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Last updated: August 25, 2021

Today, more and more consumers expect that pretty much anything can be delivered to them almost immediately. So an ability to sell online and deliver instantly becomes vital for any business – be it a restaurant, a grocery store or a pharmacy.

The problem is however that local businesses usually have to rely on global third-party delivery platforms such as Uber Eats and Delivery Hero to promote their offerings and deliver for them. This gets expensive because of the high commission fees. It is also risky, as these platforms become the owners of relationships which used to belong to those businesses.

In order to reclaim its consumers back, businesses have to admit that online delivery is a mission-critical activity for them, and it cannot be exclusively outsourced to the global giants. Businesses have to figure out a way to sell online and deliver, whether by themselves or with the help of trusted local vendors, and provide a delivery experience that would be on par with the one from the big guys.

We bring the spotlight on DelivApp – a company that sees its mission in leveling the on-demand delivery playing field for local businesses with its customizable white-label SaaS platform.

Introduction To DelivApp

“DelivApp is the only end-to-end natively integrated white-label SaaS platform for on-demand delivery marketplaces”

DelivApp’s founder and CEO Yan Zagatsky is a former restaurant owner, who learned all the pains of online food delivery first-hand and then solved them with DelivApp’s software. The all-inclusive solution gives its customers all the tools they need to manage their delivery business regardless of the stage – whether it’s for 100 orders per month or 100,000 or more.

Additionally, with Delivapp, you can pay for what you use only. Subscription plans are based on consumption and the product itself can be broken into two. For example, if you need an end-to-end solution for your delivery marketplace to manage merchants, couriers, and logistics you can get it; or if you already have your custom-built ordering, you can choose to plug it directly into DelivApp’s logistics, skipping DelivApp’s marketplace. 

None of the setups require any complex integrations or difficult arrangements on the customer side, making it very easy to start. There is a learning curve of course, as with any professional system, but according to what DelivApp’s customers say, it’s a shallow one. What is extremely important is that this software is tailored to on-demand delivery needs, supporting fast delivery cycles, when every second counts (scheduled orders are an option as well, but the system is currently on-demand first).

Main Features Of DelivApp

While there are different marketplace and logistics solutions in the market, DelivApp’s system clearly stands out.

The most distinct about DelivApp is that the logistics is tailored to on-demand operation. Most of the existing products in the market focus on scheduled deliveries offering on-demand as something that they “can also do”; DelivApp is the on-demand first solution. This manifests itself throughout the system. For example, merchants can control the order readiness time, indicating when it will be ready, and if it’s ready ahead of time or with a delay. Another example – a delivery manager can set up the system so that it automatically notifies available couriers about new orders any time before they are ready (can be 15 minutes, or 3 minutes, or 0). These two features alone are game-changes for on-demand, but there are much more, so let’s have a closer look at DelivApp.


Consists of an end-user ordering app, merchant portal (web and app), and marketplace admin portal (web), with built-in logistics. All updates, version upgrades, and software maintenance are included with the subscription fee.

1. White-Labeled End-User App 

“DelivApp’s white-lable ordering marketplace is well fitted for food and quick commerce ordering and delivery business”

Discovery, ordering, refunds, loyalty features

  • With DelivApp, you can subscribe to native apps for iOS and Android which will be white-labeled to you and will carry your name, logo, colors and brand style. 
  • The application itself supports all types of restaurants and stores, has options for deliveries and takeaways. For payments it supports cash on delivery and Stripe, but can also be integrated with various payment gateways.
  • The app’s UI and UX are really cool, for example for complex restaurant meals it has a very nice widget that wals a consumer through different order options and available toppins. It also has built-in options for creating combo offers (e.g. hamburger + soft drink) and upsells (e.g. a restaurant can offer desserts right before a user gets to checkout)
  • Consumers receive automatic push notifications about their orders status and can also see it live in the app. Chatting with a business is also an option.
  • DelivApp also features a marketplace loyalty program for consumers, which helps to activate users as well as to drive repeat orders

2. Customer-Branded Merchant Portal

“DelivApp Merchant portal is available on the web ad as a mobile app and can be used either under DelivApp’s brand or under the customer’s brand”

