkeeper introduction

Book Keeper Features

  1. Hybrid Software: One amazing feature about Book Keeper is that it is a hybrid software – the software has both installation and mobile versions available. Once the software is installed on your personal computer, it is capable of working without an internet connection. When it links to an internet connection, all your data automatically gets synced and can be accessed through a mobile phone.
  2. Data is saved on Dropbox: A great feature of Book Keeper is that it does not save data on the internal server, rather than there is a complete backup of data in your Dropbox account. This enhances security also as there is no chance of anyone being able to access your confidential data unless they have your Dropbox account details. However, if you wish to save the data on your personal computer rather than Dropbox, there is an option to do that as well. Hence, you have the power to choose where to save your precious data.
  3. Supports iPhone and iPad: It is one specialized software that has a very well-developed and user-friendly mobile application. It supports iPhone and iPad usage, along with Android phones as it is an end-to-end mobile application. So, you can run your business on the move as everything the desktop version allows, can also be done on the mobile app. You can even create invoices and send them to your customer while being in the movie hall or commuting to work through the mobile application.

bookkeeper review

  • Complete Sync With Tally: Book Keeper gives an end-to-end sync with Tally. with the click of a button – thereby making sure you can share business information with your chartered accountant easily. The import master from tally feature allows you to ensure that you don’t have to recreate the master file in bookkeeper before the sync of data, thus it enhances convenience and flexibility!
  • POS Software: Book Keeper also doubles as retailing/POS software, hence you don’t need to maintain two software – one for accounting and one for retail invoicing. It has a number of varied and useful features as a POS software that can streamline business operations to a large extent.

In a POS billing software, the customer address is not required, and it is not compulsory to enter that field. Once the billing screen is entered, all items show up and after a scan, the final item list is created. The final invoice can then be printed on any kind of printer.

Hence, It doubles as an effective POS software with a number of diverse and unique business features that have the ability to increase productivity, speed, and efficiency of any business organization.


  1. Warehousing/Inventory management: If you have decided to use the POS feature of Book Keeper,  inventory management is a very critical feature that you would definitely wish to avail. The book Keeper has advanced inventory management modules that cater to all your business functions in an integrated manner.
  2. Barcoding: One prime function of a good accounting software is the ability to print barcodes. After printing barcodes, they can be cut out and pasted on the products which basically speeds up the billing cycle at POS counter. It has this facility inbuilt and hence you do not need to invest in a separate software for barcoding purposes.

Workflow Automation Features

The Book Keeper has created a number of features around workflow automation which ensure your work processes are simplified for better efficiency. Here are some major workflow automation features of it that will surely help your business:

  1. SMS & Email:  Book Keeper has integrated SMS and email facility which enables users to utilize their personal Gmail account for sending business emails. Since it does not use internal servers for sending emails, there is complete data security and it also lends a personalized touch to your business communication. As soon as you create a business invoice, an automatic SMS of the transaction details is sent to the customer.There is no fear of losing any data as a full copy is maintained in your mail.
  2. User management/role based access: It allows you to create an unlimited number of users. This is very useful because you can create specialized logins for the accounts team where they have access to their data, but other confidential data is protected. You can also create a login for the sales team so that they have access to sales-related data. Since Book Keeper can be accessed through the mobile application, team members can continue with business decisions on the move – improving productivity levels and business efficiency!


  1. Cheque printing: One great workflow automation feature of Book Keeper is the ability to print readily made cheques. The software keeps a comprehensive record of your purchases and with just the click of a button, it can print a cheque for the correct amount and supplier name. All that you require doing is sign the cheque, as it can be printed on your existing printer. This is definitely a time-saving feature that is very useful for managers as it allows them to deal with more important issues on the job.

Other Important Features:

  1. It has holistic and comprehensive reporting tools that take care of all your reporting needs. You will not need to be dependent on Microsoft Excel as Book Keeper has an all-inclusive reporting module to cater to diverse reporting requirements.
  2. It ensures that employee onboarding and training becomes very easy as the team embeds videos in every module for better understanding and ease of operations.reports for bookkeeper
  3. The software is GST ready. The Book Keeper team has taken care of all the small intricacies of  GST like printing 3 copies as per GST regulations.

This software has 3 different pricing plans:

  1. Rs 250/month – You can buy this plan if you are currently using Google play.
  2. Rs 2000 per year for one machine –  This plan is ideal if you will be using the software on only one machine.If you want to install it on additional machines, then you will have to pay only Rs 500 per extra machine.
  3. Rs 8000 for lifetime license – This is a lifetime use license, however, you will need to pay Rs 3000 for each additional machine, if you want to use it on multiple machines.

Limitations of Book Keeper (What is missing?)

  1. Automatic Bank Reconciliation: There is no automatic reconciliation facility in Book Keeper and users need to download the banking statement every time in an excel format and upload it for bank reconciliation.
  2. No Multi-Currency Feature:  There is no multi-currency feature, hence if you wish to purchase items in some foreign country and sell them in India, price conversions need to be done manually. This is a time consuming and tedious task for users.
  3. Not Mac Supported: The software is not Mac supported which is a serious drawback as many other software systems now support Mac.

Bottom Line

At the affordable price of Rs. 8000 for a lifetime (perpetual) license, Book Keeper is definitely one of the best solutions for small and medium business.

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