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Last updated: March 22, 2021

Applicant tracking systems (ATS) have been helping companies find and hire better candidates. As technology has evolved in the last decade, so have applicant tracking systems. Not only are they becoming more robust, but they are also becoming more intelligent and support you in finding the right people. 

The digital era has eliminated the need for paper forms saving much-needed time for the busy executive. Similarly, applicant tracking systems were designed to ease the time and burden that hiring requires. 

Earlier, it was the era of having point solutions and software applications that solved specific problems were considered the best options. With the advent of the Internet and SaaS, the game has changed. Businesses which now have an end-to-end system are more efficient and effective in their business. However, early creators of talent acquisition systems used old and multiple systems patched to one platform to fulfill their needs. Thus, emerged the need for all-purpose talent management and workforce management platform.


CEIPAL (Cloud Enterprise Information Portal) was built on the premise of empowering customers with a powerful automation platform to hire and manage talent. Built with a robust ecosystem, the platform is easy to use, intelligent and affordable. 

CEIPAL will help you manage job requisitions & postings, leverage AI to determine the best candidates, conduct interviews, and even digitally onboard candidates! 

Not only does CEIPAL automate your onboarding process, but it also helps you generate comprehensive reports on placements and performance. The one-stop solution to secure top talent and stay miles ahead of the competition, CEIPAL also manages all compliance obligations. Now, what does this imply? 

Well, CEIPAL is one of the first ATS platforms to be SOC2 Type II certified. This means all their internal procedures and controls meet the set security measures. 

Moreover, CEIPAL offers the highest degree of data protection, and all the sensitive data is encrypted in the database. It can be decrypted only when accessed by authorized users. 

Interestingly, CEIPAL is an open API platform. So, if third-party clients are willing to share their API, they can easily be integrated into the platform. CEIPAL provides an ecosystem of 150+ marketplace partners. 

The list includes free job boards, productivity apps, paid job boards, social media, and VMS integrations. 

Also, CEIPAL is compliant with applicable GDPR regulations as a data processor. Moreover, it also assists its clients to meet their GDPR obligations, where applicable.

Without further ado, let us have a look at what CEIPAL has to offer. 

Features of the CEIPAL Platform

1. Custom Business Intelligence Reports

CEIPAL has an easy-to-use and comprehensive BI module. This empowers users to identify inefficiencies and bottlenecks, across your organization; build reports across various data objects. It provides you the complete information about your organization at any given point in time. 

You can easily check on recruiters’ activity and see the tasks assigned to them, how many are in progress, and how many have been completed.

Moreover, you can check on the interviews scheduled and the job roles your recruiters are working on for the current month. 

While this information is ideal from an administrator’s perspective, you also have the option to customize your dashboard. You have the option to make your teams and name them. 

For instance, you can categorize your recruiters as an IT recruitment team and a Non-IT recruitment team. Furthermore, you can even choose to extract reports and get a team-wise view rather than an individual view. 

Moreover, CEIPAL leverages AI to streamline the recruiting workflow. It sorts candidates with desirable skills and reviews the most viable contenders first. Also, CEIPAL’s AI- chatbot automates high volume activities and improves candidate engagement. 

2. Leads and Client Module 

The leads module has been designed especially for lead generation and marketing activities. 

Let us assume that you have a prospect for your client, and you are doing outreach for them. You can choose to add contacts for a particular lead, maintain call logs, make follow-up notes, and even send meeting invites.

Leads and Client ModuleAdditionally, you can easily shoot out emails and even customize templates. CEIPAL also provides a set of email templates, but you can also create as many templates as you would like to. 

Once you are done customizing your templates, you can shoot out emails, and the module will keep a close track of them. Any activity such as financial transactions, deal closures, notes you have made for yourself will be captured in the leads module. 

If you successfully manage to close your deal, you can shift all the information mentioned above to the clients’ module with a single click. 

Now, what does a client module consist of?

Well, the client module is where all the data regarding your active and passive clients is stored. 

Right next to every client, you will see an icon that will help you analyze the client’s entire life cycle. From the number of jobs shared, positions in total, submissions that have been made, the number of interviews conducted, and the candidates hired, you can find all information with a single click. 

This, in turn, will aid your decision-making and prioritize your clients. For example, if one of your clients shares 30 positions but closes only 4-5, on the other hand, the second client shares 5-6 positions but closes 4. You would rather spend your time asking your recruiters to put in their efforts with the second client. 

It will also help your recruiters save time as time spent on six positions is far less than 30 positions. 

Well, this is not at all. There is much more to the module. You will also get access to key insights such as turnaround time, client information, how long the client takes to share feedback, the candidate’s notice period, and the time spent on first-round interviews.

