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The global software market has a gamut of ERP software. However, a large percentage of those cater to the need of large enterprises, and at most those of medium-sized enterprises. Small enterprise owners, especially in countries like India, find it difficult to come across ERP software which is suitable for their businesses, be it with regard to cost or functionality.

The best innovators are ones that take a clearly existing need in the market and do their best to fill that need. When it comes to ERP software for small businesses, Business Bits appears to have performed a comparable feat.

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Business Bits is a cloud-based ERP software dedicated specifically to micro and small-scale industries. It is GST-ready, fully customizable ERP solution for small enterprises, especially suited to the likes of manufacturing or trading concerns.

What Makes Business Bits So Great?

  • Simplified Modules

At the outset, the modules are simplified and free of jargon. Whatever the user needs is accessible without having to open a million drop-down menus. This is great for small businesses, many of whose employees are possibly first-time users.

  • Fully Customizable

Business Bits offers 100% customizability at zero extra cost to the customer. The provider will customize the software as per the client’s unique specifications if need be.

  • Intuitive Interface

The interface is also intuitive, which means that for users unfamiliar with ERP, it will not be a tedious task to learn how to use it.

  • Affordable Pricing

The pricing is exactly what it should be for a small business user. It is a boon for small enterprise owners who get all the features of a premium ERP solution, customized for their business, at a fraction of the cost.

  • Security

On Business Bits, your data is stored on the provider’s servers as opposed to on the public cloud. Thus, data security and safety is guaranteed. Moreover, all data is shared over HTTPS only, elevating the level of security afforded to the user.

  • Cross-Device Functionality

The ERP software is available in mobile as well as desktop versions, making it easy for users to keep track of the business, wherever they might be.

An in-depth view of Business Bits Modules

Let’s take a brief look into its core modules to have a more in-depth view of its offerings.

1. Sales and Purchase

The module allows you to track every aspect of your sales and purchases.
Create and view orders, invoices, and proforma invoices for your customers and suppliers.

Business Bits Sales and PurchaseSample Purchase Quotation generated using Business Bits

The only thing that you need to do is enter the relevant data, and you can automatically generate documents critical to completing both the processes. It completely removes the hassle of creating invoices manually, which is something that small enterprises still struggle with. Send purchase inquiries and respond to sales inquiries from within the software.

Moreover, the Prospective Customer and the Prospective Supplier functions act as a sort of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) support to the organization.

Business Bits Prospective Customer List

Prospective Customer List

Business Bits makes the basic but vital sales and purchase functions easier to carry out and track each development as it arises.

2. Store

Store is the control center for Inventory and Purchases. From here, the user can issue Sales and Purchase challans, as well as sales or purchase return notes. The entries for the same are recorded in the relevant accounts immediately. Every time a sales or purchase return is transacted, its debit or credit not is generated automatically. View your stock and make purchase or production decisions accordingly.

Business Bits View of Existing Stock

View of Existing Stock

3. Customer Care

The Customer Care module is the centerpiece of the CRM offerings of Business Bits. Here the user has access to the complete transaction and complaint history of each customer. Mainly targeted to handling customer complaints, the module contains details of the type of complaint made by a customer, date of service and the method of resolution (if resolved), the specific repairs that were made, etc. A service report signed by the customer can be scanned and uploaded as proof of service.

The module makes it easy for the business owner or manager to track each and every maintenance/service request. Also, based on the service report, a proforma invoice is generated and the relevant entries made automatically in the respective accounts. So, accounting for maintenance is also simplified.

Business Bits Customer Care

Individual Complaint Made by a Customer

A small-scale trading or manufacturing concern may not necessarily have a separate HR or Accounts department. However, its workers still need to be managed effectively: paid adequately for their services, given appropriate leave days, etc.

It’s a common practice for a single person to be handling multiple responsibilities in a small business. The same person could be handling the accounts as well as the payroll.
Keeping this in mind, Business Bits has made the provision for both of these modules.

They might seem basic to someone used to working with advanced Accounting or HRM software, but they contain all the elements needed by a small business to effectively manage its HeR and accounting needs.

