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Last updated: September 18, 2019

People are in business to make profits. But, they can only make a profit if they deliver the products and services that their customer demands. If they meet the demands, their business will keep growing. Many a time, they even reach a stage where they initiate business expansion. Now, this is the point where sales leads come into the role. Leads refer to new customers. If companies don’t bring in new leads, they begin to stagnate.

Besides profit, sales lead help businesses to communicate with a growing customer base. It offers chances to make connections with more than just potential customers. It aids in keeping the company versatile and agile. But, in this highly competitive world, it’s crucial to connect with your leads as soon as possible. So, to keep up with this cut-throat competition, leveraging a tool that helps you generate more sales calls and leads can be of immense help.

CallPage – An Efficient Inbound Call Generation Tool

Every website visitor of yours is definitely a potential customer. So, call them before they leave.

CallPage is a leading callback tool that assists you in converting your website visitors into happy customers. It builds a suite of cloud phone products that help companies in generating more business and get insights from sales calls. It provides an innovative way to profess your business through calls.

Here’s how its CallBack feature can benefit in generating more sales calls and leads.

  • CallPage enables you to call your prospects in 28 seconds
  • Get an additional 30-125% of leads over the phone
  • Close as many deals as you can
  • Convert your website visitors even after the working hours
  • Enable your customers to access you via phone from anywhere
  • Analyze calls and obtain insights into data and website behavior


Now that you have learned about the prominent perks that CallPage can offer you let’s have a look at its components in detail.

Noteworthy CallPage Components

1. Dashboard

CallPage’s dashboard is packed with actionable insights into the portal.

Callpage dashboard

The dashboard also represents the summary charts with filters. You can choose from a dropdown menu as to what stats you want to have a glance at, and even group it by the hour, day, and month. You can then analyze data, such as number of visitors, average call duration, percentage of success calls, total calls, call status (for instance, the number of completed calls), top scoring rules (when you desire to showcase your widget), top 10 pages visited, conversions of calls/visitors, and more in the form of charts. However, you can customize the complete data showcased on it as per your requirement.

2. Leads

Based on your criteria, you can generate personalized reports to keep track of the calls. You can individually choose the filters that interest you and select what data you would like to get presented on your list of leads.

CallPage leads

You can view the entire call history here. Right from the caller ID, date at which the call was placed, the type of call, the status of the call (whether completed or missed), your lead’s phone number, who placed the call and from where, who is the lead consultant, and what is the time of the conversation. Furthermore, you can also access the call recording for a particular conversation.

It also facilitates you to edit the information of your leads. You can add notes, tags, and call links to organize your leads in a better way. Moreover, you can also view the pages that your leads visit.

3. Widgets

One of the most vital components of CallPage is the Widget. It is completely customizable. You can create a widget of your choice. Below-listed is the features that you can personalize for your widget:

  • Consultants: Consultants refer to the people who will be answering the calls generated by the CallPage system. They will receive calls only during working hours. You can also prioritize the consultants. Nevertheless, you can turn on/off consultant’s option for a particular widget.
  • Widget’s View: You can choose what will be shown in the pop-up window – upload logo and background, choose a theme, and more. Then, you can select the text for the button, message for the tooltip (it’s the text that will appear when you hover the mouse cursor over the widget), and eyecatcher (background for the widget). You can also choose the ready templates for the same. One benefit of the tooltip is that it remembers the number once entered. So, whenever a number is entered again, you can view all the respective details.

CallPage widgets

  • Engagement: It refers to where you want to launch your widget – at the bottom, left-corner, right-corner, or anywhere else on the website. There are 24 triggers available, and you can even create a trigger of your own. It also gives you the option to on/off the trigger pop-up for mobile devices.
  • Calls: It offers three call algorithms. Simultaneously – calls all the operators at a time until one of them picks up the call, Sequence – calls the operators in the line, Random Sequence – calls the operators randomly.

Then, you can select/deselect the busy mode as per your needs; choose the call direction – consultant to client or client to consultant, and on/off call recording and call time. It also enables you to edit the voice message greetings for your widget.

4. My Team

You can check the information and availability of your consultants, assign them widgets, numbers, and groups, and set notifications for different features. You can also view their time zone and working days. This component lets you see the comprehensive list of your consultants at a single place. Additionally, you can get an overview of which operators will be on leave and plan accordingly.

CallPage my team

5. Integrations

CallPage offers integration with different platforms. This assists you in receiving incoming calls from the integrated app. To name a few, you can incorporate your CallPage system with Slack, Hubspot, various CRM platforms, and most importantly, Facebook and Instagram Lead Ads.

CallPage integration

CallPage’s Callback widget comes with a WordPress plugin. Thus, you can install CallPage in just a single click. Services built on other platforms can just copy the code provided by CallPage, and paste the same on their website. Moreover, you can leverage the link for your widget wherever you want – embed it in your email signature or with your contact details.

Founded in 2015, CallPage is one of the leading platforms globally when it comes to inbound lead generation. Currently, it caters its services in three languages – English, Polish, and Portuguese.  It also provides a knowledge base for the same.

You can explore more about CallPage by visiting its Website or SoftwareSuggest’s Profile Page.

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