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Last updated: February 3, 2021

Nowadays, business software applications have become a must for every business. Whether it is streamlining accounting requirements or automating any management processes, software applications come in handy.

BusinessEzee is one such ecosystem that makes your business operations easier. With a suite of applications like CRM, HRMS, LMS, eCommerce, and ERP application. it is touted as India’s #1 affordable SaaS-based software application suite. With 1M+ users, it is now the most preferred business application suite.

Mr. Rajendra Sahare, in his exclusive interview with SoftwareSuggest, unveiled the mission and vision of BusinessEzee. Let’s dive in to explore how it emerged out victorious.

In conversation with Rajendra Sahare, Director – Business Development at BusinessEzee

How long have you been working with this product?

2 Years

What is the most interesting thing about your job?

I think one of the most interesting things about my job is the variety of people and companies I get to interact with. I tend to work on many projects in a month. Understanding their business processes, identifying the pain points, and giving the appropriate solution corresponding to the ezeeCRM as a business automation tool is a fascinating process I usually go through.

I head the Sales & Business Development, and hence, involve generating & qualifying the leads for our products. My team schedules meetings/demos for me, and then, I give the demos and convince prospects for the product. During this journey, I have to be very versatile and open up as I needed to be an advisory person irrespective of the industry vertical my prospect is from.

These are all very different things since the revenue generation is your primary responsibility – which makes it especially fun to get going and learn about. At the end of the day, if you are a leader who is willing to learn, there is a lot of knowledge that you can pick up in a short space of time!

Are there any ideological principles that your organization follows to maintain the brand value?

At BusinessEzee, we’re determined to create a more fact-driven world through powerful, yet simple to use technology. It’s not easy. And that’s exactly how we like it.

As a customer-centric organization, our focus has always been to provide proactive customer support.

Considering the pace at which the SaaS market is growing, how important is it to keep innovating to stay in the game?

As we witness, the SaaS world has evolved very rapidly for the last 5 to 8 years. If a product wants to stand out in the market, it must always be one step ahead of its competitors from the technology and innovation perspective.

Coming up with the new updates and adding up the advanced and latest required technology layer is essential and important to be in the game and, most importantly, to stand up to customers’ expectations.

What is one thing that puts your product apart from the crowd?

There are many USPs of ezeeCRM, which makes us unique from our fellow competitors. However, if I have to name a one, it has to be our during and post-implementation “Proactive Customer Support.”

Implementation Support:- Though we have our partner network spread across India, we don’t prefer to get the implementation done via our partner network. We have our own implementation team who carry the implementation process.

Post-GoLive Support:- As we are a support-oriented company, we provide continuous support to each of our customers as long as they remain our customers. Most importantly, we never charge for the support we provide.

How would you define “a successful product”?

According to us, the product is just a tool for achieving impact. Hence, if you are successfully able to delight and give the “WOW” factor to your customers, your product is successful, that’s it.

No matter how advanced and a great product you build, but at the end of the day, if it cannot solve the pain point of your customers, it is of no use.

What exciting is coming up from your side in 2020?

The first quarter of a new year is a great time to imagine how markets and innovations will change over the year. This is the most important year for us. Despite the COVID-19 crisis, we have achieved our ever best customer acquisition figure during this time.

Besides, 2020 is very important from the product perspective for us. We are going to add many new and exciting features to the product.

What helps you stay updated, interested, and inspired?

At BusinessEzee, our mission is to combine passion, and our purpose is to develop and deliver smart software & services that streamline businesses in any segment. This is the mission of our organization, and we stay ahead and get inspired by this line.

Customer and the commitment we have given to our customer is the topmost reason we keep our interest awaked.

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