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Last updated: August 5, 2021

The recent generation of customers is becoming more and more tech-savvy and even more reliable on technology to ease out the task and save time. Machination of the system helps businesses, as well as end users, become more proficient and involved in whatever they do.

Mobile phones per say are helping out businesses in every single stage. Added to this, POS restaurants are best advantaged out of this technology.

Restaurant owners are adapting mobile as their point of sales now just to get rid of manually managing order taking, invoice generation, order cancellation. This has come up due to several problems faced by the restaurant owners like multiple bookings of the same table, disability to interpret the hand written orders and billing calculations etc. This adaptation is also to recapture the attention of the user and retaining a position of your restaurant’s unique technological use. We have a wonderful solution to these problems which is helpful for the users and mainly the restaurant management team.

We had anatomized ChefDesk that has recently come up with a mobile version. What we had come across while scrutinizing the application is mentioned below:

Why ChefDesk on your mobile? The mobile version is clean and easy to use. The icons depicted are large, lucid and conspicuous. ChefDesk has not just taken ordering platform online, but it has also satiated the need of having a desktop. Team member who are not very good with their reading skills, can also effectively take action on it.


How would you do it?

Let us look at the simple mechanism of placing an order which is as simple as cracking a cookie. To generate a new order, you simply have to create a new ticket. The screen shows the menu categories in the bottom which is graphically represented which makes it easy for the user to make the order certainly clear.


Once the final order has been selected, the selected items appear on the left of your screen. For multiple unit order, you have to press the item multiple times.

Once all the orders are placed, you can press settle to finalize and freeze order. Settle will take you to the cashier menu, where you can press park to put the invoicing as pending until the customer ask for it before leaving the restaurant.

To edit the order, you can go to open a ticket. It will show all pending order invoices. Select the one you would like to edit and press un-park which will take you back to the menu screen. Now you will be able to add new items to the order.


Finally when you want to generate the invoice and finish it, press checkout. ChefDesk software efficient doesn’t allow to checkout as long as the amount entered is lower than that tendered. The cashier screen has promo and discount option through which a discount can be given.


Important features:

In case, you have entered wrong quantity, you have the privilege to edit or delete by long pressing the item.

ChefDesk app even offers you AC and NON-AC variant that makes it easy for users to choose their preference.

The best thing is that you can easily define the quantity too for alcohol category. There are variants available like 30 ml, 60 ml, 180 ml etc which vary amongst the hard drinks chosen.

There are easy payment options available which include payment through credit pay or card pay. Hence, it becomes easy for the customer to select the mode preferred to make the payment.

A note worthy feature here is that the software saves the data in your device and this will work seamlessly smooth even in the absence of internet on your device. This make the application truly unique.

ChefDesk software also has a delivery option, which can help you assign the order to a delivery boy and take you to the end of the cycle of closing it.

Inventory management: Managing inventories become really easy and hassle free as the Software will allow you to check the current stock of the food outlet and add or transfer any goods received. There is no need for a different inventory management system when you have ChefDesk at your restaurant. Tracking of inventory shortage adds advantage to this app. Check the most popular article on A Cloud Based Restaurant Management Software – ChefDesk

Accurate reporting: And how can I forget to mention about reporting which is why this app is trending in the market amongst various restaurant owners. One can look at a comprehensive Sales report, discount reports, expense report etc on your very handy device itself. So not only for the customers but even for your management team, it is a convenient method to enhance the functionality of administration and monitoring.

Over All: The mobile app serves the best platform for such a point of sales application because it becomes convenient for the owners of the restaurant and even about the end users who book food there and restaurant owner can manage all records using Restaurant Management Software. With an amazing user interface that is easy to install and use it is preferred the most by users these days.

Why wouldn’t you want to have such an application which is user-friendly and using which, the convenience would be the best for you as a business and for your customers as end users too? Give yourself a new experience that is worth enjoying along with getting rid of cliché hassles.



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