Why Does Your Business Need a CRM Marketing Automation Integration?

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Last updated: August 25, 2021

Are you deploying different types of software to make marketing simple for your business? However, in contrast to making things easy, it is complicating it for you as you are just toggling back and forth the systems?

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Then, there’s a savior for you, and it’s called CRM marketing integration.

Now, you might be wondering- What is CRM marketing automation integration and why do I need it? We’ll answer these questions in this post. So, settle down and read!

CRM Marketing Automation Integration

Do you think how elements process of CRM functions in growing business and CRM marketing automation software tools are the same thing? If your answer is affirmative, then you have been living in a false sense of reality thereby losing a lot more than you can expect.

CRM refers to Customer Relationship Management Software. On the other hand, Marketing Automation includes software that automates marketing activities from online campaign management software, lead generation system to lead scoring.

It ensures a high ROI on marketing activities. An integration of both CRM and Marketing Automation takes business to another level.

Did you know? “More than 50% of established businesses use marketing automation tools as per the reports from Digital Capital Advisors”.

But some corporates are still not utilizing CRM and automation tools simultaneously. If you are one of those, then it’s time to change!

Reasons you should adopt CRM marketing automation integration

When it comes to building a coherent and powerful marketing and sales team, integration of CRM automation is incredibly important.

Let’s discuss the reasons to do so:

1. Helps Foster Better Customer Relationships

There’s no denying the fact that marketing teams supervise a crucial aspect of the purchasing process. Before communicating with the sales time, buyers make their way through over 50% of the journey. While only 20% of buyers show their interest in buying, which leaves a burden on marketing to grab a separate base of uncertain customers.

Gone are the days when businesses used to examine data collected on every lead. With the help of marketing automation, you can witness an increase of more than 450% in qualified leads. This would help marketers to understand to strengthen their bond with their customers and know when they are ready to make a purchase.

2. Gain Qualified Leads

Did you know?

More than 70% of marketers believed that converting leads is their priority.

One of the biggest benefits of CRM software is that it helps to generate better leads. When the leads are synchronized with CRM, your sales department will know which ones should go ahead without any delay.

With the integration, the sales team is likely to have more meaningful conversations. This is the major reason corporations are aggressively flocking to integrate CRM with marketing automation.

3. Grants Visibility into Customer Behaviours

Marketing automation is infused with tools that help to capture relevant data about your target audience like the number of people visiting your website, how much time they have spent, what page they left last time, and what they want.

In fact, “The better you understand your customer, the more you can be specific in your communication”.

When you consider CRM marketing integration, your sales department is likely to get more insight into the buyer’s interests, actions, and outfalls. This would significantly help them to customize their conversations and attract more and more customers promptly.

4. Better Vision Leads to the Right direction

Among all other departments, the sales team does a strenuous job and their work gets harder when they are unaware of their customers’ interest.

This is where the importance of CRM and marketing automation comes in!

When you choose the right CRM marketing automation, your sales team will know a lot more about customers than just their location. Also, your business will get to know a multitude of things like;

  • How customers are responding to campaigns
  • What type of content do they prefer to consume?
  • What websites they visit more often

This would help the sales team to customize communication to keep the messaging consistent and create an impact, ultimately beneficial for your business.

5. Awarding Credit & Revenue where it is due

Having said that businesses that use CRM marketing integration are likely to witness a 450% rise in qualified leads.

Though your existing reason to build custom CRM software for your business might be working well for you, it may be difficult for you to manage your customers when the list starts increasing. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that managing your contacts is a long process and it needs a robust automation tool to pass a good lead to your sales.

So, integrating your CRM with marketing automation will bring significant positive results to your business.

6. Saves Time by Sending Leads

One of the major reasons behind the mismanagement between sales and marketing teams is transferring premature leads.

Did you know?

More than 60% of B2B marketers rush every lead straight to sales out of which only 30% or less are qualified.

Always remember that if B2B marketers are sending the leads too soon, they are ultimately wasting massive revenue opportunities. With the right CRM integration, the sales team will get access to any relevant data collected by marketers.

This would help them to seamlessly perform their duties while helping businesses achieve a higher success rate. 

7. Revitalizes Previous Leads

If a respective lead is not willing to make a purchase, then it doesn’t mean that it will always be true.

It has been observed that most businesses are likely to overlook the recycled leads.

When you consider CRM marketing integration, it would help to re-engage the cold leads. In fact, more than 60% of customers are encouraged to look for a product after going through it.

If any of the customers show interest again, then it will easily be displayed in the CRM software, notifying the sales team of such major changes.

With the amalgamation of your CRM and marketing automation software, your sales and marketing team can:

  • Offer better visibility to both the teams
  • Abbreviate the sales process
  • Improve pipeline management
  • Foster cross-department relationships
  • Provide consistent messaging
  • Combine your data management system
  • Generate more qualified leads
  • Enhances the relationship with customers

Examples of CRMs with Marketing Automation

If you are looking to utilize both of them, then make sure you consider the following providers that will help you understand both CRM and marketing automation capabilities:

  • HubSpot

HubSpot is an open-source and comprehensive platform that offers CRM and marketing automation tools in different aspects: Marketing, Sales, Service and CMS. The platform encourages users to utilize all these 4 aspects to conduct marketing sales from a dedicated location.

  • Rejoiner

Rejoiner is an email marketing platform that helps users to create user-based triggers and consolidate customer data platform and segment information.

  • Moosend

Specifically designed for mushrooming businesses, Moosend is an all-in-one marketing platform that is equipped with a multitude of tools, including marketing automation, a feature-rich email marketing tool, a content editor, and reporting and analytics.

 Final Thoughts

So, that’s a wrap-up to the reasons your business needs a CRM integration with marketing automation!

There’s no arguing with the fact that both CRM and marketing automation provides a dedicated platform for all the teams to analyse customers’ activities and their buying behaviour. When you choose CRM marketing integration, you are likely to make both your sales team and customers happier by streamlining the entire process of sales.

Want to know more about CRM integration with marketing automation? If so, please make comments in the section below.

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