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Last updated: October 1, 2021

The travel and hospitality industry is fast-paced and dynamic. If you don’t adapt to the latest innovations, you’re likely to get left behind as competitors surge ahead.

For this reason hotels, hostels, b&bs, and vacation rentals will benefit from adopting modern hospitality management software. A cloud-based, integrated solution can help you run your business more efficiently. 

Today, we’re shining the spotlight on Cloudbeds Hospitality Platform, an award-winning hospitality management platform that empowers hoteliers and hosts to grow revenue faster, streamline operations, and create memorable guest experiences. Read on to learn more about Cloudbeds and understand how it can elevate every aspect of your business. 

Introducing Cloudbeds

Cloudbeds Hospitality Platform is a cloud-based, integrated software built for hotels and all types of independent properties. The main objective of the platform is to automate and simplify the process for reservations, operations, payments, and reporting so that your staff can focus on providing an exceptional guest experience.

Cloudbeds was founded in 2012 by Adam Harris and Richard Castle with the mission to provide a simplified solution that would improve the hospitality experience for both property owners and travelers alike. With Cloudbeds, you have one platform, one login that’s always in sync. Properties that power their business with Cloudbeds witness a 20% increase in reservations on average as it broadens market reach and enables travelers to book directly, without any hassles.

Recognized for its innovation in the travel and hospitality industry, Cloudbeds has won a number of prestigious awards and is the fastest-growing technology provider in the industry. Let us dive deeper and learn more about some of Cloudbeds’ most useful features that provide everything you need to run your business in one integrated platform.

Key Features Of Cloudbeds 

1. Property Management System: One of Cloudbeds’ main features is a powerful property management system that’s easy-to-use. The PMS dashboard enables users to manage their reservations using a simple drag-and-drop calendar. 

Cloudbeds property management system is intuitive and highly user-friendly, making it easy-to-use and easy to train on. It has many advanced tools that allow users to manage not only their property but also their staff. Some prominent features include permissions by role, a cash drawer for managing monetary transactions, and a housekeeping module. 

With Cloudbeds, you get a visual dashboard that displays real-time data to help you get a comprehensive view of your operations. Plus, because it’s cloud-based, you can access your operations from anywhere in the world with internet connection. Robust analytics enables you to generate production, financial, and daily activity reports to make informed business decisions.

2. Channel Manager: With the Cloudbeds channel manager, properties can capture a larger share of the worldwide travel market by connecting to 300+ booking channels. All types of properties can use the Cloudbeds channel manager to share their inventory on Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) such as, Airbnb, Expedia, and other niche channels.

The best part is, Cloudbeds doesn’t charge any additional commissions on the channels you connect to or the bookings you receive. It enables you to sync to an unlimited number of channels so you can build a diverse distribution and pricing strategy. With Cloudbeds channel manager, your room availability and rates always remain updated in real-time. This can help you avoid overbookings caused by switching between extranets to manually update your availability.

3. Booking Engine: With the Cloudbeds booking engine, you can easily drive more commission-free bookings on your website. It is an innovative way to turn your website into a top-performing direct booking channel, without any hidden fees or additional costs. The Cloudbeds booking engine integrates with the Cloudbeds PMS and channel manager to keep all your bookings in sync in one platform. 

Cloudbeds empowers you to own your guests’ booking experience from beginning to end. The booking engine is mobile-friendly, supports multiple languages and currencies, and is completely customizable to match your website and brand. The built-in rate checker helps keep users on your website by allowing visitors to quickly compare room rates from OTAs your property is connected to without having to leave your site.

Reporting is another key strength of the Cloudbeds booking system as you can easily keep track of all online bookings and make well-informed business decisions. It also provides access to advanced tracking through Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel.

4. Websites: The Cloudbeds team can build and host a conversion-driven website for you that will attract more guests and increase direct bookings. Cloudbeds Websites offers these features to help you differentiate your property in the online space:

  • Professional templates that are designed for the hospitality industry.
  • Included SSL certificates so that website visitors feel confident about data security.
  • Fully responsive websites for a smooth experience on all kinds of devices such as smartphones, tablets, and desktops.
  • Integrated with the Cloudbeds platform with a customizable booking engine widget design for a seamless direct booking experience.
  • Follows search engine optimization best practices to make sure your website ranks high and gains visibility.
  • Uses a built-in analytics dashboard to track your website’s success and enhance data-driven decision making.
  • Track advertising efforts by installing Google and Facebook tracking pixels to effectively market your property.

5. Marketplace: The Cloudbeds Marketplace of curated integrations allows you to easily connect with third-party apps, tools, and services. You also have the ability to create a custom workflow and connect to your preferred tools using Cloudbeds’ self-service API. Some of the integration categories include: guest communication, pre-check-in, keyless entry, restaurant point of sale, and many more. Whether your goal is to give your guests a superior experience, manage your staff with enhanced tools, or supercharge your revenue with select business services, the Cloudbeds Marketplace and self-service API gives you the flexibility to shape the exact outcome you want. 

6. Payments: Cloudbeds Payments allows you to create a frictionless payment experience for your staff and your guests. It includes state-of-the-art terminals that integrate with the platform to offer traditional credit card processing as well as contactless checkout and tap-to-pay so you can let guests choose their favorite payment method. Cloudbeds Payments eliminates the need for manual card entry to drastically reduce errors and time spent on reconciliation.

It comes with transparent fees, and Cloudbeds’ in-house support and dispute management teams work with you to identify and respond to disputes. Plus, it comes with secure and compliant processing and payouts that are quicker than industry standard so you can get access to your money faster.  

7. Revenue Management Tool (PIE): Cloudbeds has a unique pricing intelligence engine (PIE) that allows users to access relevant real-time industry data to keep them informed of important market changes. You can receive alerts to help you track competitors’ movements and take proactive steps to keep your pricing competitive. 

PIE gives users access to a single dashboard that displays real-time information about occupancy, pace, and pickup year after year. You can create automated pre-set rules and triggers to maximize revenue-earning opportunities. The pricing intelligence engine is the best way for properties to get an instant competitive edge and supercharge their yield management strategy.

The Final Word

It is time to change the way you run your business by introducing a cloud-based, integrated hospitality management platform to your property, and Cloudbeds is the best in the market. It will connect you to more revenue opportunities, automate daily tasks, and free up your staff so they can focus their attention on keeping your guests happy. 

Cloudbeds receives a perfect ten score from us—it’s a must-have business asset for hoteliers and hosts to gain a competitive edge, boost bottom-line results, and save their staff time, all while helping deliver a better guest experience.

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