Customer Service Strategies to Help You Beat the Competition

Nikunj Dudhat

Nikunj Dudhat

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Last updated: August 27, 2020

If you ask any business owner what they would like to have – a few hundred happy customers or just thousands of customers, they will certainly opt for the former one.

Make the latest customer service strategies for your business growth. After all, businesses revolve around the customers, and their ultimate purpose is to serve them. 

With business, the customers are also evolving. You might offer different products and services from time to time, but people’s demands can never be fulfilled completely.

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There is no such thing as over-delivering when it comes to customer service. It just cannot be perfect.

Plenty of research has already been performed to understand customers’ behavior. One thing is universal – unsatisfied customers will refrain from buying you no matter how superior your products might be.

And a satisfied client will not only be willing to purchase from you in the future, but he/she is likely to recommend your brand to other people they know.

Top 5 Best Customer Service Strategies 

1. Nothing Can Beat Compassion & Empathy

You need to know that in business, too, you’re building relationships with customers. And when it comes to relationships, no matter what kind, nothing can beat compassion and empathy. This doesn’t just end with greeting customers and looking out for their needs; it goes much beyond that.

You need to make sure that customers are listened to all the times, whether it is a positive remark or a negative one.

Humans are emotional beings. They will always remember what they felt at any particular time. Your customer service team should deal with customers in an empathetic way. For instance, if someone is unhappy with your product and is contacting you regarding it, then the person handling that will need to know how to cut down the disappointment of the customer.

These customer service strategies will always make your customers feel good, but it will also result in overall satisfaction.

2. Personalization Matters

Stretching the above point of compassion and empathy, maintaining relationships with customers is crucial. That’s where personalization comes into play.

Who doesn’t remember being felt special?

It might seem such a simple thing, but it matters a lot to people. You need to show that you understand and value your customers.

Use Customer relationship management software to build more personalized customer service strategies.

Many companies using CRM software to send personalized messages to their customers on several occasions.

Some companies even have a reward system for loyalty or bonus deals if someone buys in bulk. All these establishes a sense of cordiality and trust between the buyer and seller.

3. Minimize The Response Time

In the world of instant messaging, everyone expects a quick reply. It also holds true when it comes to customer service strategies. The faster your response, the more pleasing the customer would feel.

Many business owners have implemented the chat-bots powered by AI systems to solve customers’ queries.

It is helpful in terms of response time, but it doesn’t always provide answers to customers’ questions.

Another noteworthy thing here is to understand customer behavior. Most of them are active on social media, and it has been observed that people post complaints and reviews there.

This is where businesses need to act because social media platforms are fast and feasible to use for people.

Big companies like Hotstar and Netflix have dedicated twitter accounts to help their customers. This doesn’t only work 24×7, but you’re responding on the platform in which your customer is comfortable.  

4. Adapt According To The Feedback

This is perhaps the most important customer service strategies to deploy. If you want to improve a particular product or you intend to create a new one, then seeking feedback from customers is significant as you’ll get to know all the issues in your existing product and people’s experience with it. So it will allow you to address all those issues and deliver a superior experience than before.

Feedback can be gathered through online surveys, survey forms sent via emails, telephone surveys, or other methods.

You might have noticed that Ola and Uber tell their customers to rate the driver and leave a comment after completion of a ride. This kind of technique helps them improve their services to achieve customer satisfaction. 

5. Build A Diligent Customer Support Team

Again, if you want to attain higher customer satisfaction, then having a diligent customer support team is pivotal.

Hiring individuals with apt skills, which includes patience, empathy, confidence, tender speaking tone, etc., and training them to polish these skills further is among the earliest step in developing customer service strategies.

Providing training doesn’t just include enhancing the skills of the team members; many times, customers complain that they didn’t get adequate information when they enquired about a specific product. This can be rooted down to the representative’s lack of knowledge.

So you need to ensure that all your customer service members possess thorough knowledge about all your products and services.

You can also introduce a rating system where customers rate their experience with a particular representative to track the performance of the entire customer service team.


It is clear when it comes to customer service, you should never settle. You can never achieve 100% satisfaction, but at least you can try to please your customers by providing them the necessary help.

According to a report by Walker Information Inc., a customer experience consulting firm, more than 80% of consumers are willing to spend more for superior customer experience in 2020.

Offering competitive prices and launching a revolutionary product is no longer enough as far as your customer service standards remain the same.

Having customer service strategies to raise customer service standards is of prime importance. if you want your business to thrive and stand out from the competition.

Nikunj Dudhat
A digital marketing and content curator at SoftwareSuggest, a software recommendation platform. I am passionate about Digital Marketing, and all things digital. Also interested in technology and innovation. In my spare time, enjoy playing cricket, and Badminton.

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