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Deeksha Chaturvedi

Senior editor

Parul Saxena

Chief editor

Last updated: July 29, 2021

“A business absolutely devoted to Customer Service Excellence will have only one worry about profits. They will be embarrassingly large.” – Sir Henry Ford

It goes without a doubt that customer service is the key to success. How one manages and engages with customers could be a real trick in acquiring larger profits.

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Due to enhanced technology, marketing communication techniques are becoming more and more creative and streamlined. The customer’s perception of CRM business flow and behavior towards a brand could drastically change if the company efficiently listens to their issues and solves them instantly. To ensure the same, the integration of Virtual PBX (Ozonetel, Exotel, Knowlarity) with CRM software like kreatoCRM the quality of customer service can be increased resulting in increased profits.

  1. Knowing Your Customer Preferences: Merging of CRM software and Virtual PBX would help your team have a prerequisite of the customer’s preferences and the kind of communication they generally opt for. If your team knows their customers well, they would accordingly communicate with them over emails, phone calls or chats. Pitching the customers at right time & in the right language will increase the sales & satisfaction level by many levels. A CRM software integrated with the PBX is the simplest way of recording all the communication with the customer.
  1. Increased per hour Call Rate: The call length of companies in telesales or servicing would be dependent on how well trained the team is and what kind of issue they’re dealing with. Constant callbacks would decrease the efficiency and reduce the hourly call rates. It will also impact the satisfaction levels of customers drastically. An accurately designed CRM system can allow the agents to access the available data faster and that would lead to a faster call rate (FCR). Any telesales team encounters ‘screen pong’ i.e. switching between multiple pages on the screen. A good CRM system could put an end to it by bringing all the functionalities together on a single page. Good CRM software, lets you manage all your documents and tutorial at one place. These documents can easily be shared with the customer, and accessed by the internal team. The knowledge base builder app of KreatoCRM provides this functionality efficiently.
  1. Increase profitability per Customers: For any business to grow, not only should the number of the customer but also the revenue generated per customer to increase. A technologically advanced CRM automation system aspires to intelligently generate actionable information out of the available data of customers. It assists the sales team to suggestions related products/service to the customers. The team can easily upsell & cross-sell the products. This would make a customer’s experience more dynamic and worthwhile. There could be combos or deals to retain a loyal customer and to attract potential ones. Workflow could be systematized and every transaction could be noted. CRM integration will help you easily generate the lead as well as support ticket from the cloud telephony call records directly & this will lead to an increase in efficiency. Chances of lead or support ticket entry getting dropped go down by many levels.

Additionally, Customer dreads the after sales of any product/service. They want minimum troubles with the offering and least interaction with the company. If the time taken to handle any kind of situation is decreased, any customer would become, a happy customer. Also, after sales servicing cost of the customer can drastically affect your profitability.

CRM software integrated with virtual PBX will help in better designing your sales process and Understanding ways to reduces the cost of servicing the customer. You can also improve client retention with CRM software

In conclusion, it’s only about time we made an optimum use of a resource so powerful, and make the daily tasks simpler and cost-effective. Hence the integration of Virtual PBX with CRM software is a must for any organization looking to grow efficiently.

Deeksha Chaturvedi is a content creator working with SoftwareSuggest. She is passionate about marketing and graphics. Her writing depicts true essence of knowledge gained through academics and experiences. Her hobbies are to dance and socialize. She dreams of becoming a very successful business woman

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