20 Cold Calling Techniques That Help to Beat Your Sales Targets

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Last updated: February 5, 2021

The best way to increase your cold calls’ response rate is to deliver value to your customers while keeping them interested in the conversation. Every single effort you put into personalizing the call would favor it towards gaining a better customer relationship. No two cold calls are the same, even if you stick with your script. With our experience in this field, we have consolidated the top 20 cold calling techniques, tips, and tricks to increase your cold calls’ response rate.

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What is Cold Calling?

Cold calling is a telephone call made by sales representatives, an unsolicited approach to acquire potential customers. There are diverse cold calling techniques used in both B2B and B2C business environments. The caller has to deliver an efficient sales pitch to the disinterested or unaware party.

Sales teams have to find new leads for their brand continuously. But the prospective consumer may not even be aware of the product or service. Under these circumstances, the sales teams face many challenges, as they have only a couple of minutes to connect with the customer and impress him or her with unique details

The Potential of Cold-Calling

The marketing community always wrestles with the viability of cold calling in recent times. Their apprehension is due to the unsolicited nature of the sales pitch. Despite the challenges, this technique still has a lot of potentials. And there are productive cold calling tips and tricks too if you wish to turn unaware strangers into potential customers.

The potential of this sales call strategy is not very well-defined. It depends on the industry, product, and sales cycles. Many experts consider it an exquisite art that requires a judicious application. It is very efficient while resorting to conversational and consultative approaches.

A cold caller should know to arouse the curiosity of the customers with engrossing communication. The sales rep’s experience is also valuable as he or she can handle real-time challenges with aplomb.

The qualitative impact of phone outreach may not be visible. But you can always calculate the quantitative effects in terms of sales and profits. Moreover, the sales technique and pitch quality are best when continuously modified to deliver the results.

20 Best Cold Calling Techniques To Make Sales Successfully

1. Analyze Your Market

Some surveys say unsolicited pitches lead to a personal meeting only by 2%. While other researchers say, close to 70% of customers accept the cold call. While about 80% of them agree to personal meetings.

So, cold calling techniques are dependent on the nature of business and the quality of the sales pitch. The best thing for you to do is to conduct an industry-specific market analysis. Assess the current demand situation and profile the customer base. But always proceed with caution.

2. Be Specific With Your Message

Do not solicit the customers with obscure stocks and vague ideas. Come up with a distinct message with no room for ambiguity. Get your point across with effective communication skills, and behave more like a friend or guide than a salesperson.

Avoid dubious and indirect methods of talking. Deliver an authentic message to create a significant impact. Avoid monotony and focus on appealing to the buyer’s tastes, desires, and budgetary compulsions. Try and motivate them to solicit more information by arousing their inherent curiosity.

3. Create a Sales Script

One of the best cold calling tips and tricks is to rely on a scripted pitch. Organize the solicitation into introduction, rapport creation, and a strong positioning statement. Show that you understand the customer’s challenges and courteously connect with him or her.

4. Let Them Do the Talking

Phone interaction should never be one-directional. Involve the customer by asking well-timed questions. Show patience and listen to the prospect’s concerns and doubts. Have an authentic conversation and make the buyer feel valuable.

5. Plan to Make a Call

Efficient cold calling techniques are never abrupt or haphazard. Come up with a schedule and identify the most viable prospects. Avoid low-value customers during business peak hours. Instead, organize the call list and prioritize your sales pitches. Solicit those with the best chances of returning a call. Purchase sales dialer software to focus on talking rather than organizing and scheduling.

6. Take Time for Clean Call List

Follow telemarketing rules and rely on the best software tools. Rely on high-quality vendors to buy lead lists. Segment the contacts and use the list to make productive calls. Use a sophisticated data scrubber tool to maintain a clean call list. Stay up-to-date, remove redundancy, and reduce risks.

7. Professional Software

Create more efficiency by choosing auto dialer software, Integrated CRM tools, and other cold calling tools. Managers can use live monitoring tools. If your focus audience is in an international location, it is best to find tools that would provide you a local number.