Marketplace business listing management, product catalog/menu management, and order management

  • Together with the marketplace, DelivApp offers a unified merchant portal (web and native apps available for iOS and Android), which ships customer-branded (it contains the marketplace logo)
  • In the portal, merchants can manage their business listings on the marketplace app: business description, working hours, minimum order price etc
  • Menu and product catalog management are also available via the portal. There is a hierarchy for different product categories, options for extras and upsell, discounts and scheduling for specific items 
  • Merchants can accept orders from the DelivApp-powered marketplace and other ordering interfacing (if integrated), controlling order readiness time via pre-sets and manual intervention if needed
  • Merchants can see the order and courier status real-time on the map as well as to, receive automated alerts and notifications on different event as well as to provide first-tier support to consumers (if setup accordingly)
  • Merchants can receive notifications on a courier starting to move to them, so that they can work on the order preparation when needed only

3. Customer-branded Marketplace Admin Portal

Merchants management, roles and permissions management, customer management, analytics and reports

  • Marketplace admin portal is the heart of the system. It allows complete control over the marketplace, all the merchants, offerings and more. It ships with the marketplace logo on it
  • Marketplace admin can assign customized roles and permissions for admins, merchants, supervisors, and support agents
  • Enable or disable business listings, control menus and product catalogs, launch special offerings
  • Helpdesk feature allows accessing all orders and providing prompt support to consumers, and merchants when needed.
  • Analytics and reports can be accessed at any time, different merchant payout options are available
  • Online chat and dedicated communication channel with DelivApp technical team is available for the activity hours, to quickly resolve any possible difficulties
  • Logistics – dispatch and couriers are managed from the Merchant admin portal as well. See the logistics features here


Consists of a delivery management portal (web), merchant portal (app and web), courier app. Can be purchased as a stand-alone module to work with any ordering interface, or as a platform, together with the DelivApp Marketplace. All updates, version upgrades and software maintenance are included with the subscription fee.

4. Dispatcher Dashboard (Admin Portal)

“DelivApp’s dispatcher’s dashboard is highly customizable and visual, making it simple to work with heavy orders volume”

Orders management, couriers, roles, permissions management, regional settings, geofenced areas, automation and algorithm customization

  • Unlimited number of merchants and couriers can be managed from one place. For scaling, the service area can be broken into autonomous geofenced clusters (control centers) with custom settings and dedicated service teams. The system supports implementation of complex operational scenarios
  • Various integrations can be added, orders can be received from the DelivApp’s powered marketplace, as well as from external ordering interfaces via integrations or Telegram chatbot
  • Automation can be configured based on a wide number of parameters available for customization, e.g. max orders number per courier, max delivery time, notify couriers based on proximity or fairness (start with the ones with the least number of orders) etc
  • On-demand delivery routine is supported at all levels. Configure pick-up notification time for couriers, automatically build routes, modify routes in execution
  • Expand Google Maps, add points of interest, leave hidden service note
  • Manage couriers shifts and compensation, setting custom work hours and payment setting
  • Rely on backup and external couriers for managing rush hours
  • Configure automatic notifications and alerts

5. Customer-Branded Courier App

“DelivApp courier app is a very simple tool for delivery task management, it can be used under DelivApp’s brand or under the customer’s brand”

Shift management, task management, call merchant and customer, access orders history

  • Courier app can come with a customer’s name and logo or DelivApp-branded. The app is simple and intuitive, native for Android and iOS
  • Couriers can easily manage their shifts (open/pause/finish)
  • Accept or reject (if allowed orders)
  • See shift performance at a glance
  • Access tasks’ history
  • Call merchant/consumer
  • Collect multiple orders from the same pickup point (and confirm pickup on by one or in batch), execute drop-offs based on the system routing or as desired (if enabled)

The Final Word

If you want to launch your on-demand delivery service in a few weeks or want to scale up existing operations, DelivApp is a good fit. Start with as little as 100 orders per month and scale to 100k with the same reliable and affordable system.

DelivApp gets a massive thumbs up from us – a ten out of ten score! Check out this platform and start scaling your on-demand delivery business today.

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