4. Accounting

In Accounting, a ledger account is created for the specific customer as soon as the customer is added. Any transactions/transfers from the customer’s end show up directly in the ledger. Similarly, entries for transactions such as sales and purchase, or returns, are also made automatically. Create expense and journal vouchers, debit and credit notes. In the Day Book, you can filter the transactions related to specific books of accounts and see only the ones you need to.

The GST Invoice Summary will give the user an overview of total GST collected and paid during the period, reflecting the net tax that the company has to pay to the government. An immensely helpful feature for any small business owner, who can now calculate the exact amount of GST without hiring an external GST consultant, saving considerable time and unnecessary expenses.

Business Bits Sample GST Invoice Summary

Sample GST Invoice Summary

5. HRM

The HRM module is compact and minimal.

Add employee details and manage their leaves/attendance. There is a declared holiday list on the basis of which employees can plan their leaves. Set the standard working hours, entry and exit times for each class of employees.

Biometric integration of attendance data will soon be available for the software.

Business Bits HRM

Setting Standard Working Hours + Entry & Exit times

The following modules are where the small-scale business aspect of the software really shines through. They are specific to the core sector that the software is meant to serve but can be customized by the provider if needed.

6. Production

The Production module contains the Formula and Batch sections, both of which are relevant to manufacturing firms.

Under production formula, the user can insert standard formulae to be used for specific products manufactured by the company. It includes the various components required and the exact quantity/ratio of each needed to produce a predefined number of units of that product. Once a formula is inserted, the relevant user can use it to estimate the materials required for a product simply by entering the number of units to be produced.

Business Bits Production

Product Formula for a specific Product

Under batch, you can keep a track of the batches of a product produced till date and create new ones when needed.

7. Projects

Here you have Estimates, which allows workmen or employees on-field to make cost estimates for customers on the spot.

Let’s say the user works for a furniture manufacturing firm. He has taken the required measurements for a piece of furniture requisitioned by the customer.

Now, he will simply put in those measurements, and based on the product formula for that item, an estimate for the cost will be generated. The software will calculate the approximate cost taking into account the prevailing market price of materials and the specifications of the item.

Thus, it makes the job of the user, who just might be an on-field workman, much less complicated and much faster than it would take otherwise.

8. Approvals

An efficient control tool, which is a must in manufacturing and trading concerns, Approvals is a simple mechanism that allows a quotation, order, invoice or any other important transaction to be moved forward only after it has been approved by the relevant supervisor or manager. It can be customized so that transactions involving certain types of products, or certain customers, never go through without approval.

This function helps to maintain transparency and appropriate control over important processes. This is extremely crucial for manufacturing companies where the importance of quality control is paramount.

9. Quality Control (Beta)

About to be unveiled very soon, the Quality Control module can be used to manage and test quality parameters. The testing data can be integrated with that of the Production module or exist separately. Based on the test data captured, test reports can be generated for various stakeholders and appropriate modifications can be effected before the product goes into actual production.

The quality control module is going to be very helpful for organizations to track the development of the product through various stages and to ensure that the requisite standards are adhered to, always.

Final Verdict

Business Bits ERP software has been created keeping in mind the small-scale businesses, specifically manufacturing and trading concerns. And it does a phenomenal job of catering to the unique needs of such businesses. It provides ease of access with cross-device functionality as well as integrated emails and text messages to be sent to relevant users for each transaction. Moreover, Business Bits allows the user to handpick functionalities down to a single feature, and pay for only the selected feature.

If a user wants just the invoicing functionalities, along with HRM and basic accounting, only those specific features of those modules will be made available to the user. The small business owner will not be stuck with bulky modules full of features they’ll never use. The user can, therefore, align the ERP to be exactly in accordance with the needs of the business. Nothing more, nothing less. And, the subscription cost for Business Bits will reflect the same.

Again, it warrants mentioning that the needs of small-scale enterprises have been placed at the forefront for each and every aspect of the Business Bits ERP software.

Overall, Business Bits helps to promote transparency and efficiency in all aspects of a small business. Resource planning for an enterprise has never been more simplified.

Here, we have tried to illuminate some of its remarkable offerings but you should definitely go ahead and request a demo if you need a small business ERP solution. We promise you will not be disappointed.

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