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Last updated: September 17, 2020

Now, the rise of technology has heaved the global businesses online which considerably changed the way of marketing every business. As of now, half of the world is online that approximates to 4 billion people and this will keep on increasing. An average person spends around 6 hours a day on the internet which created a path of the comfort zone to the marketers to reach every user online. Thus, the next big thing that comes in line with business is through streaming videos i.e. Contus Vplay video on demand solution on various social media platforms.

Besides entertainment, video streaming is now adopted by many businesses to reach more audience. The need for video streaming is growing exponentially and so are the option to meet this demand, live streaming is one such thing. Streaming live events like concerts, meetings, and religious events make the process of broadcasting simple. In short, it is an expansion of video marketing.

There is Number of Video Streaming Solution Available in the Market Where Contus Vplay Can be an Ideal Solution.

First, let us understand what exactly Contus Vplay is & who will it help..!

Besides a video streaming solution, Contus Vplay can also be used to streamline Video on demand, Live streaming, Video e-commerce, OTT, and Audio Streaming. It helps you to develop a video platform to engage a specific group of people on any screen and platform. The video-on-demand platform ensures that the size of the video is never a hindrance and all your content reach your customer in the highest quality.

Contus Vplay

Contus Vplay can be a one-stop solution for TV channels, production houses, online broadcasters, educational institutions, private video training providers, corporate houses to launch their own exclusive video on demand solution for distributing their contents over the web, mobile apps and smart tv.

Potentiality of this Puissant Multi Screen-Solution

Exploring the state of the art and its ideal ways to unleash Your video Content through different Solutions.

1. Video On Demand

A Platform to convert multiple formats on any screen that flows flawlessly in a broadcast quality that gives a pixel-rate video experience to the viewers.

2. Live Streaming

A Package of Multi-streaming that has the capability to provide everything you need to streamline your live events across the platforms and screens without any complexities.

3. OTT

Vplay’s OTT Solution provides the quality of the video content at its best and a next-generation TV Solution that flabbergast your consumers.

4. Video eCommerce

The best way to deliver an incredible shopping experience to reach unique customers to heighten your online revenue.

5. Audio Streaming

This is an exclusive platform to broadcast high-quality audio by transcoding into several audio formats to the global audience.

Features That Makes Contus Vplay Unique in the Crowd

  • Live Streaming of Events

This feature-rich live streaming platform will broadcast videos on the real-time basis. It will play live videos from venue cameras to user screens with pixel perfect HD clarity. The live stream will be supported by a durable encoder which will guarantee that your recordings play glitch-free on all screens.

  • Use your own domain

With Contus Vplay online video platform, you can use your own domain. In fact, you are in-charge of how and where to sell your videos. They choose quick, safe and reliable website domains that ensure your video is streamed at high definition and high digital accuracy. The domain also makes uploading managing and retrieving of videos easier.

It uses dynamic content workflow that helps to serve the right video content to the right user at the right time.

  • So much secured

All your video content is protected using an AES encryption, DRM, and access control. Its solid security conventions will keep hackers away from accessing, altering, and controlling your recordings to suit their plan. With its thorough encryption technique, all vital and delicate data found in your recordings are absolutely secure and shielded from unauthorized access.

  • Social Media integrations

It increases the total video engagement on social media platform through an integration of Social Media’s. You can also play your videos in community hubs where viewers can chat, comment and interact socially. This plays the key factor in boosting your revenue and also audience range.

  • Supported on almost every device

Let you view the video on Smartphone, Tablet, Chromecast, Apple TV or any platform, Contus Vplay streams video on multiple platforms and any screen size without any complexities.

  • Adaptive Bitrate Streaming

Buffering is sometimes a great hindrance to your customer’s video watching experience. There is a possibility that they may skip your videos as buffering becomes quite frustrating. However, the live streaming solution is customized to deliver videos with Adaptive Bitrate Streaming that matches the server’s memory capacity to deliver the best viewing experience possible.

  • You don’t need to have an internet connection always.

Using Contus Vplay you don’t always need an internet connection. The videos can be downloaded in the user’s account which can be viewed later.

  • Video Monetization

Videos are something that can be used to generate revenues. A simple way of Payment even makes it easy and convenient for the client. The video on demand solution is equipped with in-built paywall systems that help quick monetization of the video rather than an integrated external payment gateway.

Whether the content is a Video, Music or any kind of Media in excess size, the multi-platform video streaming can simplify the upload on the platform and sell your content to the consumers directly as a streaming media across the devices to derive digital video revenue.

