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Virtual trade shows and conferences are becoming the most efficient way to increase your reach. They can be used for conducting events, trade shows, career fairs, benefits fairs, and more. It creates an environment that stimulates and centralizes the principles of collaboration. Still, many are unfamiliar with the potential of these powerful virtual conferencing tools. If you are not exploiting any such tool, now it is the time to begin.

Introduction to Communiqué Conferencing

Communiqué Conferencing is the global leader in providing conferencing and virtual event solutions to small and medium-sized businesses as well as large enterprises. It offers the most robust, scalable, reliable, secure, and easy-to-use virtual conference platform on the market. Moreover, it is globally available in 17 languages.

The platform is hosted on AWS, i.e., Amazon Web Services, which is one of the most reliable and redundant cloud hosting platforms. Communiqué offers clients the option for either AWS hosting in North America or Europe (Germany). The platform is built to scale for as many as 50,000+ attendees. Communiqué Conferencing is the only platform we found that is ISO27001 certified, meeting the highest standards of enterprise data security.

Here’s a deep insight into the functionalities, working, and features of Communiqué Conferencing.

Communiqué Conferencing Virtual Conferencing Platform built with 4 Layers

A framework defines how to create and make use of the platform. Your virtual conference platform works on four layers built by Communiqué Conferencing.

1. Visual Layer

It comprises of all the visuals that you will require as per the event – background images, colors, signs, graphics, branding, and content. You can customize all these based on your goals and audience.

2. Interactive Layer

Here, all the components to keep your audience engaged are encapsulated. It can be webinars, 1:1 and group chat, gamification, social sharing, and call to action. When it comes to training applications, it also includes entitlement and LMS.

3. Administrative Layer

To easily add, modify and make changes to the environment and content, multiple levels of admin access are available. Moreover, individual access can also be set according to the requirement.

4. Data and Metrics Layer

Obtain real-time, detailed, and unmatched metrics and insights into user behavior, content consumption, and program impact. With this data, you can also calculate the ROI.

Now, let’s have a look at the features Communiqué Conferencing offers.

Components of Communiqué Conferencing

1. Registration

Attendees can register for an upcoming virtual conference, fair, or an event by filling the registration form. Communiqué Conferencing offers a built-in attendee registration as well as integration with third-party websites. Through the form, you can acquire all the required information about the attendees.

2. Locations/Rooms

You can set up a video greeter in the lobby that welcomes the attendees and provide them with an overview of the same. This makes the attendees feel welcome. 

It also facilitates navigation by providing additional functionality and shortcut set the bottom, left-pane, right-pane, or wherever the organizer wants. Here, you will find three buttons:

i. Attendees: You can view the number of attendees.

ii. Chat: As per the set criterion, attendees can one-on-one or group chat right during the meeting or event.

iii. Briefcase: It stores all the documents added by the attendees for later access. 

Similarly, when an attendee leaves the conference, a walkout greeter can bid goodbye.

  • Lobby

Communiqué Conferencing enables its clients to personalize the lobby as per their needs. They can ask to set up a specific theme that defines their purpose of hosting the event, the type of attendees attending it, or something that represents their brand. You can choose from a dozen design templates or opt to customize the lobby completely. An attendee gets the entry to the Theatre, Exhibit Hall, Resource Center, and Communications Lounge from the lobby.


  • Exhibit Hall

An exhibit hall enables the attendees to browse through the exhibitor booths. To be precise, it comprises of an exhibitor directory. So, it makes it easy for attendees to locate specific booths they want to visit with just a click of their mouse. They can even search booths based on different criteria.


  • Exhibitor Booth

Communiqué Conferencing provides a wide range of templates for exhibitor booth design. You can also upload images or customize the design. A booth can consist of any digital content – be it videos, links to websites, documents, surveys, social media links, and prize giveaways.

Whenever any visitor enters the booth, the representatives get an alert. They can greet the visitor with any of the following chat options – 1:1 chat, public group chat, chat queue, or video chat. Furthermore, if the representatives are offline, you can offer options such as drop an email.


