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Are you struggling to find an apt branding expert who not only provides solutions but also supports those solutions with detailed analysis and real-life scenarios? 

Below, we have curated a list of successful and must-follow branding experts in this decade. These intellectual individuals have successfully cracked the code behind the trend of agencies and organizations that make it to the top via inculcating the most effective branding strategies. 

You can follow them on LinkedIn to stay up-to-date with their advancements and get a bite of their daily branding-knowledge doses. 

Top SaaS Branding Experts You Need to Follow

The Figures for the number of employee and revenue stated below are subjected to our research from Linkedin and Owler.

Darryl Praill

Chief Marketing Officer at VanillaSoft (Sales Engagment Software)

Darryl has over 25+ years of experience in the field of strategy and marketing. This extensive knowledge has equipped him with the expertise to resolve and execute the pipeline of diverse sales strategies within any industry at hand. He has succeeded in raising millions of dollars as funding and brought companies into the limelight. His collaborators have claimed that he owns a ‘sage-like’ wisdom. 

His current organization, VanillaSoft, is adept in generating lakhs of sales contacts each month with the use of their globally acclaimed clientele.

No. of employees: 59

Revenue: $10M

Andrew Rice

Andrew Rice

Director for Demand Generation at Ask Nicely (Customer Experience Software)

Andrew Rice has absolutely rocked the brand marketing boat in the past 8 years of his involvement. He professionally channelizes his insights into a demand pipeline that helps generate established leads into the sales funnel. Andrew exploits any marketing data and metrics given to him and optimizes the digital marketing campaigns of his clients.

Ask Nicely, his current company offers exceptional customer feedback services with the inclusion of high-end data-recording and displaying metrics to provide an over-satisfactory customer experience.

No. of employees: 82

Revenue: $4.1M

Adrie Smith

Adrie Smith

Head of Content & Branding at Recruitee (Recruitment Software)

Adrie has spread her wings in directions ranging from organizing Talent Acquisition Innovators community meetups to a Talent Acquisition Innovators radio channel and a full-fledged Talent Acquisition contest. She has played with data-rich content and figured out proven methodologies to execute relevant branding strategies for his partners. She is skilled in leaving a massive digital footprint of her clients on the internet with a recurring effect.

Recruitee permits users to attract, outsource and help a team of professionals to work on a collective project. The company aims to improve the decision-making process for hiring managers and high-post employees.

No. of employees: 96

Revenue: $9 M

Andy Culligan

Andy Culligan

Chief Marketing Officer at LeadFeeder (Website Visitor Tracking Software)

Andy Culligan is a bilingual public speaker who has cracked the secret to successful branding techniques via using his marketing expertise. He has built hundreds of fully functional marketing funnels from scratch while keeping in mind the client’s individual business development goals and the specifics of demand generation requirements. You give Andy a half-baked branding project and he will churn out several effective strategies, finally nailing on one customized branding solution that will not cease to disappoint.

Leedfeeder is known to generate leads for companies by providing them insights on visitors of their website, what they do, prospective leads within a lead and automatically sending emails to all employees with lead-relevant information.

No. of employees: 79

Revenue: $4.6M

Alexander Holder

Alexander Holder

Client Success Manager at CompStak (Lead Generation Software)

Alexander strongly believes in the philosophy of maintaining relationships, being a good listener and sharing knowledge with people who do the same. He has 7+ years of expertise in the field of Client retention, Client success optimization, Digital Marketing, Advertising and bringing startups under the light. He synchronizes bits and pieces of relevant knowledge from these skills and gives valuable branding insights.

CompStak specializes in collecting data related to sales and leases comps. This data is studied and the positive juices are exploited by top-notch data scientists.

No. of employees: 85

Revenue: $7.5M

Samantha (Schenk) Yancich

Samantha (Schenk) Yancich 2

Talent Acquisition at Price Intelligently (Industry Standard Software)

Samantha possesses a unique background consisting of Massachusetts State House, lobbying, and recruiting. But she believes her strengths lie in problem-solving and helping organizations unfold the reason of their mediocre performance. She currently works with Price Intelligently and advocates them in regulating the full life cycle of recruiting strategies and identify their target audience.

Price Intelligently is a premium service that gives subscription-based business owners the privilege to access multiple metrics of competitors businesses, irrespective of their domain of expertise.

No. of employees: 84

Revenue: $5M

Michael Angiletta

Michael Angiletta

Chief Marketing Officer at Agora Pulse (Social Media Marketing Software)

Michael has 20+ years of high-level experience in the field of executive-level marketing and product ownership functionality. He is termed as the ‘go-to guy’ for business growth and strategic planning requirements due to his impeccable innovations in product launch campaigns, lean sales, and digital marketing. Be it e-commerce, public relations or advertising – he has an ability to coagulate strategies in all domains to directly impact the branding success ratio.

Agora Pulse is an all-in-one social media management service. They generate unlimited one-click reports, automate the release of your content and maintain organized chatbots for each platform.

No. of employees: 88

Revenue: $10M

Ellana Walker

Ellana Walker

Chief of Staff at Tailwind (SocialMedia Scheduler and Analytics Tool)

Ellana’s managerial career has been lit with success right from her 15-year role with A La Mode to being the Chief of Staff at Tailwind today. She has coordinated massive digital campaigns that utilize cross-discipline teams to run branding programs and corporate conferences. The coolest part is that she has always done a highly successful job even with low budget clients.

Tailwind is a social media scheduling tool that offers unique flexibility including Pinterest to Instagram and hashtag finders to SmartLoops for Pinterest.

No. of employees: 91

Revenue: $15M

Roel Decneut

Roel Decneut

Chief Marketing Officer at Lansweeper (IT Asset Management System)

Roel is a pioneer in the field of product management. Having worked for Microsoft for 18 years, Roel has mastered the art to focus on identifying issues and then solving them via a combination of collaborative and creative processes.

Lansweeper is an all-in-one business management software that tracks inventory, does analytics, discovers trends and drastically cuts costs.

No. of employees: 103

Revenue: $19.6M

Patrick Edmonds 

Patrick Edmonds

Chief Marketing Officer at Proposify (Proposal Software)

Patrick has diverse experience being in the fields of digital marketing, music production, real estate, and viral marketing. During his tenure as a social media strategist, he mastered all the concepts of nailing branding projects in any corporate or social field.

Proposify is a service that erases manpower needed for submitting business proposals. It makes use of a strong interface consisting of on-brand templates, well-segregated content banks, interacting pricing and visual modes of communication, etc.

No. of employees: 84

Revenue: $8.5M

These Branding Experts must definitely contribute to your goal in one way or the other. You can follow most of them on LinkedIn and Twitter. Keep reading their post to stay afloat with the latest developments and discoveries in the field of branding. As we all may already know, Content is the new Gold and branding must be a primary weapon for one’s armory.

Shrushti K. Chaware Works as a Digital Marketing Executive, at SoftwareSuggest. She is a Sports lover and always curious to explore new stuff. When she is not working hard at work, she can be found writing, reading or just wandering.

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