  • Live to On-demand

An on-demand solution, it helps every viewer to watch or download the video. The ott service helps the audience to view the missed live streaming by means of taking the source videos to publisher on-demand streaming.

  • Channel Partners

Vplay’s best-in-class channel partner play multiple roles in providing a mutual relationship to drive growth, success and also to explore great heights which connects our audience and brands.

  • Analytical Insights

Understanding the behavior of your audience is one of the major curbs for entertaining. But, Contus Vplay has a complete analytical dashboard which explains the behavior of every viewer and drives us to target the exact audience.

  • Cloud Transcoding

Vplay has everything in it to encode the highest quality of video in the cloud platform. You can view or upload the video to the cloud platform in whatever the format but the live video platform encodes within a fraction of a minute.

The Superlative Features are not yet over – Additional Features

  1. Contus Vplay could be installed on your own server. The source code is given to the client. Everything will be on clients server so that it is easy for them to modify add or delete as per their convenience. Here your costing for infrastructure will be on the higher side. Since you need to own all the services and maintenance will be on the higher side. For big giants, it is affordable. For a startup organization, we prefer to go with Amazon or Google cloud. Since their costing is low.
  2. It is programmed using some of the latest technologies in the market such as LARAVEL, Angular JS for the client etc.
  3. Amazon AWS, Google cloud, Microsoft Azure and Akamai – major hosting players for Contus Vplay, however, it is not mandatory, you can choose other platforms according to your convenience.
  4. Easy for developers o review the code as well as customize it as it has been programmed using standard codes.

Bottom Line

A huge number of interesting product accomplishments have done by Contus Vplay, some of its noteworthy projects are Shoppable Video solution for an eCommerce website, eLearning Website for Educational Institute, Media broadcasters and Much more. It has implemented these sort of technologies for one of its clients in the U.S.A. A very rare concept with a first of its kind. Watch healthy cooking shows and simply click to purchase any of the products or ingredients that are seen on screen.

To conclude, Whatever your streaming needs, whatever the size of your audience, Contus Vplay offers a one-stop video streaming solution. With Contus Vplay you are guaranteed a high-quality product with 100%safety from all corners. The live video on-demand software has everything you need to provide a satisfactory video experience to your customers.

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  1. Glad to see this article! I have been using Contus Vplay for last 2 years now I can definitely say that it is one of the best video streaming platform I have used. When compare to other streaming providers they are providing many exclusive features and various monetization strategies. Thanks!

  2. At my previous company, we used Contus Vplay for shoppable video content and it was working great so far. And also, Contus Vplay developers created a dynamic dashboard which was designed in such appropriate structure that displays the absolute analytical reports. Other than that, we are very happy with Contus Vplay!

  3. Im looking for a video streaming solution for an e-learning we are going to make. Right now we’re self-funded but looking into streaming solutions to setup a monthly subscription platform. Ideally streaming for the website and on mobile platforms (andriod, iOS, etc).

  4. We are German-based movie producers. We would like to start video streaming website and app for Android and iOS where people can install our app and watch movies by paying.

    • Sounds great! We are so glad to help you out. Our video on demand and live streaming solution get your website and app live within a few days and help you make money by integrating multiple monetization models. For more information, you can keep in touch with our sales team at

  5. Really good stuff. I want to know more about Contus Vplay and how well does readymade video on demand solution can favor in terms of content protection?

    • Thank you for showing interest in our solution. Well, Contus Vplay is a readymade video on demand and live streaming solution which helps you launch your video streaming website that is 100% customizable built to meet unique branding strategies and user experience. Contus Vplay also boasts a sound security system such as Digital Rights Management, Access Controls, AES Encryption, Watermarking and etc, that ensures in protecting the copyrights and ownership rights of the video content. For more details about Contus Vplay, you contact our solution experts at

  6. I would like to develop a Video streaming live exclusively for my business. Is it possible to develop a website like Netflix using Laravel?

    • Yes, it’s possible! Moreover, desirable.
      Laravel is a stable framework. It was built using best practices recommended by the most experienced developers with security in mind. Video streaming application built on top of Laravel stay genuinely responsive as well.

  7. Thanks for providing a best video streaming solution details to you readers MR. Softwaresuggest. I need more details about this solution. Please drop a mail.

  8. I’m impressed with Contus Vplay and want to start my own video streaming website to showcase videos for my customers. How can I contact Contus vplay sales team?

  9. I am interested to start a video on demand service and gone through the above post and I am planning to proceed with with Contus Vplay, Is there anyone from your Contus Vplay can help me out.


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