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Last updated: March 8, 2021

Cloud is the hot topic these days in every business sector.

It goes without saying that cloud services have stretched far and wide into the phone sector.

Yes, it’s not only about storage anymore.

There’s so much more that cloud services can provide.

Here we’re going to have a look at the ways in which cloud phone system services benefit your business, and you’ll realize the true significance of the ever-evolving cloud.

Before deciphering the benefits of cloud services, it is important to understand the difference between private and public cloud.

You need to know why it is a smarter option to choose private over public cloud for your business communications.

5 Reasons Why Cloud Phone Services Help Your Business Grow

  1. Cloud is Cost-effective

When you switch to cloud communications, you won’t have to spend all that extra money you do on the hardware and the installation of the phone systems throughout your office.

Cloud-based phone services are hosted!

Thus, you’re free from owning and maintaining complex infrastructure for your communications.

This helps your business save up on costs as well as space.

That’s not all…

Cloud phone service providers offer customized plans to suit your business and some even allow you to pay-as-you-go.

Therefore, if you’re a startup or a medium-sized business and wish to increase profitability, then it only makes sense that you pay for what you need.

  1. Flexibility

Cloud phone services allow for maximum convenience as they run optimally without the need for you to hire an in-house IT staff.

Hence, you’re assured 24/7 of all-round service with a help desk always available in case of interruptions or call issues.

Cloud phone services are especially important to startups and small businesses as growth is an inevitable factor, yet its pace is merely unpredictable.

For instance, a company that may have started off with 10 employees may shoot up to 100 within a period of a few months.

This, in turn, would increase the requirement for more phones in the office.

With cloud phone services, you don’t need to worry about the pace at which your company is growing.

You can always scale up or scale down as the need arises.

Your business can add as many extensions as you need to accommodate or can deactivate these extra extensions.

  1. Effortless Accessibility and Mobility

You no longer have to be tied down to a system as the cloud allows you to access your calls even if you’re away from your workplace.

This is the major reason why so many people work remotely these days.

You can make calls from anywhere to anyone at any time.

Employees can use their own devices as well as access business phone calls, instead of being constricted by one device.

This, in turn, promotes greater control over productivity.

  1. Enhanced Customer Service

Unlike traditional phone systems, cloud phone systems provide enhanced call quality, convenience, and mobility – all at low costs!

Being able to connect to anyone from around the globe with ease, enhances customer service, which in turn, helps multiply your business profits.

Cloud phone systems offer you Virtual Receptionist (VR) or Auto Attendant features to easily divert calls across departments as well as create custom greetings keeping the department in mind.

  1. Enhanced Business Continuity

Cloud phone systems enable small businesses to deliver better results within a limited time-frame.

Employees don’t need to spend much time managing their phones, leaving time to tend to other value-added activities.

Increasing sales and satisfying customers through cloud systems will undoubtedly lead to better business results.

Small business can now benefit via greater flexibility, control, and better call quality of cloud telephony, all at minimal costs.

If you’re convinced about cloud telephony and want to make the switch from traditional to cloud phone services, then contact cloud services at CallHippo for a free quote.

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