3. Recruitment Ecosystem 

CEIPAL has more than 150+ marketplace partners. Be it job boards, social media sites, video meeting platforms, assessment platforms, background verification platforms, and productivity applications, CEIPAL has you covered!

Recruitment Ecosystem

Furthermore, anything and everything that is necessary for talent acquisition are available with CEIPAL. This empowers users of the platform to tailor CEIPAL’s automation to their unique business ecosystem and needs. 

4. Client Submission Format 

Coming to the most important module of CEIPAL, the client submission format. Usually, recruiters consolidate a set of candidates who have shown interest in and send out a tracker to the client. 

However, CEIPAL allows you to customize the information you can send out to your client. You can select all the details like interaction with the candidate, a key strength of the candidate, and other information and format it for a particular client. 

Once you are done, you can shoot and ask them to share their feedback. This feature is particularly useful for the sellout emails to clients, marketing, and accounts teams. 

5. Job Posting Module 

CEIPAL offers several ways to create jobs. You can choose to do it manually and even create custom fields. In a recruitment organization, you need to create workflows and then get them approved by the hiring managers, then only can recruiters start looking for candidates.

job posting

You can even create job templates and automate repetitive tasks. This is particularly useful for job roles like that of a developer. The system is AI-powered and is intelligent enough to break job descriptions. 

You will get all details like experience needed, skills required, and the candidate’s notice period. Thus, making it easier for recruiters to reach out to candidates and find the best fit for the organization. 

6. Applicants Module 

You must be wondering what happens to the candidate data when you take interviews. What if, at any given time, a candidate was not suited for a job role, but later an opening comes up? 

Applicants Module

For the same, CEIPAL offers an application module that acts as a repository of candidate information. Moreover, the module has a strong resume parser that allows you to segregate data in any form, be it a word doc or a PDF.

You can choose to parse multiple resumes or a single resume. CEIPAL allows you to parse 20 resumes at a time. Once you parse a resume, you will have details like contact information, skillset, documents provided by the candidate, educational details, and candidate experience. 

You can also choose to add candidate information through a chrome extension and scrape all the existing data. 

Once you are done with adding candidate data, you can choose to take forward the process of recruiting. You have the option to tag them to a job or submit their data ahead. 

Tagging them creates a list of applicants for a job, whereas submitting them means that you have had a word with that candidate and he/she is suited for a particular job role. 

Once tagged, you can have a word with them at a given point in time. You will get email notifications and in-app notifications for each action you take in the module. This ensures you never miss out on any candidate profile. 

Once you have submitted the data, you can have a final look, select/reject the candidate, and then submit it to the client. Once you are done finalizing with the client, you can classify the job as contractual or full-time and then add all the other relevant details. 

Once they join your organization, you can then analyze their entire lifecycle and keep track of candidates who joined and who did not join. 

7. Job Boards 

You can even choose to post requirements with job boards like Glassdoor, Monster India, and Naukri. The advantage of using these boards is that you will know how resume-credits have been utilized and how many users have been migrated. Moreover, this will allow you to use your credits efficiently.

8. Passive Applicants 

One of the premium features offered by CEIPAL is its passive applicants feature. As per studies, only 15% of job seekers are active on job portals. The rest of them are inactive. The probability of you missing out on the right talent is very high. Thus, CEIPAL offers you a candidate pool of close to 35 million+ candidates for the domestic(Indian Staffing) market. 

You can easily find the best candidates from this database and also analyze their LinkedIn profiles. This data is extracted from their social media profiles. This is particularly useful when you are looking for CXO-level positions.

The system will search for all the people currently posted elsewhere on these positions and create a report for you. The report will give you key insights on their working styles, how to approach them and what impact they can make on your workflow and what will attract them to your organization. 

Interestingly, you can even calculate to what extent a candidate is suited for a particular job role by ranking all applicants with a single click. 

Wrapping Up 

With 1600+ customers, 120,000+ recruiters worldwide, and 500,00 global employees, CEIPAL is the one-stop solution for hiring talent and workforce management. 

Having introduced 100+ automation features that help clients manage their business efficiently, CEIPAL is the perfect choice when it comes to having transparency and visibility of the entire workforce. 

CEIPAL has established its presence in the talent acquisition automation space and will continue to upgrade its software to serve its customers better. 

With a sole aim to build the best solutions around talent acquisition, CEIPAL has come a long way and is trusted by local and international brands. 

If you aim to have a total management ecosystem, you can put your faith in CEIPAL. Be it a full-time, temporary, freelance, or remote job position at any given location, CEIPAL is there to support and empower you.

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