What Benefits Does Container Technology Bring to App Development?



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Last updated: October 9, 2018

The computerization of several business functions has become an undeniable trend today. Human resource monitoring, pay calculation, ordering systems, and all other business-related tasks have been made electronic.

If you are in the business of developing different types of software and applications for other companies, then there really is a need for you to familiarize yourself and your employees with container technology. Now you must be wondering what is that?

The container approach is a significant breakthrough by Docker. This technology is made open source; this means that app developers from all over the globe can configure it in the way that works for them best. They can even make contributions to improve it.

Because of the technology’s value and potential dominance in the future, Docker now has an investor portfolio that is continually expanding.

So, what does this technology do to receive such attention?

It Makes the App Independent of the Platform on Which it is Developed

Many will agree that the container technology’s most important benefit is portability. It allows the developer to bundle together all the files and dependencies that an app needs to run properly. This bundle, together with all its unique configurations and programs, is transferred together with the app to another computing environment.

You can say that the app now has its own portable operating system that is isolated from the unique configurations of its host device. As a result, applications can now run properly on local servers, private or public clouds, and other types of environment common in business settings.

Containerized Apps Lead to More Efficient Business Functions

A business really becomes more efficient if it makes use of apps that run on container technology. As opposed to the more commonly implemented virtual machines, containers use fewer data. Because of this, a server that can only accommodate two VMs can be made to accommodate three to four containers, maximizing its potential and effectively expanding its functions. Moreover, this setup reduces the cost of server acquisition.

Because efficiency is such an attractive thing for businesses, apps that use containers are far easier to sell.

Containers Isolate Apps, so Data is Far More Secure

In the previous point, we said that many containers can be hosted in a single server. But just because they share resources doesn’t really mean that one also fails when another container crashes. The containers give apps a groundbreaking level of functional independence. As such, even when one app suffers from a security breach or malware intrusion, the others will remain safe from such issues. This makes solving the problem a lot easier and faster.

If you are new to it, the ins and outs of the container technology can be intimidating. Good thing Pro Docker Training has designed highly comprehensible programs for beginners. Going through these programs can really be costly, especially if you enroll several developers. But given the many benefits that it brings not only to you but also your clients, learning about it is going to be a very good investment.

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