  • Theatre

The theater is a virtual auditorium where the attendees visit to attend live and on-demand webinar presentations. This can be – Polls, Q&A, Surveys, Speaker Bios, Quizzes (allowing attendees to earn credits), Presentations, and Downloadable Resources.

Webcast Presentations again offer three options – Live, Semi-Live, and On-Demand. These presentations can be held in different formats – Audio + Slides, Video, and Video + Slides. You can even conduct it as Webcast Breakout Sessions.


  • Networking Lounge

You can call it the Communications Center that offers numerous networking features – message boards, scheduled discussions, discussion forums, and group chat by topics. Moreover, you can grant attendees the ability to connect with each other and also share virtual business cards. The lounge also offers one-on-one and small group chat, public chat, moderated chat, and language translation options.


  • Resource Center

It is the central repository of all your virtual conference content – be it documents, videos, or links to websites. Communiqué Conferencing organizes it in two different ways. First is a different content window, and the second is the media wall design. You can share your attendees’ persona, and they will optimize the content accordingly.


  • Live Help Desk

The visitors can seek all kinds of support right from learning to navigate through the conference to filling up the survey with the live help desk. Again, its design is customizable.


3. Recognition

Here, you can display the award winners for a specific event and also recognize the candidates for a particular criterion.

4. Gamification

With the gamification feature, you can drive attendee behavior. This includes booth visits, materials downloaded, videos watched, webcasts attended, chats done with the representatives, and more. Based on this, points are awarded to the attendees. Then, you can display a real-time leaderboard and offer some prizes.


5. Call To Action

For enhanced user engagement, call to action is a crucial element of any virtual conference. You can put it up in the form of any sign or design. With this, you can shoot a follow-up request, ask them to join your mailing list, invite them to explore more about your products and services, book a demo, and more. Upon any action taken by the visitor, your designated team member will instantly receive an email with the attendee’s details.

6. Broadcast Messages

With this feature, the attendees can easily navigate through the scheduled and impromptu messages. These messages appear on the top of the environment. They can include links to specific booths, content, or more.

7. Entitlement

Entitlement enables you to deliver content to specific attendees. This feature is enabled for permission-based access. You can create entitlement groups and send them unique messages during a live event.

Once you create an entitlement, you can grant access to

  • Individual webinars or sessions
  • Specific content
  • Entire rooms or spaces
  • Signage and Graphics
  • Public Chats

Moreover, Communiqué Conferencing lets you assign the entitlements in various ways. It can be done via

  • Email domain during registration
  • Individual registrant
  • .csv upload
  • Answering to multiple registration questions

8. Analytics & Reporting

You can obtain a detailed view of different attendee reporting, activity metrics, and interest metrics. You can track the number of unique attendees, content views, webinar views, booth entries, auditorium entries, the average duration for which the attendees stayed, the region from where the attendees participated, devices used, total registrations, and more. It even lets you download the report you want.

9. Integration

Communiqué Conferencing offers open API to enable you to integrate it with third-party software. This makes it more user-friendly.

Having known the features of virtual conferencing, it’s time you gauge where it can be leveraged.

Virtual Conference Applications

Organizations can deploy the benefits of the virtual conference at several places. Some of these include:

1. In Marketing for Demand Generation

Companies can conduct

  • Virtual Trade Shows
  • User Conferences
  • Sales Kickoff Events
  • Product Centers
  • Partner Conferences

2. For Employee, Customer, and Partner Training

Learning centers and companies can leverage virtual conferencing for

  • Employee Training
  • Partner Training

3. For HR Purposes like Recruiting, Onboarding, and Benefits

Virtual conferencing can do wonders for

  • Recruiting Centers
  • Career Fairs
  • HR Benefit Fair
  • On-Boarding Centers

With 17 years of experience, Communiqué Conferencing has hosted more than 614,736 virtual events with 237,288,096+ attendees. Communiqué has a global support team with deep experience to assist clients in planning, building and executing virtual trade shows.

You can explore more about Communiqué Conferencing on its website or it’s SoftwareSuggest Profile Page

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