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Last updated: April 16, 2020

Employers must see to it that their employees are working effectively and productively every day. But as the company grows, it becomes challenging to keep track of what everyone is up to and where they are spending most of their time. This is where online timesheets and project management software come into play.

FunctionFox empowers you to take control of your projects in no time. It is used by more than 100,000 creative professionals in 120+ countries. FunctionFox, a simple online timesheets and project management tool, is the leading choice of creative professionals for improved workflows and reduced admin time. Being a cloud-based solution, it neither requires any downloads, installations, or IT support. Besides, it enables users to track project costs, estimates, expenses, quotes, budgets, and more. With 2 decades of service in this domain, it’s always a pleasure to learn and acquire a better understanding of their journey.

Corina Ludwig, President at FunctionFox, speaks to SoftwareSuggest about her 20 year journey with FunctionFox, and her overall experience. She talks about the most interesting part of her career to what is coming up in 2020. Hear from this leader about her role at FunctionFox and how the company is evolving.

In conversation with Corina Ludwig, President at FunctionFox

How long have you been working with this product?

I’m honoured that I’ve had to work with this company and product from inception – which was May 2000. We launched in June of 2001 and we’re now honoured to celebrate our 20th year.

What is the most interesting thing about your job?

The most interesting thing about FunctionFox is that it is an ever-evolving industry. While there is some familiarity to each day, there’s always a new challenge, a new goal, a new unknown – and that’s what keeps it interesting.

Are there any ideological principles that your organisation follows to maintain the brand value?

FunctionFox is driven to help creative companies succeed. We lead, drive and share “HEART” with our clients, team and individuals. “Heart” as a core value for us is – Helpful, Excellence, Awesome Attitude, Resourcefulness and Trust.

Considering the pace at which the SaaS market is growing, how important is it to keep innovating to stay in the game?

We know that “The only constant in life is change”-Heraclitus. Over our 20 years the one thing that we haven’t changed is helping creative teams succeed. What has changed over those years is our delivery methods, tools, people and technology. We’re a company that will continue to adapt and thrive with excellent clients and a truly dedicated team.

What is one thing that puts your product apart from the crowd?

From the inception, FunctionFox has always focused on Simplicity and Service. We always aim to make our products have all the key functionality they need with the most simplistic design and user interface. We also have built our company one person, one conversation at a time. All our customer service is free and we’re here for our clients – with whatever they need – each and everyday.

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