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Last updated: August 5, 2021

We have reviewed many Attendance Management Software – Indian and international, but to put CuckooTech Gamified 3.1 in any of the traditional slots is difficult. We can say, it is T&A Plus, as it goes beyond just time and attendance compliance. Apart from providing attendance management and leave management which every T&A software provides, Cuckoo differentiates itself from others with the features like Gamification, Patented Biometric Solution, Multi-Location Attendance and Contractor Management.

Its approach is highly customer-centric and oriented towards employee engagement.

Here are the 4 major features that must be brought to light if we talk about CuckooTech.

1) Gamification:

In daily work life, employees tend to avoid the use of attendance management system many times. This human psychology is a concern for the management. Cuckoo is the 1st Software which has researched deeply into the human behavior of employees and came up with Gamification solution.

Gamification is a reward system in which employee will receive reward points when he or she uses the software on daily basis. Now the interesting part is that employee can convert these points into a movie ticket or a shopping coupon.

It’s interesting to note that, the employee who once used to avoid using the HR system will use it now on a daily basis because, now it is not just a compliance, but a motivation in terms of “Personal Benefit” is added.

They claim they are the first in the world to gamify T&A in such a manner and a thorough check from our team ratifies this.

cuckootechAdvantages of gamification:

  • Reduce stress level of the managers because every employee would try to seek the benefits of gamification feature and will use the system on daily basis without a miss.
  • The employee gets movie tickets from theatres like PVR or various coupons for shopping.
  • It creates a healthy competition between employees to rank as the winner.

CuckooTech informed us that they are working on many such collaborations. If it happens, it will be a big leap. Though later on it may not be available at the introductory price that they are offering now.

2) Patented Biometric Solution:

Cuckoo is attracting media and clients with its gamification feature, but our technical team thinks Cuckoo’s real power lies in its Integrated Attendance Management System. The biometric system is world class with fake finger detection, the sensors are fast, and it was found to take a good amount of pressure with ease.

What impressed our team was the way their biometric machine and the software work together. Even if the employee is working from home or other location when he logs in into his computer or laptop, he automatically gets connected with the employee management and attendance system, and his attendance will get recorded. When he logs out, the system will record that too. With the adoption of this feature, Work from Home will become very easy. The company will also be able to identify the exact number of hours of the employee.

This is clearly designed for modern organizations which work on flexible shifts, work from home schemes. Even companies with a big number in the field workforce will also find it useful, especially when there is a Mobile App available too.

3) Multi-Location Attendance:

This feature can be a huge relief for the organizations having multiple outlets in one city or multiple outlets in a country. In such instances, managers often travel to the other outlet. CuckooTech provides multiple location attendances where an employee can punch his attendance from any of the outlets. With this feature, the exact working time of the employee can be calculated. An employee can also “web check-in” his attendance from other location.

While other software can also handle such situations, CuckooTech has eliminated some of the steps and made it seamless. Not a big technical leap, but good thinking on part of the software designers we should say.

cuckootech2As companies expanding geographically in India, this feature will save a lot of mismanagement.  

4) Contractor Management:

Contractor Management Module connects vendors with outsourced contractors. Companies outsource contractors for the purpose of labor, and it is essential to know the labor acts, minimum wages and payroll compliance. From the contractor’s registration to labour wages, all the details are mentioned. The company can plan and manage workforce as well.

In our view, this is another feature that underlines the fact that CuckooTech is designed for real-life scenarios.

Other important features:

  1. A dashboard is simple and user-friendly. An employee can use it comfortably.  
  2. Smart Attendance indication (No. of hours attended & No. of days attended)
  3. Integration with HR Solutions- Cuckoo can be integrated with Opportune’s HRMS
  4. Location-based Holiday Management
  5. SAP Integration
  6. Notification bar to remind the employee of his/her activities
  7. Web Check-In attendance
  8. Two access to the manager or key person
  9. History of employee attendance on Calendar
  10. List of HR and Company Policy panel
  11. To Do List feature an employee will get notification on Email when he/she is offline from the software
  12. Leave balance
  13. Mobile App


In a nutshell, while everyone is going gaga over the gamification feature, we feel CuckooTech is a robust, solutions-focused T&A attendance system for the modern world. It does its core function so well, we feel gamification can be taken as a bonus.

As a closing note, it is the 1st Indian company to invest so much in HR Automation. It has clearly differentiated itself from all the other Indian Attendance Management Software and on all performance parameters giving a tough competition to international brands. With its SAP integration capabilities; it can fill a big gap. Companies with a high level of quality demands can now get a solution at Indian prices. Though it’s not just about price, CuckooTech is clearly designed to answer the Indian HR scenarios.

CuckooTech T&A should get good acceptance in hospitality and retail industry. Even BPOs and other modern businesses should grab it, as it is clearly designed to answer complex T&A scenarios.

Please comment on your suggestions and queries, my team and I will be happy to help!

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