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Last updated: April 22, 2021

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software has become an essential part of several industries in today’s time. They help streamline complex workflows, save time and make the best use of available resources. However, implementing such software often requires organizations to share their critical business data, logic, or trade secrets with your ERP partners for better personalization and accurate results.

While most firms happily make this sacrifice to get more customizations, many are skeptical about it, and rightly so. After all, compromising a company’s security and future for the sake of convenience doesn’t sound like a wise choice. Many companies, therefore, had to pick between security and convenience. Thankfully, DataNote paid heed to the needs of such companies and designed a comprehensive ERP solution that offers convenience with confidentiality.

We are fortunate to have interviewed Mr. Dipak Makwana, the founder & CEO of DataNote, and know about his and the organization’s journey henceforth.

In Conversation with Mr. Dipak Makwana, the Founder & CEO of DataNote

Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

What is your success mantra? Something you have followed personally that has helped you in your journey.

In the case of ERP implementation, it becomes necessary to share all the data/business logic/trade secrets/operation logic and formulas to the implementation partner/vendor or consultant but in case of DataNote, one does not require to share all this information.

We have developed such a framework, which has two major parts. One is Structure Engine and the second is Logic Engine. The ownership of Structure Engine remains with us while the Logic Engine is free to be managed by the client as we deploy the logic engine at the client-side, where the client can execute all the logic, formulas, and secrets, and that’s how the client can keep their business secret from the rest of the world.

We always focus on the quality of a product. The DataNote – Open Logic ERP solution, which has been designed to serve the best quality product to the consumers, makes it the best-suited software platform for any Industry. Being a technology company, we leverage technology to help our employees and customers to make the entire experience much better.

How has DataNote equipped itself to deal with the Covid-19 situation better?

COVID-19 created personal and professional challenges across societies and economies, raising fears that businesses — and entire industries — would struggle to stay afloat.

The tech industry, including our team & partners, found itself in a moment of opportunity. Confronted with the realities of remote work and massive disruptions to the worldwide supply chain, they innovated — in ways that sustained businesses, kept our customer moving forward, and even helped find success in the “new normal.”

Any interesting changes in DataNote numbers/ stats that you would like to share between Pre-pandemic and now?

Indian companies are increasingly looking at shorter ERP implementation cycles and usage of analytics solutions in the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic.
Organizations are refreshing their ERP systems to be able to function in the new normal.

This requires that software implementations be quicker, easier, and less time-consuming to respond to the changing situations in the least time possible.

Because of the fact that DataNote is an Open Logic solution, our team and partners are able to configure ERP systems quickly at the customer’s end. Nowadays, DataNote license sales increase 57% and implementation time reduces more than 40% compared to the pre-pandemic.

What updates and advancements are being made at DataNote to help your clients navigate in the new normal?

2020 has been a very unusual, adventurous year for us. The widespread outbreak of the pandemic demanded an unprecedented transition to remote work, almost overnight. This has been a crucial time for all of us.

DataNote ERP has been helping enterprises around the world to manage their remote sales and support teams without compromising on security or productivity levels.

We look forward to keeping up with the “new normal” and provide enterprises with all the tools required to build strong relationships with their customers. As times and trends change, we’ll be ready to adapt and improvise.

What is your vision and plan for taking DataNote to greater heights in the next 5 years?

In the next five years, we are planning on scaling our operations and expand our dealer network.

We already have strong footprints in Mauritius, Africa, UAE & Malaysia, etc. We’d like to expand our presence to other countries with growing ERP needs.

Furthermore, we are planning to grow our revenue 10x.

What motivates and strengthens you to keep up with the competition?

Every morning, I will take a piece of paper and write down my to-do list of the day. When I do this – I will get the feeling of being victorious every day, and also, I’ll constantly see improvements.

Also, being optimistic is very important because business can be tough sometimes, and then you need to see opportunities and not limitations.

What advice would you give to young entrepreneurs starting out in this field?

Stay happy and surround yourself with inspiring, hard-working people. Keep chasing and believe in your dreams, and do not be afraid to fail!

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