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Last updated: September 16, 2021

To stay above ground today, businesses need to be agile. But, while we are constantly ensuring agile processes, preparing our human resources to be adaptable, did we just forget to throw some light on our technology? The company can only implement end-to-end agile processes when every aspect of it supports it. So, do your tools aid your growth or restrict it?

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We live in a world where we have customizable everything. Every decision feels like a trip to Subway. Want to eat healthy, gluten-free, dairy-free, spicy, sweet? They can do it all—just the way you want. The technology is not behind in catching up on this trend. Today’s best software chooses to empower businesses by providing them what they need, not just handing over what they think their customers need!

So, what is the most dynamic tool your company leverages? It has to be project management, right? Imagine this, you worked to prepare a new strategy, convinced the administration to implement it, coached your team to work with it, and on the D day, all hell broke loose because your project management tool wasn’t built for it.

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Does this sound like your worst nightmare? Modern times call for a modern solution. Here’s how you can say miles away from it. Invest in customizable project management software. Check out our top 3 customizable project management software.

Top 3 Customizable Project Management Software

1. Wrike

This cloud-based one of the top project management tools is designed specifically to fit your way of working and not the other way around. With a view of workload for resource management, real-time updates, and more, Wrike’s customizability is the best thing about it.

Its unique dashboard provides you a comprehensive view of the entire project, and a user-friendly experience ensures efficiency. Free templates, custom request forms – a tool that uses conditional logic for form creation that help managers eliminate monotonous tasks by automatically assigning tasks.

In addition to everything, Wrike has some specific team collaboration tools that suit today’s hybrid work models. This project management software also facilitates a single source of truth and enables end-to-end visibility minimum disruption through multiple communication channels. You can directly collaborate on the Wrike platform itself.

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Wrike has a free plan for its most basic features and offers three upgraded programs – professional and business for five users to 200 users, and enterprise for 5+ users starting at $9.80 per user/per month. It also provides a 14-day trial on all the plans.

Before we move further, are you thinking if you should put in all the effort to upgrade or not? Let’s walk through that thought. With the tech world evolving at a lightning-fast pace, upgrading is crucial. Do you think your current tools are equipped to accommodate the project management trends to come?

2. ClickUp

With a claim to save 52 days per year, around one day per week, this customizable project management software has bagged some of the best companies to manage their workflow.

ClickUp empowers its users by providing the freedom to customize their workflow, create custom tasks, view the work in their unique way, and much more.

The best thing about this platform is the small details they have worked on to provide the best possible experience. It is much more than just a customizable project management software where individuals can collaborate, organize and plan as per their choice.

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It empowers you with the ability to focus on what matters to you. With their custom notification where you can make information work for you, you get to decide what project is more critical and want to be notified about beyond your work hours. The dark screen, colors, and tags are a couple of other small yet practical features.

“Being a project manager is like being an artist, you have the different coloured process streams combining into a work of art.” 

– Greg Cimmassuti.

The most basic version is available for free forever. Furthermore, they offer two upgraded options at $5 and $9 per user.

Additionally, to do justice to different teams and help them in the best possible way, this customizable project management software offers two different plans, one specially designed for marketing and creative teams and the other for service delivery teams.

3. Smartsheet

This, one of the best project management tool claims that 90% of the fortune 100 companies leverage their platform. With a view of contributing to the dynamic work models we have today, Smartsheet empowers teams with an open path for a more creative flow of ideas, ensuring they can turn them into actions.

This application is trusted by companies globally and provides multiple functionalities starting from digital asset management to a calendar, API, admin center, data retention controls, and more.

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Adobe Creative Cloud, Slack, Zapier, excel are a few of the many excellent integrations this app offers. In addition, Smartsheet offers three different plans, individual, business, and enterprise, starting at $14 per user/per month. They also provide a free-of-cost 30-day trial period.

The best part about this software is that it offers customized plans at enterprise levels. While all businesses are unique, this, one of the top project management tools transforms your uniqueness into your strength.

Well, the list can go on, but we think there is something more crucial to address here. How do you select the right software for your business? Every software is unique in its way, and you have to take your journey to find your exceptional fit. We can help you with a rough map here:

Evaluate your needs:

Learn the bottlenecks of your current projects, discuss with your teams and see where they’d like to see some improvements. Learning what you need will be the most crucial step in getting the best project management tools for you. On a personal level, you could love multiple software, but you have to put that aside for a better judgment.

Filter the software:

Now that you know what your company needs, filter the apps that provide a solution to it, pick the ones close to your budget. Of course, sticking to your budget is another vital aspect.

Now is the right time to get your teams on board, try out the trials, and have a detailed analysis of what worked and what didn’t. Remember, just because you have some roadblocks for the first few days doesn’t mean that the project management software isn’t suited for your company. You have got to change a couple of working patterns, have an open mind. Every exemplary implementation looks chaotic at first.

Ready, set, GO!

Go crazy, pick the wildest ideas, try them out; these customizable project management software are specially built to help you embrace your uniqueness. 

Need some help? We have a list of the best project management software to start your drill with. What software are you using currently? How does it empower your business? Do let us know in the comments below.

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