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Last Updated 02 March 2020

When a company is planning to expand itself, leaders realize that getting a custom CRM solution will be a great help. Investing in technology has always been an important factor in business, as technology can help a business drive results, improve productivity, and stay competitive.

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CRM software solutions are valuable for improving sales and marketing operations while helping companies organize valuable data about their customers in one place. Still, it is very important to make good investments with good ROI. When it comes to CRM solutions, research has shown that these tools pay businesses $8.71 for every dollar that they invested.

However, even though there are various off-the-shelf CRM solutions available, the unique processes that businesses have on their daily plates often demand a custom solution that will suit the needs of a certain organization. Today, we will give you advice on how to design a custom CRM solution that will offer all the benefits your business is thriving for.

  • Determine your needs

Off-the-shelf CRM solutions are designed to fit according to the requirements.  This means there are some functionalities and features that you will be using and a lot of those that are not needed  (but you will still pay for them). Not only that you are wasting money, but these obsolete features might make things more complicated than they should be.

If you already had a CRM that didn’t work for you, simply think about the features and functionalities that were missing and that made your work more difficult. If this technique doesn’t work, carefully analyze your sales and marketing processes, find out what can be improved or talk to other departments to get valuable feedback and outline your needs precisely.

A custom solution can be optimized according to the requirements of the business and comparatively, takes less time for learning. You also reduce your CRM costs and pay only for the things you need and use.

  • Automate the tasks you want to

A custom-designed CRM offers your team the possibility to automate workflow, processes, and tasks very quickly. When determining your needs, you also need to see which day-to-day tasks should be automated. This can be very helpful, especially with manufacturing companies or businesses that have thousands of orders on a regular basis.

Look for places where there are maximum chances for human error. This will customize your CRM to leverage all automation opportunities and give your customers faster service and better quality products. For example, if you are providing long-term services, you can use automation like this – the CRM system will inform your sales team that a certain service is about to expire.

On the other hand, you can improve your customer service by installing automation that directs customer calls and other inquiries to the right person who can give the right answers. The possibilities are limitless and automation can boost productivity to a great extent.

  • Integrate your CRM to your business processes seamlessly

All businesses have different needs. The solutions they use and the assets that are incorporated into their business processes vary from business to business. For example, a lot of companies rely on their websites to sell products and services and this is their main source of revenue. Other companies rely on social media, and some rely on videos. The problem is that all companies have different needs in terms of design and functionality.

crm integration

Instead of having a CRM as a separate service and adding entries manually to your website (as the system is not designed for your website), you can create a custom CRM solution that will integrate seamlessly with your website. You can have all the actions customers take on your website easily and automatically added to your CRM solution with custom integration.

On the other hand, a lot of other tools companies rely on might not be compatible with basic CRM solutions. Even if they are integrated, some companies simply have different integration needs as they use this integrated software in a certain way. Instead of working around it, by changing processes and workflows, you can create custom integrations with your custom CRM.

  • Create a Scalable Ecosystem

When you decide to build a custom CRM solution, one of the major decisions to make is whether to build it for internal use or transform it into a SaaS platform.

Saas-based applications are gaining popularity, but that’s not why you should go for them. However, in case you do, you need to make sure that you have a scalable and flexible system built for yourself.

CRM includes a lot of individual applications designed to simplify and streamline various business processes. Every department might have different requirements, and once the business starts to grow, new requirements will come up.

You might not be able to develop all the applications at the same time. But keeping room for scalability can help you develop elements of the system in small sessions.

You should know bringing change in software design can be a costly affair. That’s why always play smart.

  • Provide Analytical Solution

A CRM is incomplete without having an analytical tool that can provide you insights into your prospects or customers’ behavior.

An analytical CRM system can help you effectively manage your business. With all the customer data analysis, it can provide actionable insights to help improve customer acquisition and retention processes.

It gathers, stores, organizes and analyzes customer data from various channels so that you can study and find out the problems your prospects are facing and how to solve them.

Bottom Line

Implementing a custom CRM solution is imperative in modern business. It is good that you have different options. See if you want a solution that somewhat improves your business, or do you need something that helps you boost efforts on all fronts? Choose carefully.

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