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Last updated: February 22, 2021

Today we are reliant on our phones and the apps in them, for everything from shopping, to recharging the same phones, paying for the same apps and for that matter even ordering food. With the world turning to mobile devices to provide and gain a new form of customized service experience, the rate of obsolesce is rapidly growing for the hardware component, that is not able to keep up with the fast-growing girth of the software component, which is becoming increasingly dominant over its hardware counterpart. Users of all ages are turning to access technologies for functions including professional and recreational activities. Be it accessing and creating work-related documents and presentations on the go or for that matter, playing Farmville and reading books while traveling or even during a warm Sunday afternoon.

dawn of app development
Youth orients their activities around apps like Instagram, Facebook, Tinder, Viber, Snapchat, and various others. 4 apps small business owners should use to improve productivity!!. In the name of staying connected, masses are actually isolating each other by eliminating the human connection. The bondage of modern technology is uncanny, we have succumbed to it with such religious passion, that none of us can deny being part of the group that participates in the vigilant review of their cell phones, the moment we wake up in the morning. We wake up to our customized alarms, we commute with our headphones plugged in listening to our starred or favorite radio stations, navigating through unknown streets with the help of our digital maps.

This particular technology has dug its claws so deep in the way we live our lives that I’m sure, it is impossible to fathom our existence, just a couple of decades ago, when cell phones were not available as the taken-for-granted objects of convenience that we consider them to be today.

It also won’t be criminal to assume that sales of batteries have hit an all-time low because now we turn to our simple flashlight apps, which now come as standard on all updated Android operating systems. The reason why there is a flood of newly designed apps is the foundation of app development. An app must be useful, user-friendly; it must offer a service and must appeal to the consumer with its unique characteristics. Today we witness a decline of print media, and no small portion is credited to app industry, which just so happens to be, without a shred of doubt the fastest-growing publishing sector in the history of humankind.

There are well over 50bn iPhone and Android apps being downloaded per year and hence it is very easy to believe and there is no shocking revelation in the fact, that there are more than a handful of stories of entrepreneurs, who have made it huge and made millions by creating simple apps. Mobile Development Courses are flying off the shelves like hot cakes and due to their comprehensively compact nature, the sale of the same has grown by multiple notches due to the availability of online training versions.`

The fact behind the motivational factor of app development is that it is one of the very few sustainable ecosystems that exist today. It reverts to our primitive, Neanderthal instincts and reactions, which also form the foundation of economics that it capitalizes on and that is; Demand and supply, or need and supply to be accurate. We are the users of these apps and our desire keeps increasing with every single time that we use them. This helps us criticize the topic in hand to its most intricate detail and when the errors overpower the perks of these apps, it develops a need for a more customized solution and hence an opportunity of both personal and professional objectives to be achieved.

Another reason why the app development market seems so attractive is that there is a social desire and acceptance imposed by its pop cultural appeal, as the masses revere technological innovators on the same pedestals as rock stars or movie stars; For Instance: Mark Zuckerberg. The youth today is becoming more and more independent and technologically savvy. They want to stand out from the herd and make their own distinguished impression in the world, rather than remain unacknowledged. They want to be creators rather than consumers, they want to build something utilitarian rather than be content as users. As we glance around, we may witness half eaten chrome apples gleaming back at us, as the owner taps away at the screen with vigorous ferocity and to be able to say that, you are the one who facilitated the satisfaction of such passionate desire by the means of your own little patch of software that forms the application, that this user loves so very much, provides one with a sense of professional and personal satisfaction that is unmatched by any of the highest paying profiles out in the corporate jungle today.

And for those of us who believe that they are the master of their device and not the other way round, I suggest you download ‘Checky’, an app that will monitor and report how many times you look at your phone in a day. You’d be amazed by what you will find out. We had tremendous feedback on this article: 10 Factors That Will Impact the Performance of A Software Application.

Vaishnavi Agrawal loves pursuing excellence through writing and have a passion for technology. She currently writes for intellipaat.com, a global training company that provides e-learning and professional certification training.Her work has been published on various sites related to Data Science, Hadoop, Big Data, Business Intelligence, Project Management, Cloud Computing, IT, SAP and more.

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