Do not just rely on a single communication channel, but mix up the cold calls with an email marketing strategy. Target the warm leads and have a fruitful conversation at first. Follow it up with an email message to show that you care.

8. Record Your Calls

The solicitations need not be just about sales pitches. Stay open-minded and use reliable recording tools. You will get valuable feedback that can track the success or failure of a call. The data can also help in modifying the messages or sales pitch itself.

9. Keep Cold Calls Short

One of the best cold calling tips and tricks is to be pithy. Do not waste the prospect’s time with long-winding conversations. Be professional, rely on a script, and get the message across without too much fuss. At the outset, inform the customer that you are going to be direct and short.

10. Opening Statement Should be Clear

Outbound sales calls have to convey confidence and reliability. Never fumble at the start, but be articulate and convivial. Create a concise opening statement to introduce yourself. Get the point across that you are calling only to help and not pester the customer.

11. Pick the Right Time for Sales Call

Phone interactions are possible at any time of the day or night. But sales pitches have to be well-timed to achieve a positive response. For B2B pitches, choose a convenient non-peak business time and avoid lunch hours. Making the sales call at the right time is customer-friendly and very effective too.

12. Perseverance is Vital

The best cold calling techniques emphasize the value of persistence. Do not come across as overbearing, but be affable. But do not give up quickly either. Be resilient and do not take a no for an answer. Avoid yes/no questions, but instead, sustain the conversation with open-ended queries.

 13. Provide Prospect With Options

Sales pitches will not succeed unless you offer options to turn the conversation in a customer-convenient way. You can always provide the prospect with various options. For example, ” John, let me explain in 3 minutes, or you can hang up or tell me to call sometime back again.”

14. Ask Leading Questions

The goal behind an unsolicited call is to create sales leads. You may not achieve conversion on the first attempt. But you can always engage the customer with leading questions. Grab his attention by asking qualifying questions to determine the personality, sales, viability, and price points. Sympathize with his needs, plan, and execute an effective close.

15. Provide a Solution to a Problem

One of the best call center cold calling strategies is to come across as a solution-provider. Please keep all the facts and figures at hand and do not distract the customer or test their patience. Find out more about their current challenges and constraints. Show that you have reliable and affordable solutions.

16. Speak Naturally

Scripted or unscripted, the call has to sound natural. Introduce yourself and wish the prospect well. Do not be abrasive, intrusive, or monotonous at any point in the conversation.  Speak fluently and be natural with your responses.

Do not come across as mechanical, but strive to be spontaneous. Also, there is no room for arrogance, overconfidence, or smugness. A message delivered in simple language is 36% more likely to have follow-up than a college-level language.

17. Stay Positive

You can use the best trackers and automated tools for cold calling. But even the best CRM integration and voicemails do not guarantee success. So, you have to start small and set reasonable targets. Stay positive and act confident despite initial setbacks and failures.

Remember, the warm leads have to get cultivated and then converted for sales. Work on your personality and practice the sales pitches. Evolve a unique style and stay professional throughout the conversations.

18. Offer Something of Value

Cold calling techniques that do not offer anything of value will fail. Do not take the prospect for granted and rattle out the features. The right approach is to highlight the benefits of doing business with you. Win over the customers by talking more about what you can do for them.

19. Always Schedule a Follow-up Call

A single sales pitch may be very effective in impressing the prospect. But it is not sufficient in generating a profitable lead. Convert the warm lead into a loyal, buying customer through follow-up actions. It is always better to make a scheduled call the next day to remind the buyer.

20. Track Data & Identify Areas to Improve

One of the most successful cold calling tips and tricks is to be open-minded. Do not take the customers for granted in the sales domain. You cannot create and improve the leads funnel by being intransigent. Show creativity in being flexible, accommodative, and adaptive.

Record the calls and take instant notes for valuable feedback. Alter your pitch strategy in terms of prospects’ list, timings, and messages. If you are in B2B sales, keep tabs on the targeted businesses to analyze trends or new opportunities. Also, use tracking software to collect and analyze data on prospective buyers.

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