Top 16 Data Visualization Tools For A Productive Remote Teamwork

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Last updated: September 30, 2021

The concept of working from home in collaborations with remote teams is a standard working model now. However, working from home has its own set of challenges – including communication and collaboration. Data Visualization tools will help in overcoming these challenges.

According to statistics, tech teams are more productive when working from home instead of the office. For the tech teams of developers, managers, and designers, it is essential to have a set of needed tools to visualize their thoughts when working remotely. Of course, all of them use Slack or Skype for communication, but it is not enough. There is a need for specialized software to showcase some data, analytics, graphics, and project results.

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We have gathered a list of the top 15 data visualization tools that offshore development teams can use throughout their tech projects to collaborate with their teammates and clients.

For Analytics

1. Tableau Online

As part of planning, building, testing, deploying, and administering applications, developers, employ various productivity, coding, testing, and cloud-management technologies. Although most systems have reporting and analysis features, technology teams may find it beneficial to construct their reporting skills to evaluate better, anticipate, and manage elements of their work. Tableau is a popular and effective solution for meeting those reporting requirements.


It costs $500 per year per user, and there are no bandwidth or storage fees. Every account comes with 100 GB of storage.

2. Databox

Databox is a real-time business analytics platform that brings all of your data together in one place so you can measure progress and identify insights. Combine data from several sources on a single dashboard to obtain a more comprehensive picture of your performance in a quick glimpse. Databox has a slew of one-click connectors with Google Analytics, HubSpot, Mixpanel, Facebook, and more services.


Databox’s monthly price starts at $59.00 per feature. A free version is available. A free trial of Databox is available as well.

3. Sisense

Sisense is a flexible business intelligence (BI) system that includes powerful analytics, visualizations, and reporting capabilities for managing and supporting company data. Businesses may use the solution to evaluate large, diverse databases and produce meaningful business insights.


Potential Sisense customers must fill out a request-for-quote form on the company’s website under the “Pricing” tab to obtain a personalized price.

4. Infogram

Infogram is a data visualization tool for marketers, strategic business executives, media businesses, and other professionals. The user may generate compelling images and stand out with data-driven content thanks to the dependable program. It also comes with a collection of tools for structuring data in a way that impresses both customers and coworkers.


The basic version is free, but access is limited. The Pro version costs $19 per month if paid annually; otherwise, it costs $25 per month. Aside from that, the cost is determined by various customizations and is different for different customers.

5. Datawrapper

Datawrapper is a data visualization and compilation program that makes it easier to show vast amounts of data. Journalists, software developers, and other design professionals who need to compile data in any format may find it helpful. 

Users can select several types of maps and charts depending on the design and presentation style required. The goal of Datawrapper’s design is for it to be adaptable enough to accommodate various bespoke chart designs appropriate for the newsroom.


They offer a free plan with limited access. The custom plan is €499 per month, while the enterprise plan gives prices that depend on the individual’s customizations.

For programming

6. Jira

Jira is a software application that assists users in defining, assigning, and setting task priorities. It helps users manage application development, ensuring that all aspects of the process are covered, from concept to implementation. It offers a basic intuitive interface that facilitates good communication and allows for more efficient work completion.


There is a free trial for the first seven days, a small team plan for $10 per month for up to ten users, expanding team plan for $75 per month for up to 15 users, with the ability to scale up to 2000 people at an additional cost.

7. Visual Studio Code

Microsoft Visual Studio Code is a free coding editor that allows you to code in various programming languages without switching editors. One of Visual Studio Code’s main features, such as those of other decent code editors, is its customizability. You may alter the theme, add other languages and debuggers, and connect to other services via extensions.


One of the most appealing aspects of Visual Studio Code is that it is entirely free. All you have to do is select the appropriate version for your OS, download it, and run it.

For Design

8. Canva

Canva is an online service that allows anybody to design anything with ease. With countless professionally produced templates to choose from, you can simply create, tweak, and share your creations. It’s never been easier to fulfil your creative goals, from posters to pamphlets, gorgeous animations, to professional presentations.


Canva’s monthly price starts at $12.99 per user. There is also a free version but with limitations.

9. Markup Hero

Markup Hero helps in capturing ideas, efficient communication, and saving time. With Markup Hero’s screenshot software and picture uploader, you can quickly record and share ideas. With simple annotation tools, you may convey your ideas on any image. You can save time by rapidly accessing all of your screenshots and notes and making changes on the fly.


Markup Hero provides a free trial as well as a limited free version. Its monthly fees start at $4.00 per user.

10. Visme

Visme revolutionizes how you produce and distribute compelling PowerPoint presentations, charts, and other graphic media. Visme is a content creation platform used by IBM, General Dynamics, Accenture, and 4.5 million other users to tell and convey their ideas and turn dull statistics into compelling visuals.


Visme is available for $19.00 per month. A free, somewhat restricted version is also available.

For Presentations

11. Powtoon

Powtoon enables anyone to get simple, stunning results by transforming personal interactions into visual experiences that inspire their audience to engage, interact, and perform. The all-in-one platform makes designing completely customized and helps create professional films with ease.


Along with a free trial, PowToon charges its customers $89.00 per month.

12. SlideUpLift

SlideUpLift is an online platform of 30,000+ PowerPoint and Google slides templates to help professionals make compelling presentations using vision science and storytelling principles. These templates are 100% editable and ready to use. You can create persuasive and engaging business presentations in just a few clicks using their vast library of editable PowerPoint and google slides themes.


A Free Plan is available. However, the membership plan starts at $49.99.

13. Pitch

Pitch is an interactive presentation program. It focuses on real-time collaboration, intelligent processes, and simple design elements to make things simple for teams to develop and deliver great presentations and for anybody to draw insight from expert-crafted templates. Pitch has been used by large teams, including prominent businesses such as Notion, Intercom, and Superhuman.


A free version is available. However, pitch charges a flat rate of $10.00 per month and does not offer a free trial.

14. VideoScribe

Users can create their films using VideoScribe without the need for complex software, stop-motion animations, or expert assistance. As a result, thousands of people use it worldwide, including advertisers, design companies, enterprises, NGOs, and teachers.


VideoScribe’s price starts at $25.00 per month as a fixed charge. There is no free version available. 

For Developers: Javascript Libraries

15. D3.js

A JavaScript library for data-driven document manipulation, D3.js uses HTML, SVG, and CSS and allows you to bring data to life. With powerful visualization elements and an informative approach to DOM manipulation, D3 gives you the full potential of current browsers without restricting you to a commercial platform.


It has a quote-based plan for which the customer would need to contact the vendor.

16. Ember.js (Ember charts)

It is an open-source JavaScript web framework built on the Model-View-ViewModel design paradigm. Ember’s Handlebars integrated templates update instantly as the input data changes, allowing you to write relatively lesser code. Ember.js uses common patterns so you can concentrate on what makes your project unique. Ember.js was created with efficiency in mind.


It is free.

Summing it up

While there are various challenges with working remotely, one of them is a lack of equipment. These data visualization tools will allow you to keep your remote team communicating effectively, put your priorities straight and in line with your team’s objectives, and cooperate just as smoothly as if you were all present in the same workspace.

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