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Last updated: August 20, 2020

Looking for a way to expand and grow your small business model? Effective customer relationship management, like CompanyHub, can make a world of difference! Whether you are looking for a simple CRM software package or a full-fledged robust software suite packed with powerful features, there are a number of diverse, sophisticated products in the market that will cater to your organizational needs.

CompanyHub is a specialized CRM software package that will definitely prove to be a holistic customer relationship management service provider for any kind of organization. It is a feature-rich and fully customizable platform that can help companies to optimize their lead management and boost sales pipeline processes in a unified manner. CompanyHub provides 360-degree customer visibility – making sure that users remain up-to-date about their contacts, appointments, leads, and marketing communication processes!

Efficiency in work tasks is the golden key to success and modern organizations want automated solutions to handle their routine and repetitive operations so that key personnel can save time and energy. CompanyHub has designed a fully automated model that allows managers to create customized and specific workflow algorithms in a simple and user-friendly manner. This completely eliminates the requirement of lengthy coding for every work function, as team members can create automatic flowcharts themselves – leading to a high level of productivity and output.

For example: If you need to send a personalized birthday greeting mail to clients, it is possible to create a self-regulated workflow by choosing the contact, inserting their mail address, and facilitating the automatic generation of birthday emails from the organization’s official mail address. So, once the flowchart is created, Companyhub’s automation model will itself check the contact’s birth date, and send a greeting if required from the organization’s account – keeping the whole process super simple and structured!

CompanyHub Review

Entering and managing updated CRM data is a challenging task for all salespeople and CompanyHub is the perfect solution as it will save your organization a huge amount of time and drive productivity. CompanyHub has a simple and intuitive interface that is similar to excel, along with user-friendly features and it is supported by Windows, iOS, and Android. An affordable and unique CRM system – CompanyHub is a sure shot way to drive your sales to an all-time high and transform your bottom line results dramatically!

Here is a detailed review of CompanyHub:

1. Lead Management

CompanyHub has been designed for easy and quick lead management, as it has the ability to enter/update important information about your current and potential leads. A contact list can be created, and various fields and filters can be created to segregate your lead data in an efficient manner – thereby making it a consolidated database in a centralized platform!

CompanyHub Review

2. Contact History

It is super easy to manage and update your contact history through CompanyHub, as it has an Excel-based interface that allows you to list your contacts in an orderly way. Various fields such as contact address, past purchases, birthdays and telephone numbers can be added, so as to have an updated record of all contacts at hand.

CompanyHub Review

3. Contact Import/Export

It facilitates the smooth and streamlined transfer of contact data through excel and other platforms so that you can transfer information without any hassles. Various fields of contact information can be speedily transferred in a variety of formats to other software systems painlessly – making CompanyHub high on functionality and ease of access!

4. Email Tracking

It facilitates real-time email tracking and allows users to find out whether their marketing emails have been clicked/ opened and how much time has been spent on them. It has the ability to monitor whether instant messages have been delivered. It also sends prompt reminders if there are repeatedly no replies from users.

5. Deal Pipeline Management

Managing deals at every stage of the business is very important, and CompanyHub makes it possible to manage all current and pending deals at a glance. Users can view the stages of current deals, and even create notes to remind them of important tasks that may help in deal conversion. You can view closed deals through a tabular view, and enter important field information such as real name, stage, amount and company for a  comprehensive understanding of the business arrangement.

CompanyHub Review

6. Follow-up Management

It makes it possible to get follow-up suggestions through your contact list, as it monitors leads based on previous email communication. It gives accurate follow-up recommendations based on the probability of the lead getting converted – making sure that sales managers can vigorously pursue leads with a higher chance of conversion.

CompanyHub Review

7. Interaction Tracking

Keeping a track of all customer interaction is a tough task for sales teams! CompanyHub enables users to keep a record of all communication between the sales teams and leads – so that you can refer previous conversions and gather customer information on all stages of a potential lead conversion.

8. Appointment Management

Managing client and lead appointments is a breeze through CompanyHub, as it has the ability to monitor upcoming appointments that can be viewed at a quick glance. Users can also set alerts and reminders to make sure that they don’t miss out on important business meetings, and create special notes to reference previous dealings with the same customer.

9. Customizable Fields

Having the power to customize and filter sales data is always ultra-helpful in a CRM software package! CompanyHub facilitates the generation of customizable fields while managing contacts so that any additional information can be added – thereby creating a touch of personalization. For example – You can add the birthdays and anniversaries of your clients, and even program an automated message to be sent to them on that day, so as to establish a stronger bond with your valued client base!

CompanyHub Review

10. Permission Management

CompanyHub makes sure that you can control who sees what data – thus making sure that only authorized personnel can view and manage sensitive sales numbers! It makes sure that team members can only lay their hands on data that they are officially approved to access – having a strict hierarchy and rule-based access control system.

11. Quote Management

Sales teams can generate quotes for new products through CompanyHub, and also enter the requisite taxations (such as GST, VAT etc.) so that the accurate amount can be viewed. It is possible to create customized quotes for clients and various fields such as shipping address and billing address can be added for smoother transactions.

CompanyHub Review

12. Reporting and Statistics

It has a variety of advanced and sophisticated reporting options that give a bird’s eye view of all important sales information at just a glance! There are around 20 pre-defined reports that can be utilized for daily operational reporting, and it is also possible to personalized reports by adding specific fields and filters.

CompanyHub Review

13. Task Management

Users can manage critical task and resource allocation/distribution through CompanyHub – thereby making sure all team members know who has been entrusted with a particular task. It is possible to view any team member’s tasks also, so as to get a unified picture of the current sales and lead status in real-time.

14. Inventory

It supports the entire sales cycle by integrating an optimized inventory module that can achieve seamless integration between pre-sales and post-sales accounting activities. The inventory module handles the invoices, quotations, vendors, and orders in a streamlined manner. Standard price lists and stock re-order levels can be entered to ensure sufficient quantity of product inventory at all times. CompanyHub can also download specific sales quotes, give discounts, and automatically mail the final amount to the vendor for better and faster efficiency.

15. Call and SMS Facility

A huge part of any CRM software is to keep the communication between the company and customers flowing – CompanyHub allows for the bulk sending of instant messages and emails to customers to alert them of any important events. All contact phone numbers are also stored in a centralized database to facilitate easy calling, and it is possible to set reminders for follow-ups to make sure team members remain in constant touch until the last stages of deal closing.

16. Advanced Customization Options

Customization is the cornerstone of an effective CRM solution and CompanyHub makes it possible for users to completely customize fields, reports, and tables. Personalization options are easy and user-friendly, require no technical specialization, and completely eliminate the need for any external coding – keeping your CRM activities on the right track!

17. Email Sync

It facilitates two-way email syncing, so any essential business communication through your personal mail account will also reflect in your CompanyHub account – making sure you have access to data at all times. Based on previous email communication, CompanyHub will be able to suggest and track follow-up actions, thereby making sure of maximum lead conversion!

Bottom Line

CompanyHub is a dynamic CRM software package that is definitely the ideal choice for any organization that requires an efficient system to manage its leads in a unified manner. It’s flexibility, a high degree of customization and simple user-interface make it the perfect CRM tool to help companies enhance their overall bottom line results exponentially!

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