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Last updated: August 5, 2021

Restaurants have been one of the industries that have readily adopted the new technologies. It is because technologies like Cloud based restaurant management software can help in increasing the ease of operation. Restauranteurs can overlook the operation of multiple branches on a real-time basis sitting in a remote location. However, the biggest challenge with such software in India is the dependence on the internet. This is one of the reasons why some restaurateurs don’t still want to move to cloud based restaurant management software. The solution for such restauranteurs is – ChefDesk.

Chefdesk runs on a hybrid setup and Windows as well as Linux. For people who wish to use Linux OS on their POS machines – Chefdesk is an option. The software runs locally from machines and syncs data back to the cloud. In case the internet is not available at the restaurant, the software continues to run, with all features so the operations of your restaurant will not get disturbed. Chefdesk is among the first companies to approach cloud-based POS this way, and its implementation is seamless.

The software works in two different modules, the POS system, and the web interface. The restaurant POS system has a very sleek interface and exploring the different menu options will be enough to get you accustomed to Chefdesk and its features. It has been designed around the floor plan of the restaurant. The main screen shows the floor plan of the restaurants with the table layouts. One can join two table, move it or split a table into two. The Left side of the main screen gives you a quick overview of how the restaurant has been performing.

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When a guest enters your restaurant you assign them a table based on your custom floor plan. You will have to click the table and “add order to it”. This makes you assign a waiter to the table and automatically takes you to the menu option.

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The Menu is graphical and fair sized images are used.  One can place the order by clicking on the menu images. It is made for both large restaurant and QSR.  You can have packaged meal, set meal option and can also give out items complimentary. Once you have placed the order for a customer, you can send it to the kitchen via the KOT module and park the order until it is served.  Paperless KOT feature of Chefdesk makes the communication between Captains and Kitchen staff – fast and efficient. The order can be revisited by clicking on the bottom left of the main screen. Adding more items to the order or clearing payments can be easily done with the option.

The restaurant pos software also allows for pickups and delivery. The delivery order is created with the customer as the reference and once the food is ready a delivery boy can be assigned to get the delivery done.

Though in-depth report can be found in the web interface, the POS also has a reports section that can quickly show you the key figures. The “Action” section helps you in actions like depositing money, syncing data and other essential activities.

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The web interface of Chefdesk gives you complete control of your data and setting. It will help you handle your accounts, inventory, asset, productions, and employee. All users have certain level permissions.

The inventory functionality, in particular, deserves to be highlighted because it goes above and beyond what you’d expect for a restaurant management software selling at only Rs.12000/outlet. It will be keeping track of the quantities of each item, and will generate a clear report on the utilization and wastage of material. Increase your Revenue & Reduce Cost Using Restaurant Management Software.

Chefdesk runs on almost all types of devices and can handle multiple branches. It balances two seeming opposites: a comparatively complex, feature-rich POS & web backend with a deceptively simple structure and swift interface. Chefdesk is a simple, elegant piece of software and can surely increase your restaurant’s profitability by leaps and bounds.

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