Is Using Cloud-Based Project Management Tools Safe for Startups?


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Last updated: February 23, 2021

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The demand for cloud services has risen over time. Today, different organizations (including startups) are trying to figure out where cloud infrastructure fits into their overall IT strategy.

Thanks to cloud services like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure, startups have access to solid and affordable cloud-computing resources. That way, startups can manage their projects and spread their wings overseas. As a result, it improves their chances of competing with other, financially-endowed competitors.

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According to 2017 Gartner report, various businesses, startups, and other organizations are actively turning to the cloud. In fact, Sid Nag, research director at Gartner, says that “enterprise application buyers in North America are moving towards a cloud-first mentality…heralding an era where 50% of new 2017 enterprise application adoptions will be cloud-based solutions and SaaS.”

So how is this shift affecting startups?

It gives them the platform and muscle to approach sales both locally and on the international scene. For example, the 2016 report by startup muster survey found out that 92% of startups in Australia are generating international revenues. Today, cloud computing has given the startup world a much-needed platform to manage their projects.

Whether you are an upcoming developer or an events management unicorn tucked somewhere in the garage, the cloud provides you with the flexibility to operate from anywhere, anytime, and without losing any of your data.

So how safe it is for startups to manage their products on the cloud?

In a world where cost-benefit-analysis (CBA) rules, every startup wants to establish whether or not transitioning to the cloud could help in the management of their resources.

Here are some of the reasons that make the cloud safe for running your projects:

cloud-based project management tools

  • Guards against data breaches

Security is everything. Securing your startup data has become an increasingly important priority in the globalized world. The cloud offers top-notch security options to implement certain protocols to guard sensitive data. Whether it is about transactions or you just want to keep your customers’ personal data under wraps, the cloud makes the best candidate for that. Plus, the TLS and other security protocols add an extra layer of security so that you can always thwart attacks or prevent unwanted third parties from accessing or intercepting your data.

  • Saves your money

Since many startups have cost constraints and are focused on their success, low cost and maintenance come in handy. Cloud-based applications and software take advantage of colocation kind of agreement between the business owner and the service provider. This means that a startup does not have to incur the costs of buying hardware to install project management software, installation, and configuration. This reduces the up-front costs significantly.

  • You don’t need to hire and maintain an expensive IT team

 Project management tools are quite easy to implement. As a startup, you would easily sulk at the idea of spending long hours in installation and configurations. Cloud-based project management tools are easy to implement and startups can easily benefit from this without delaying their take-off. Since most of the tasks are delivered by the service provider, implementation time is reduced to few days whereas on-premise project management software can take longer, running into months. That way the teams can get to working on their projects much quicker.

  • Scalable and versatile

One more reason as to why startups should seriously consider cloud-based project management tools are scalability and flexibility. As your business grows, so does your staff. And that means you will need more space to accommodate the new changes. That means if you are using on-premise project management software, you will need to buy new licenses or new hardware. Thanks to the cloud-based project management software, as your need grows, your cost doesn’t grow proportionately—scalability. On-premise applications, normally require stringent hardware and operating systems specifications. However, with cloud-based project management software, requirements are fewer—just a web browser. What does this mean to you?

  1. You won’t need to burn more money buying another expensive on-premise software in the future when your business grows.
  2. Your team is able to concentrate on the project and not on installations and requirements.
  • Support for decentralized teams

Installing and supporting on-premise software can cause a lot of challenges, especially for startups. Especially when their staff are in disparate geographical locations and are required to work on a single project as a team. This can be a real stress for startups. But cloud-based project management software is not only easy to install but also great at offering support for decentralized teams. It is done on the server-side and everyone else in the team get access at the same time.

  • Interoperability

This is the ability of the cloud-based project management tools to integrate seamlessly with other tools that the users already know and use. As a startup company, you can fully benefit from this capacity as it reduces the amount of time that could otherwise be used to integrate with other software tools. The cost of customizing or integrating existing software to make it compatible with the cloud-based project management software can be exorbitant. Cloud-based software makes it easy to achieve just that. Besides the ease with which it works, the convenience of having all the tools of the trade-in in one location that is easily accessible to the team cannot be underestimated.

  • Ease of accessibility

On-premise cloud-based project management tools can only be accessed from a particular computer or shared over the local network. If for instance the team is working on a project and it is saved in one of the team member’s computer folders, it can be a big headache if he forgets his password or is absent from work. With cloud-based project management software, your team is able to access it from anywhere and at any time.

  • Cost efficiency

As a startup, you are keen on saving and getting value for your money. Now, cloud-based project management tools just do that. Cloud services offer different types of pricing options depending on the software features that you need. That way, startups are able to access tools unlike with on-premise software that is hard for them to purchase.

Bottom Line

The cloud is becoming everything today both for the money-laden to the cash-strapped startups. Cloud-based project management tools offer business owners a platform to easily and effectively manage their projects. It is cheap, secure, scalable, and offers over-the-top interoperability you need to get your business moving.

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